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When Billy Ray Cyrus came on the scene with Achy Breaky Heart in 1992, he caused a lot of controversy. I have no idea why some were so opposed to him and his song, because it was one of my favorite foot stomping songs of all time.I wasn’t alone. The song was the first country single to be certifi...
Anybody out there in one of the "missing" states? If so - run to the store and find a good postcard - help Ed help his grandson! Reaching the Home Stretch for the Grandson's Postcard Project   For those who are not familiar with this topic, I have been helping my Grandson Raphael and his class wi...
My thanks to Nina Hollander for this post and the video. For too many, Memorial Day weekend is just a celeberation of the beginning of the summer season; an exta day off work; and the opportunity to escape to lakes or mountains for camping.  I fear that many give no thought to the many who sacrif...
Do you ever give thought to your typography? Do you even know what that means? I'll admit that this is a word I have never really thought about. However - An email from Yoast yesterday emphasized the importance of typography in our on-line offerings, so I thought I'd better see what it was all ab...
Anyone who has been involved with real estate for any length of time has encountered time wasters. They might be people in your office. They might be loan officers. They might be title company reps. AND - they might be people pretending to be sincere buyers or sellers. Denise's article is about b...
This is important information for home buyers, so read it and share it with your clients.It could be a good tool for a young person just starting to build a credit profile, but it spells trouble for anyone eager to purchase a home in the near future. Experian Boost - Don't  Do It!        You've p...
We're all aware of the telemarketers, "phishers," and other scam artists that call our telephones incessantly. Lately, about half of the bogus calls I get are coming from the Idaho area code - and some are coming from our city prefix.Because my phone rings all day with those calls I generally let...
Denise Lones has created a blueprint for success for agents who wish to "own" their own geographical territory. This is farming at it's best... so read and heed! 11 Secrets to Geo Farming Success Many real estate agents utilize geographical farming to build a strong predictable lead generation sy...
Wise words in a wonderful lpost - read and enjoy! This week I had to share this powerful content from a mentor of mine Jon Gordon and the author of one of my favorite books and a must read “The Energy Bus.” The words we speak matter. They help to shape the world around us. That’s why I believe we...
Margaret Rome has a wonderful idea here, so spread the word and perhaps someone (or a few someones) will come up with a fitting song. We need a Real Estate song like “I’m getting married in the morning”! We have nothing to sing the night before closing. Are there any creative members out there?  ...


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