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Melissa Zavala brings us some wise advice on hanging on to those leads - not to mention our past clients and people in our spheres of influence. If you allow people to forget you - they will. Note that she mentions sharing a bit of personal information. Real estate is a personal business - much m...
Yesterday's email brought a message that was a prime example of how NOT to market yourself or your business. Here it is:Our company operates an online platform that's composed of over 40 million subscribers. The technology that we use allows us the ability to show our people a best, preferred cho...
This seems like a no-brainer: When you leave a message, speak slowly, clearly, and with enough volume to be heard. And yet... we get messages that we will never return because we can't figure out who called or what their number is. Yesterday was a good example. A woman - with a little-girl "sharp...
A while back I received an email message from ... someone. I don't know who she is or what company she represents.It said "The free download you requested..." And then "click here to start your download."Now, maybe that wasn't advertising at all. Maybe it was just phishing or  a virus or some oth...
Proofreading: Making sure your real estate marketing messages represent you as a professional.How many times do you read and re-read a marketing message before you hit send?How often do you go back to your web pages to make SURE that they're correct?Proofreading is by far not the most entertainin...
Have you noticed that the people who do the most - for customers, clients, and even friends - are often the last to notice their own efforts?I find this to be common with my Realtor clients.When they hire me to write letters, web copy, or an agent bio I ask them to fill out a questionnaire. Two o...
I hadn't heard this news, so am re-blogging just in case you hadn't heard either. This time Congress not only approved it retroactively, but approved it through 2016 - so your clients can breathe a little easier when choosing to do a short sale.  For the past several years, readers would routinel...
It's all about first impressions - and the fact that people see what they expect to see. If the curb appeal is wonderful, they'll "see" all the good things inside. If the curb appeal shows lack of care, they'll see all the negatives inside.    By John Egan   It’s impossible not to judge a house b...
Are you earning as much as you'd like to earn? If not, it could be because you're trying to serve EVERY possible real estate client within your marketing area.Even if you think you need every customer / client you can get, trying to appeal to everyone could mean that you’re wasting time and energ...
Because places to shop are far away, my husband, my son, and I did a lot of our Christmas shopping on line. Thus, in the weeks leading up to Christmas a whole lot of packages arrived at our house.While a few packages took a little longer than expected, for the most part shipping was fast. Everyth...

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