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 Real estate self-marketing isn’t like Madison Avenue marketing – written to promote the brand, with no call to action. It also isn’t like Direct Response Marketing – written to cause an immediate purchase.That’s why, when reading about marketing, you can sometimes come across poor advice. No – n...
You’ve got a “Warm” Internet lead… how do you hang on to them until they’re ready to act? Some of those leads you get from your website (or from paid services) are people who will buy or sell in the future, but aren’t quite ready yet.The way to hang on to them is to stay in touch and never let th...
Over the past century - and even in our lifetimes - some words have fallen out of use. In fact, really young people might never have heard them.I'm thinking of words like "turntable." And of course, few people alive today would know the meaning of words that described parts of a buggy or harness....
Doug Rogers has written an important post on how to have a long-lasting career in real estate by taking care of yourself and your family.Eating right, getting enough sleep, and taking time away from the job are all important to being the best agent you can be - and to enjoying the journey.Please...
Can a listing presentation be too much of a good thing?This week I had the “pleasure” of meeting with an agent to discuss listing my son’s duplex when the renovations are complete.I mistakenly thought that I would meet with him, let him get a good look at the property, and he would go away and do...
What constitutes a “Good” ad?Is it an ad like you’ll see if you watch the Superbowl? No, not really. All too often those ads leave you laughing – but forgetting the name of the product.A good ad is one that reinforces the name and prompts you to action. Like the restaurant ads that leave my husba...
Are you afraid to blog because you think you don’t “Know enough?” Perhaps you’re new to real estate, so think you can’t give advice to buyers and sellers because you haven’t gained enough experience. Perhaps you’ve moved to a new community and are afraid you don't know enough to write about its a...
Everyone loves Google for putting a world of information at our fingertips… The trouble is, sometimes that information isn’t good.It may have been good when it was written, but things have changed since then, and now it's outdated and untrue.Yesterday I was writing an article about refinancing a ...
Who Stole September?I’m sure someone stole it, because I didn’t give it away on purpose. Well, whatever. It’s gone – never to be retrieved.I’ve been SO absent from the rain – I only posted twice in the whole month. Now I’m sitting here thinking “What did I learn in the past month that’s worth wri...

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