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Where to start? First of all, I love writing and I’m fascinated by the psychology of marketing. I also love playing with words, fitting them together this way and that until they come together in a clear message that flows well.One of my favorite tasks is writing agent bios, or profiles. I’ve lov...
This morning's email brought a message "from Amazon" telling me my account had been frozen. I'm leery of anything like that, but the language really gave it away:"We take you to note that your account has been Closed for protection,Where the password was entered more than once In order to protect...
This morning I read an Active Rain post filled with impressive statistics about texting.It told how many hours per week the average adult spends texting and said that texts were far more favorably received than emails. It was a promotion for a text-based lead generation service, so perhaps just a...
Words that confuse…Contrary to what some here in the Rain believe, I DO make mistakes in grammar and/or word usage. A case in point: This week in my Thursday newsletter I wrote about “New School” marketing – a blend of Old School and digital.I referenced master marketer Barbara Todaro and said th...
Maybe it’s a sign of desperation – marketers becoming so frustrated by a lack of response to their offers that they lose their common sense.Last week my email brought “scolding” messages from someone I’ve never done business with – and never will. He seemed to think that since he wanted to revamp...
These two little words may not ensure your success, but if you never use them, you can just about guarantee failure.What are the words? They're "Thank" and "You." Once upon a time, before I switched to writing exclusively for real estate, I wrote fundraising letters for small non-profits - and th...
How many times have you gotten a letter (or email) from a real estate agent (or any other marketer) that was addressed to “Dear Homeowner?”If you get many letters, you’ve probably seen several like that.Then, to make matters worse, the letter will go on to use phrases such as “people like you” or...
Two good reasons not to make cold calls:Yes – I know that some agents are successful with making cold calls – and some even enjoy doing it. This message is for those who want a good reason to avoid it.This week one of Bob Bly’s messages focused on the subject, and he says “Don’t do it!”So why sho...

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