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Sometimes your space is limited. It may be because you’ve signed on with a web company that gives you a set number of words or spaces in each section of your website. It may be because you’re writing a cover letter to send with a holiday gift or as an introduction to your listing presentation. It...
"That won't work in my market."How many times have you heard someone say that?Usually, it’s when they’ve been complaining about lack of business and someone is throwing out suggestions for improvement.  In most cases, the person doing the suggesting is someone who has gotten results with whatever...
Is this still true??I've been going through posts on my old website and moving relevant posts to my current site. Today I came across the following from November 2011:More Cell Phones than Toothbrushes? “News from Swanepoel Trends Report” landed in my inbox a few days ago – I don’t know why, but ...
When you’re using postal mail to prospect to a niche market, it’s easy to have good intentions. It isn’t always so easy to be consistent. As you know, consistency counts in any kind of prospecting. The first time someone receives your mailing they might not pay much attention. But when they start...
Small details often mark the difference between promotional materials that motivate your prospects and those that are quickly tossed aside.One of those details is flow… how the words roll through your reader’s minds, carrying them onward through your message.You know what I mean. Sometimes you tr...
  Just because two words sound alike when spoken doesn’t mean the written word will carry the same meaning, and the wrong word used in a written sentence can throw the whole message off track.   The reader stops, reads it again, and determines what was meant by what was written. By then, the “flo...
Having your own website is a good first step, but it's not enough... A bio on the company site is helpful, but unless there are only 2 or 3 agents in the company, it’s not going to get you much business. Its best function would be to give you a link to your own site. You need your own site in ord...
A few minutes ago I got a notice to click on a link to get my tracking number for a purchase from Amazon being sent via FedEx. There was no mention of a product or an order number. The subject line said "Amazon order invoice" and the sender was "shipping @"I didn't re...
Whether you’re sending a text message or an actual letter, stop and think before you use a set of initials in place of words. Even the common ones used in real estate, such as NAR and MLS, might not mean anything to a recent immigrant or to someone who has never paid much attention to real estate...
This quote showed up in my in-box the other day..."The first draft is just you telling yourself the story." --Terry PratchettIt got me thinking about the function of the first draft, and how valuable it is to just write without censoring yourself. When you try to edit as you go, something gets lo...


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