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If you read my posts very often, you know this is one of my favorite topics to nag about. The ONLY way to keep a steady flow of dollars coming into your bank account is to keep marketing, even when you "don't have time." It really is worth giving up an evening's relaxation or getting up an hour e...
Does your location matter when you send an email?Again today I had a real estate copywriting inquiry from an agent and Googled her area code to see where she was.  I like to put that in my notes so that I won't inadvertently call too late in the day if they happen to be in the Eastern time zone.I...
This PPC advice makes more sense than anything I've ever read on the subject. On top of that, it's written in a manner that's clear and easy to understand.I'm one of those non-techie people whose mind usually shorts out when I try to comprehend Internet "how-to's," so I really appreciate this cle...
If you as a real estate professional had a listing client who declared that they were going to paint the exterior purple before the house went on the market, what would you do?Would you say "Oh, OK" and let it go at that?I doubt it!You'd explain that a more neutral color would be more appropriate...
For those not familiar with the 3 R's, they're what schools used to teach. The R's stood for "readin', 'ritin', and 'rithmatic." (Yes, I know, that spelling goes against what they were teaching, but that's what the old-timers called it.)"Ritin'" included handwriting, spelling, and grammar - so th...
We must not forget.... and we must teach our children so they don't forget. I know there have been stories about the many heros of 9/11, including the canine heros. One more is good, because there can never be too many reminders of the selfless acts performed by humans and canines alike.  The las...
The question of where to put the punctuation when using parentheses came up in the comments on one of my recent grammar posts, so I went off to find the answer.It turns out, this one is easy! When the parentheses are at the end of a sentence, it depends upon what is inside.If it's a complete sent...
Well, most of a day, anyway. On Monday my husband and I drove the 40 miles or so over to Sagle to a fruit stand to buy a box of peaches... and today was the day to get them processed and into jars for winter enjoyment. Fortunately for me, he was willing to do the peeling and slicing while I took ...
Thomas Nelson's explanation of the difference between "by referral" and "word of mouth" outlines a marketing plan that fits equally well for past clients, people in your sphere of influence, and your geographic or niche farm area. When it comes to past clients, you may have planted the seeds with...
When seasoned agents contact me to write their bios, they usually want me to mention how long they've been in the business. Sometimes they also want the personal side of the bio to mention how long they've lived in the community, been married, been volunteering with a specific non-profit, etc. Th...

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