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You’ve read plenty of resume’s. They all outline a person’s education, work history, and skills. Employers use them to try to find the most qualified candidates for a specific position.Since the home buyers and home sellers who choose you are also technically employers, shouldn’t your resume’ be ...
By disappearing, I mean people who meet with you and tell you they are ready to buy – or to list – and then suddenly, they don’t respond to calls, emails, or texts. I recall one young couple from my days as an agent. They were a co-worker’s buyers, but she was tied up and asked me if I’d show the...
Your real estate agent bio is one of the most important documents you’ll ever write or have written. It presents the image you want the world to see. It showcases your expertise and abilities while letting your personality shine through. It gives potential clients reasons to like you, trust you, ...
My thanks to Carol Williams for writing this post and reinforcing what I harp about all the time: Successful marketing requires consistency! "I'll make you an offer you can't refuse."-The GodfatherOn June 5, 2017 I published the following content in a blog post.  Although it did garner the covete...
Lately I've been shocked by the people setting up Go Fund Me accounts just because they want the money. I've been even more shocked by the amount of money they've amassed. This morning's email brought a new twist. It was a message with the subject line: "Meet (name)." The message it contained was...
Last Thursday night I made a big mistake. Realizing that since my husband became hooked on You Tube's monster machine videos we were using more than our allotted 10 Gigabytes of data in a month, I decided to upgrade our Hughes Net service. After going on line to check the pricing, I called and sp...
If you have buyers who want new construction, heed Barbara Todaro's advice. First, educate yourself about the extras contractors are apt to offer. Learn which are smart and which are not. Learn what are reasonable prices for those extras. Then educate your buyers. If you're a buyer's agent, it IS...
These days everyone seems to be talking about how to reach out to millennials. The focus is on what they want, how they want to communicate, how best to please them.That’s fine – millennials are buying homes. However, they aren’t the only ones buying homes.Data from the U.S. Census suggests that ...
This has been my week to encounter mean critters…We’ve been besieged with yellow jackets and hornets for weeks now. We’ve got traps and more traps, and we’re catching thousands of the beasts, but they just keep coming. It’s no longer fun to sit outside with a cup of coffee in the morning or to en...
What can you do with fifteen minutes?Because a day in the life of a real estate agent is often dotted with appointments, you sometimes find yourself between things, with ten, fifteen, or twenty minutes before the next commitment.When I was an agent, I found it frustrating to have those “wasted” c...

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