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This morning's mail brought a note from a name I didn't recognize, instructing me to "Please review the attached invoice."I deleted it, thinking that maybe it was a newsletter subscriber and auto fill had simply entered a wrong address.Twenty minutes later I got the same message, but from a diffe...
It's been a year or so since I've mentioned dogs on my blog. That's because it was a year ago that we lost our dearly loved Murphy - age 20 months. He was apparently born with bad kidneys, and no matter what our vets tried, we still had to let him go. It hurt too much to talk about it for a long ...
What a Monday morning surprise! I was working at my computer this morning when a Pay Pal notification came in the email - thanking for me for using my card this morning to the tune of $104.95. Wait a minute... I did not! And since I'm in North Idaho, I sure wasn't buying groceries at a store in S...
Every now and then I hear that someone is afraid to blog because they might make a mistake in spelling or grammar or word usage. I'd like those folks to know that they should simply do their best, ask for help when they need it, and carry on. Because ... errors will happen, no matter how good you...
Yesterday we went to town for breakfast and errands, and spotted an unusual sight going down the highway... We stopped so I could take a picture and as he went by he hollered that he was on his way to Michigan!Now that's a really, really long way from North Idaho, so he might just be passing thro...
Or maybe... wishing I'd listen to my feelings about people. Today I've been pondering the differences between clients. Today my thoughts are focused on those who pay their bills and those who don't, because I have what I call a "deadbeat" on my hands. This is an owner/broker in a major metropolit...
What is WRONG with these sentences?Here's a hint: There are two real errors. One is a grammar error, and one is a marketing error. Then, they are all examples of one of my pet peeves. "Being new to our company website, I wanted to be sure that you are finding the information you want and need." "...
Do you want to lose a potential client because your blog posts show you have bad manners? Or... do you want to lose a potential client because your blog posts show you don’t know the basic rules of grammar? I didn’t think so. I’m being picky again… Sorry, but I do think a potential client might c...
Today was a day away from work. I didn't want to do it, but decided I really did need to visit our chiropractor, so off we went to Sandpoint. As long as I was away from work, we did some extra errands, such as shopping. I now have a good sized pile of garden seeds to use just as soon as we get an...
Are you inadvertently using words that play into that ugly picture of a real estate agent being akin to a used car salesman or (shudder) a member of congress?We all know that real estate sales ranks low in the list of "most trusted" professions. According to a December 2015 Gallup poll, only 20% ...


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