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Sometimes Google is a good friend, taking us to information we want and need. And other times... GRRR!I've been mostly absent from Active Rain for the last many days because I've got a ton of work to do. Part of that work is a set of ten community pages for cities/towns in North Carolina. Charlot...
So often, I visit real estate agent websites that offer nothing more than a search function and perhaps a short "canned" bio. Often the bio isn't even about the agent, but about the brokerage.Visitors to those sites get no idea of whether the agent is knowledgeable about the community, or about r...
When I was contacted by a new agent in Germany to write the English copy for his website, it didn't occur to me to think how people in different countries use words differently. So this was a learning experience. Instead of calling a house or a parcel of land "property," they call it a "real esta...
I loved this quote that came in the morning's mail from "The Written Word." "Don't make an outline; make a laundry list. The very idea of an outline suggests rigidity; items on a laundry list can be shifted around. Don't lock the structure in too early. A piece of writing should evolve as it's b...
You might read your copy a dozen times on screen and think it's all "just right," and you might be wrong. That's probably OK for a blog post, since you can go back and correct errors if you catch them later, but when you're sending something to print, there's a final important step.Print it out, ...
If you're planning some new marketing that calls for letters, a brochure,  a new bio, or pages for your website, and you know you'll need a real estate copywriter – plan ahead!This post is somewhat of a repeat of one I wrote a year and a half ago – after a week of saying "No, I'm sorry" to severa...