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You may have heard, we in the Inland Northwest had one heck of a wind storm on the 17th. By the time it was over, more than 200,000 homes were without power. My son is a power lineman and was working over in Montana at Big Sky at the time. By Thursday the power company my son's company was under ...
For the past week about 80% of the mail landing in my in-box has been about Black Friday - and all the Pre-Black Friday sales. This morning I deleted at least 50 of them, and they're still arriving. Tomorrow I suppose it will be "Black Friday Sale Extended!" Personally, I would enjoy going to the...
One day a fellow copywriter wrote and asked me to take a look at something a prospective client had sent her. She wanted to know if I could help her figure out what he meant.She's not normally a real estate writer, but she knows I am and she was pretty sure it had to do with real estate. (Yes, it...
Dan Dee McGinnis, DTM, NADOTA is absolutely right. If you let up on marketing from now through the end of the holiday season, you're destined to have a bleak January and February. When I was a broker I saw it happen to agents every year, but they didn't seem to learn. They'd just say "Nothing is ...
What is wrong with this introduction?Do the marketing and comprehension errors in this introduction jump out at you like they did at me?"As a loyal reader of my emails... I wanted to personally invite you to…"" As a loyal reader of my emails... I …" This must mean that she faithfully reads all of...
It all started when I tried to find a particular book on copywriting… I have 5 different book cases and I'm ashamed to say, they haven't been sorted into any reasonable order. So, I decided I would attempt to do so.In addition to making a good start on putting copywriting books with copywriting b...
To me, this just feels wrong...Tonight I got a second email from a woman I wrote for several years ago. (Not a real estate person, but one who has a thriving business selling products on line.) She sent a link and wanted me (and everyone else on her mailing list) to go  cast a vote for her daught...
Just curious... I've been using Word for about as long as I've owned a computer, but lately I've found that not everyone has it in their computer. As you might know, I offer pre-written prospecting letter sets. In fact, I have more than 40 different sets to choose from. When a customer orders, my...
Time management is an important aspect of running a successful real estate career and you've no doubt read a good deal of advice on the subject. However, most of that advice centers on how to manage working in your business vs. working on your business; how to schedule your work to get it all don...
As agents, you no doubt run into sellers who have definite ideas about how their homes should be priced, what they do or do not need to do to get ready to sell, and whether they should stay or go when buyers come by.You may also come across buyers who refuse to get pre-approved because they "know...


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