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This is a task I tend to put off, just because it's time-consuming and boring.What is it? Checking the links on my website. With my "super-fast" Hughes Net connection (downloading today at a smokin' 178 kbps) waiting for each page to appear (or not) severely tests my patience. Today I decided it ...
When I was a child, holidays were divided up between my Grandmother’s house (Easter), My Aunt Nicky’s house (Thanksgiving), and our house (Christmas). Since we lived at “the ranch” and it was a good hour+ drive for the others, everyone came to stay for a few days.Most years that meant at least a ...
My Mom was a storyteller.She could make them up on the spot and entertain my children for hours. Unfortunately, most of her stories didn't make it to paper.When she was in her late 70's she began learning to use a computer and she signed up for a writing class. As a result, a few of her stories w...
When you take the time to write – whether it’s a blog post, a web page, a prospecting letter, or a simple email to a client – you want people to read and understand your message.Most copywriting gurus will tell you that the purpose of the headline is to get people to read the first sentence. The ...
After a heavy snowfall in early November, we’ve been blessed with friendlier weather – until night before last. Then the snow started coming fast, and it kept it up until early this morning.Yesterday my satellite kept filling with snow, shutting down the Internet. Then, in early afternoon the pow...
Do you ever wonder why some word usage mistakes are so common in real estate blog posts? I’m beginning to think that it’s because people see these errors so often they begin to believe they’re correct.Meanwhile, those mis-used words can destroy your message - and even cause clients and would-be c...
You can ask Santa for all sorts of things, but the gift you’ll really appreciate in a few months is one you must give yourself: An investment in your marketing. Even though now is the time to be thinking of gifts for other people, it is also a good time to  stop and think about what you’ll need t...
I know, there are a whole lot of agents who are so caught up in today’s technology that they believe business cards are about as relevant as buggy whips. They say that they don’t use them – choosing instead to trade contact information with their smart phones.If that pleases them, fine. I won’t a...
If you're feeling stuck and can't decide what to do to advance your career, take Barbara's advice - go one step at a time.Remember, a journey of a thousand miles begins with that first step.   We all start at the beginning in the real estate business.  No newly licensed agent begins week #1 at th...
Do you have a bucket list? I’ve never liked that term nor understood where it came from. A bucket list? To me a bucket is something you use to feed or water the horse, or use to hold sudsy hot water for scrubbing. Nevertheless, I do understand the meaning, so – onward. If you do have a bucket lis...


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