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Because my son is working long hours far from home, it has fallen on me to deal with the sale of his rental property here at home.The most recent offer, which now appears to be going to closing, stated a $1,200 earnest money deposit. I should have looked closer, because I didn’t realize until lat...
If you’re a new agent, you’re no doubt anxious to connect with that first buyer or listing client. You may later decide to focus exclusively on becoming a listing agent or a buyer’s agent, but at this point, you may not know which you will prefer. Because listings are harder to come by than buyer...
This reblog is a bit self-serving, since Kasey gave me a nice recommendation.However - I do want to spread the word about Boles Editing and Proofreading, because it is a service needed by so many.When the words on your website and in your other marketing materials may be the first impression a wo...
It turns out that the answer may depend upon your attitude toward the specific blog post.According to the Miriam Webster site where I’ve been enjoying the vocabulary quizzes, “long” is an impersonal measurement, while “lengthy” often has negative connotations.But let’s begin at the beginning…“Lon...
When you write to a friend or family member, you might be able to get away with not being correct. After all, if they love you, they’ll figure out what you meant and forgive you for confusing them. Or, they might call and say “What the heck were you trying to say?”When you write to a client or a ...
The phone rang a few minutes ago with a call from someone who said he was with Medicare. He wanted to update my address – and he wanted to send me something “free."Because I’ve been to a chiropractor for back pain, he insisted that I needed a new, lightweight, comfortable, wrap-around back brace....
Did you miss this gem when it was first posted? Even though it was a feature, I just found it today.Listen to Tammy - and be careful to balance your copy to appeal to BOTH the search engines and the real people who will (hopefully) read it. You're online, you're writing, but are you getting anyth...
A week or so ago my husband decided we should sell our larger boat. We haven't used it in 7 or 8 years and we aren't likely to. It was good fun when the kids were young. We fished the derbys at Pend Oreille Lake, camped out over night on the Upper Priest, and spent more hours just cruising around...

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