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When you take the time to write – whether it’s a blog post, a prospecting letter, or even a property description – you want people to read it. After that you want them to understand it and be motivated to act.But the first task is getting them started on the first sentence.You already know about ...
Avoid disappointment: Whether you need help from a copywriter like me, a graphic designer, a web guru, a stager, a photographer, or any other freelance service provider, don’t wait until the last minute to get in touch!I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve had to say “Sorry, I can't do that” to ...
These are the brave and caring souls who are right now on their way to provide food for first responders and victims of the deadly tornadoes.Following is part of the email I received this afternoon. I believe they wrote this early in the day so the numbers are a little off - or else the news medi...
Last week I decided to follow some advice I’d read here in the rain and check out my competition. Ever since then I’ve been thinking about writing this post and hesitating.Why hesitating?Because I have always hesitated to “bash” others in my line of work. I didn’t do it when I was a real estate a...
If so, you aren’t alone.My own best friend is a prime example. Every time she calls me for help with a letter she's writing, she apologizes for needing help. She, like many others, seems to think that since she’s an intelligent person, she should be able to write great copy.Why? She’s brilliant a...
Readability, communication, and a bit of persuasion must be the goal in writing marketing copy. Without those ingredients, your message will be a waste of time. Grammar and proper word choice matter, because without them, the message gets confused. Even if your reader figures out that you meant h...
So many of the agents I speak with say they know they should be blogging, but they “can’t write.” They don’t know how to put a sentence together to make it interesting.If you’re lurking here at Active Rain and thinking you wish you could blog, but just don’t know how to write something good, try ...
As you no doubt know, a "half gallon" carton of ice cream now holds 1 1/2 quarts. A "quart" jar of mayonaise now holds 30 ounces. Candy bars that used to be big enough to share with a couple of friends  are now just a couple of bites. The list goes on, with soda pop containers being about the onl...
I say – “Down with updates!”I love my computer. I love the Internet and email, but…This morning I created a new page on my website with information about a new prospecting letter set: Prospecting to Newlyweds.All was well until I clicked the button to preview the page. Then I saw that the sidebar...
Do you list older homes in your community? If so, some of them have a history that could help you sell them. I realize that some people are only interested in “new” and don’t give a hoot about who lived in a home in the past. But those aren’t the people who will buy your late 1800’s or early 1900...

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