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Do you have words that annoy you every time you see them? I have a few. One is "hacks." My aversion to that one is so strong that if an email subject line offers "Hacks" for any purpose, I delete the message. Thankfully, that one isn't in such common use as the other one that bugs me. The word th...
Are you feeling less than happy today? Are your thoughts focused on what went wrong today, yesterday, or last week?One thing I've learned is that being unhappy won't ease a loved one's troubles, make someone well, or fix anything that went wrong in your past. We don't owe it to ourselves or anyon...
Just when we thought we’d heard every possible “racist” accusation, a University of Washington-Tacoma professor came up with a new one.The professor thinks good grammar is racist. In my opinion, his reasons for that thinking really are racist, but that’s a topic for some other place and time.He s...
Hopefully you do have a real estate agent bio, and hopefully you do have it posted on  your own website, on your brokerage website, on, here on Active Rain, and on any and all the other real estate or social media sites you use.This post started out to be a reminder that it might be t...
How many leads do you get in a day? How many of those are warm leads, such as referrals, and how many are Internet leads?And how soon do you respond to any of them?Unless someone calls and says “I just talked with my friend and he’s waiting for your call,”  you can probably safely wait until a co...
Does marketing have to be a do-it-yourself project? Some say yes. Their reasoning is that unless you write it yourself, it’s not authentic. It’s also not your voice, so if someone chooses you based on that copy, then meets you in person, they’ll be disappointed.Others believe you must write your ...
The words you use in a blog post, on a web page, or in an email are often the first impression your prospect has of you. As such, they’re important.Among other things, they tell that prospect whether you’re a professional; whether you’re a likeable person; whether you might be someone they can tr...
You know the cost of things you do, but the cost of what you don’t do is harder to define.You know what your marketing costs in terms of dollars and cents for things you purchase. When you contemplate adding a new marketing method or purchasing new equipment, it’s there in black and white. You ca...
Sometimes a word in a sentence just jumps out, hits you, and makes you think "Ouch!"Such was a word in an email I received not long ago. It was a forward from a friend, and it had a fine message. The trouble was in the introduction.It said "This bares repeating." Ouch!! The "ouch" problem is gett...
Last Sunday night my son called to tell me that his propane tank was empty. He wondered if they’d forgotten to fill it or if somehow fuel was leaking out. I checked the records and saw that it had been nearly two months since the last fuel delivery. (He’s almost always gone, so I do his bookkeepi...


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