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The dictionary says love is defined as: A profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person. A feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection, as for a parent, child, or friend. Sexual passion or desire. But of course, in common usage it means much more – or less, depending upon h...
Is Your Real Estate Agent Bio Just a Little Bit Confused? Quite often when reviewing agent bios I come across a few lines that tell me the writer got “just a little bit confused.” The bio might start out in 3rd person – talking about the agent. Or it might begin in first person – with the agent t...
I know – some folks are looking at this and thinking "Here she goes again, nagging about grammar." At least one is thinking, "Grammar rants don't belong on Active Rain." (I know this, because he told me so.)But meanwhile, I keep ranting about this subject because there ARE a lot of people who do ...
Procrastination is something most of us deal with. We go through the day handling those tasks that are urgent and ignoring the important tasks that can be put off because no one is pushing us to get them done.For many agents, self-promotion and prospecting fall into that category, even though the...
Those who read my blog posts and newsletters know that choosing a niche is a subject I harp on quite often.Unless you're in such a small town that a niche would only afford you one or two transactions each year, choosing and becoming an expert in a niche is something you NEED to do. You don't hav...
Here in our small town we have 3 weekly newspapers - one we subscribe to and two that are freebies filled with ads. This week one of the freebies ran the following ad: Maybe I've been living under a rock, but this is the first time I've seen an ad for drive-through beer.It could be that they're s...
This is a blast from the past - but no less true now than it was 4 years ago when I posted it on my own blog.  Why Your Internet Homebuyer Leads Fail to Convert If you pay for Internet homebuyer leads you may be feeling frustrated. You can spend thousands of dollars, get hundreds of leads, and en...
Ronald Reagan said "Trust, but verify," and that's just what you must do if you've hired someone to take care of your website. While thinking about my "high end prospecting letter set" today, I was reminded of a situation I ran into back when I was writing it. I was looking for more ideas, so wen...
Have you ever read something that “should” be good and informative, but it was so boring that you just couldn’t keep your mind from wandering?  You can probably blame passive voice. If you’re like me you probably forgot all those grammar terms from High School. After all, you don’t exactly go aro...
Denise's three simple words can make all the difference between being seen as "just another salesperson" or as a caring, helpful individual. This post is about converting open house leads, but could be used in almost any situation. For instance, when you're speaking with a new acquaintance who ha...

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