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Today is a good day to take a look at your income and outgo for the past year. You may want to make a few purchases to reduce the tax bill. Do you need new electronics of some sort? Have you been considering a new website or new pages for your current site? Now might be the time to choose a provi...
The last few weeks have been SO busy – and part of that “busy” was orchestrating the installation of something I’ve wanted for a long time: a Kohler generator that comes on automatically to power our house, shop, and barn any time the power goes out.No more relying on a little generator that ran ...
Perhaps because so many people have felt confused / conflicted about using “they” when we didn’t know if the individual we were speaking about was male or female, lookups for the word have increased more than 300% over last year at Merriam-Webster.Use as a genderless singular pronoun has been com...
About 20 years ago my husband built a very odd custom home for a gentleman. This man, in his 60’s, had relocated to our community with his employers, who built ham radios and Morse Code keys.He had specific ideas about how he wanted his house, and it was odd for two reasons:The entry door from th...
This one has always given me trouble. My Mom and Grandmother were generally big on using good grammar, but for whatever reason, nobody in my family ever used the word “whom.”My only point of reference has always been the phrase “For whom the bell tolls.” That says that “whom” is an object word, s...
While reading an agent website I came across the word “discrete.” It looked wrong, so of course I looked it up.What I found was that the agent probably intended to write “discreet.” But then, I thought even that was not the word that fit the sentence. I think that since the agent was talking abou...
Whew! This was a long, long weekend, and I'm very glad that Monday has arrived. Of course, there may still be some absent people. It is, after all "Cyber-Monday." I know it is because so far I've had at least 30 emails reminding me to shop! shop! shop!At the beginning of last week I had questions...

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