bank of america: Bank of America Strikes Again - 02/08/13 01:59 PM
We hear story after story of homeowners being strung along for years with the promise of a loan modification, only to be foreclosed upon after paying thousands in temporary payments.
As Gail says, weren't the banks supposed to start helping instead of hurting as a result of the lawsuits?
Yes, they were supposed to. But Bank of America seems to think it's above any rules and regulations. Their scheme is to take every dime they can get from homeowners, then kick them in the teeth.
Hey Bank of America! Do the right thing for once. Help Gail keep her husband in … (16 comments)

bank of america: The Bank Won't Help Your Recently Widowed Sister, but... - 07/04/11 08:04 PM
An article in the July 2 New York Times is enough to make you wonder what they put in the water at bank headquarters. And it's not just Bank of America that's gone off the deep end. Chase has joined them.
While thousands of loans that "should" have been modified went into foreclosure, the banks are now forgiving debt for tens of thousands of homeowners who aren't even in trouble with their mortgage payments.

It seems that they see option ARMs as loans that may go into default, so they're taking steps now to try to keep that from happening.

bank of america: Bank of America Now Delaying Foreclosures in 23 States - 10/02/10 09:02 AM
Yesterday I reported that  Bank of America had "nothing to say" about the fraud in foreclosure proceedings... but later in the day they joined JP Morgan Chase and GMAC in suspending foreclosures for 60 days.
Yahoo News has an eye-opening article about what's been happening in the banking industry - and just how far the practice of "sloppiness" in banking has gone.
The creepy part is that they seem to feel justified in being sloppy.
B of A says they will delay foreclosures in 23 states for 60 days to give them time to review all the paperwork. I think … (11 comments)

bank of america: I See Why Agents Don't Love B of A... - 06/14/10 06:46 PM
Who can love a company that's just plain dumb and pretends to be otherwise?
Since I'm a copywriter instead of a Realtor, I see B of A from a consumer's standpoint... and sure don't like what I see!
My home mortgage was with Countrywide - which as you know was taken over by B of A.
One of the first things they did was quit sending paper statements, which I didn't appreciate. I may or may not want to make a payment on line, but if I mail it, I don't want to have to go to their site and find … (10 comments)

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