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Time to get back to grammar – and its importance to you as you write blog posts, emails, letters, and web pages.Some will argue (have argued) that it doesn’t matter – as long as the message gets through.I say that’s exactly why it does matter. True, some people won’t notice if you write something...
Barbara Todaro's message today is not only valuable to you as an agent building a reputation - it could be vital to your financial and emotional health and well-being. I'm thinking back to an incident that happened 20 or more years ago -  back when there were no buyer agents and everyone represen...
Fraud – Thwarted!Back in February I got a notice from Pay Pal that a $97 prospecting letter purchase was in dispute. The buyer claimed that he had not placed that order – someone else must have stolen his email address and used his Pay Pal account to order the letters.I said that was crazy. His P...
If you’re still stuck on being a generalist, you may be tired of seeing so many of us pushing you to create a niche.You’re worried that by focusing on one geographic area, one type of home or property, or one type of buyer or seller, you’re going to miss out sales.You're suffering from FOMO.For o...
Which agent deserves to earn more $$ - the listing agent or the selling agent?You’ve probably heard of Bob Massi – the Property Man. On this morning’s show, he interviewed a Scottsdale, Arizona agent named Erin O’Connor about flat rate listing fees.One home seller they spoke with said she had use...
Ron and Alexndra Seigel wrote about FOMO (fear of missing out) with regard to marketing. They were discussing it from the consumer’s point of view.But in real estate, there’s another side: that of the agent.FOMO is, I believe, the reason why so many agents resist choosing and developing a niche m...
If you’re a meat-eater, I’m sure you have the answer to that. Personally, I prefer the 6 oz. tenderloin. There’s no way I could tackle a giant T-bone, although I know people who could and would.I feel the same way about information.Today I came across an article offering 70 tips for writing bette...
If you have satellite Internet, you know you have so many megabytes of data each month. If you go over, your account is "throttled" until you purchase more.A little over a month ago I was going along with more than half of my data unused, and it was only 4 days until it reset.That's why I was sho...

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