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OK, here I go again with a grammar/spelling/word usage rant. More and more lately I'm seeing apostrophes used to form the plural of nouns - which they cannot, and do not do! Plurals are formed by adding an "s" or sometimes an "es."An apostrophe has two primary purposes in the English language.One...
Dan Dee McGinnis brings us pearls of wisdom. Follow his lead and you're sure to have a successful career. If I would add one thing, it would be to keep watch on your own mind-set. Always feel gratitude and always expect success. When you think back over your days, learn from your mistakes, but sp...
So many agents believe that all they need today is email to reach their prospects - and their clients. In my opinion, that's a convenient excuse for not spending the money for postal mail.  The statistics Winston quotes here show clearly that ignoring postal mail means ignoring more than 39% of y...
The state of education in America is really scary. First you see video clips of the "Man on the Street" asking questions of random people. When asked how many stars on the American flag flying above them one said "It's moving, how can I count them?" Others expressed sorrow when told of the passin...
Why do SO many agents misuse "advice" and "advise?"I've been wondering about that this week more than ever because I've been reading the entries in the October challenge about the very best advice for new agents.I was just given the answer. Now I know why misuse of these words is growing by leaps...
While new real estate agents need a ton of advice, and the October challenge is offering up dozens of nuggets of wisdom, one tidbit I haven't seen (yet) is the advice I give every new agent I speak with.It's the advice that my broker didn't give me, simply because she didn't know it/do it herself...
Posts such as this one by Debbie Reynolds should be required reading for every new agent. Not only to learn when to ask for the sale, but to realize when they need to back off and let the house work its magic on the would-be buyers.  Reading the Buying Signs, The Kiss Agents know that words alone...
Frustration can lead to rants - and today I'm really frustrated with our old friend Google. I'm writing a series of 21 long community pages for a client in the Seattle area, which means I'm doing a lot of research to learn about what each of the Seattle suburbs has to offer. And Google doesn't ma...
It's sad but true. There is no magic wand (or computer program) that will ensure that your written grammar is correct every time. Unless you have a basic understanding of the rules, you CAN be led astray by the tools developed to help you.My Word program automatically tells me (or corrects automa...
We who love dogs have a lot of questions about their behavior. Most of us know, or think we know, why they take an instant dislike to a few people, while being friendly to everyone else. They have some kind of 7th sense that tells them that some people are just not to be trusted. There are other ...

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