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Over the last couple of months I've been noticing a new business in one of our two small strip malls - a computer service. Because they're almost right next door to the grocery store, they're handy, so I've been considering trying them for the "rehab" my desktop needs. The man who helps me remote...
Do you know the one thing you can put in the mail that will absolutely make you stand out from your competitors?It’s not your market reports. It’s not a well-written prospecting letter. It’s not even the request for feedback that you’re hopefully sending after a transaction closes.It’s something ...
The local weekly newspaper arrived yesterday, with a story about a new pizza parlor in town.  It stated that these two entrepreneurs have brought "homemade, sustainable pizza to lovely downtown Priest River."Later in the article they call it "handmade, organic, sustainable pizza." The article wen...
For the past several weeks I've been visiting Craig's List every day in search of that "just right" puppy for my husband - and it's breaking my heart. I keep seeing ads for young dogs that need new homes because the people are moving, are having a new baby, or the dog just does't "fit" the family...
Have you thought about the similarities between door knocking and prospecting by mail?Aside from the fact that you must necessarily introduce yourself by name when someone answers their door, the two are much alike. And yet – agents treat them very differently.Your first goal is to catch that hom...
For the past several months we've been noticing that the "neighborhood bar" in our area has been closed and is for sale. Everybody wondered about the price, so I tried to find it on line. Nope - a search for real estate in Priest River didn't come up with it. But we all kept wondering, so the las...
It’s been a while since I wrote a post about word usage, so it must be time. The subject has been on my mind lately because I’ve been reading Craig’s list every day – hoping to spot “just the right puppy.” One of the ads I see every day is entitled: “Pet setting.” That one is like fingernails on ...
Common knowledge (and common complaints) among real estate agents is the fact that buyers and sellers refuse to take sound advice from them.Some take advice from their brother-in-law, their car mechanic, their child’s first-grade teacher, or a news report before they listen to the professional th...
Yesterday we had to make an unplanned trip into Spokane. One of our stops was at Lowe's, and on my way back to the car, I spotted something that made me stop and look twice.Then I went to the car and got the camera...This was a discount heating, plumbing, and cooling company truck... and I'm gues...
Today's visit to Craig's List got me thinking - how often do misspellings tell the truth? I've seen poorly written MLS comments that may have accurately represented an awful house. I've read descriptions of people with misspellings that really did describe them, too. But today I once again saw an...

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