email marketing: Pay attention to your autoresponder messages - 04/07/20 10:11 AM
If you load messages into your autoresponder to go out at intervals after someone opts in – good for you!
You’re saving yourself a lot of time while staying in touch with buyers and sellers who are out there – but perhaps not quite ready to act. When you keep sending helpful information, you’re cementing your relationship with them.
But have you read your own messages lately?
It's a good idea for two reasons.
The first is obvious - things may have changed since you uploaded those messages. For instance, interest rates, availability of homes for sale, or even new commercial developments that … (15 comments)

email marketing: Marketing: How many emails are too many? - 01/22/20 08:13 PM
Yes, we need to stay in touch with the people on our lists.
Past clients need to hear from us often enough to think of us when they need our services again. Future clients (prospects) need to be reminded that we’re here, ready to help them. But how often is often enough, and how often is too often?
That all depends upon what we’re sharing. I mail a weekly newsletter, then if there’s something special or different, such as a new prospecting letter set, I might send a second message within the week.
Bob Bly sends his messages daily. Some are advertising and … (55 comments)

email marketing: Persistence is good - peskiness is not! - 03/18/18 11:06 AM
Are there businesses in your life whose emails, letters, and phone calls make you react with "Not that again?"
There are in mine. The two that come to mind first are Consumer Reports and Sirius.
We've discontinued subscriptions with both of them, but they won't give up! I get mail or email from Consumer Reports at least weekly. If I wanted to re-subscribe, I'd have done it!
Sirius is even more persistent - they also call on the phone. This is in spite of the fact that it took me many calls to finally end that subscription. It was my son's, but since … (6 comments)

email marketing: I just learned a new term – and other Saturday ramblings - 07/15/17 10:01 AM
Do you publish a weekly or monthly newsletter and send it via email to your clients, past clients, and members of your sphere?
If so, what do you call it? Is it a newsletter, an ezine, or ??
This morning I learned a new term for these email messages, and I think I like it. It’s Inbox Magazine.
Think about it. Would your content change at all if you called it a magazine? Would it be perceived as more important or desirable?
I don’t know the answer, but think it’s worth pondering.
Meanwhile, one of the agents who put me on her list to receive … (15 comments)

email marketing: How to unsend or cancel an E-mail - 12/28/15 03:56 PM
You learn something every day. I had no idea this was even possible. My thanks to Robert Siciliano for sharing this useful information. 
If the person you are sending an e-mail to pretty much instantaneously receives it, how on earth can you unsend or cancel it? Well, you have several options.
This is a browser plug-in that works for Chrome and Safari. Your message including attachments will be encrypted. You will know when it’s been opened. You can recall messages and assign them expiration times. The recall, of course, comes after the recipient has possibly opened the message, but if they’re, … (12 comments)

email marketing: A good thing this wasn't a marketing message... - 04/09/14 01:15 PM
Earlier today I got a message from - the subject line was "Farts caused by eating baked beans responsible for global warming."
Now how could I resist finding out what THAT was all about? I clicked - and got to a few paragraphs followed by a link that said "continue reading..."
That always annoys me, but OK, I clicked.
That led me to a page with the SAME few paragraphs and a link: "continue reading..."
Well - OK.
It seems that in the UK some members of the House of Lords really do want to recommend that the British people … (13 comments)

email marketing: Do You "Read More?" - 11/24/13 01:10 PM
Those email subject lines can be tempting... so you open the email thinking that what was offered in the subject line will be there - right there to read. 
Instead, it repeats the subject line, gives perhaps a sentence or two, and then says ... read more. 
I've quit clicking, because almost every time I click on that I only get to another page with the same words and another "read more."
Maybe I'm just getting old and cranky, and maybe it's because this wonderful satellite takes from 2 to 5 minutes to get to that next page, but now it … (4 comments)

email marketing: How Many Clicks Before You Say "Never mind?" - 10/18/13 06:47 AM
This morning's email included a message from Target Marketing with a subject line saying that late-day emails have better conversion rates. Since that's important to both me and my clients, I thought I'd take a look. 
Upon opening the email I first had to scroll through a bunch of other "stuff" before I found the right article, but I bothered to do it because I thought it might be important. Of course, the information wsn't there. I had to click... 
And then I got to read a paragraph of the article before getting to the next click: "read full article." 
Grrrr... … (17 comments)

email marketing: An Email Marketing Thought for Sunday - 07/28/13 05:39 AM
You know all those people who send you mail you don't want - and who completely ignore your attempts to unsubscribe? 
Yesterday I read a message that caused me to think about those email marketers in a whole new way. 
The message was all about not being upset when someone unsubscribes from your list. The writer said that was a good thing, for a few reasons.
The most pertinent to you as an agent is that it does cost you money to mail to people. And when you mail to people who aren't interested, you're throwing away dollars. 
If your … (10 comments)

email marketing: When Should You Send Email Marketing Messages? - 04/12/13 03:59 PM
Most of the books and articles I've read about email marketing assume that the majority of people access their email at work.
If that's true, then their advice to write on Tuesday or Thursday is probably valid. On Monday their in-boxes are filled with all the junk mail from the week-end and your message might get lost in the shuffle. On Friday they're busy trying to get everything cleared out so they can perhaps leave work early. (I don't know why Wednesday isn't supposed to be good.)
They also recommend choosing the time of day based on the assumption that … (8 comments)

email marketing: Are Your Email Messages Helping You or Hurting You? - 02/23/13 02:59 AM
Are your email messages helping you or hurting you?
After you spend hours and perhaps even pay a real estate copywriter to help develop your marketing materials, are you erasing all the good those well-prepared materials do with email messages that don't match the same quality of communication?
When you answer an on-line inquiry or send information to a potential client who called on the phone, are you being just as careful as you were with those printed materials? Or are you in a hurry?
Misspelled words, misused words, typos, and rambling sentences can do a lot of damage to your … (4 comments)

email marketing: Follow up: When do you write to your lists? - 10/23/12 02:03 PM
Last week I wrote about an infographic that gave advice on the best time to send email marketing messages. I said that I usually send my marketing ezine at 9:30 on Thursday, but last week I would switch to 3:00 and see if there was a big difference in open rates.
In case you missed it, and the link to the infographic, that post was: When do you write to your lists?
Several people asked to see the results, so here they are, in all their non-glory:
The fact is, there wasn't much difference. The 3:00 post got slightly … (6 comments)

email marketing: What Do You Do When Someone Unsubscribes from Your List? - 10/17/12 05:11 PM
Do you regularly mail to a list? 
If so, you have people who unsubscribe. Everyone does. And almost everyone (including me) either does nothing at all or lets the autoresponder reply with "You have been unsubscribed." 
An article came to my attention today that points out how silly that is. We're missing an opportunity...
Why do we let them leave without giving them any encouragement to stay? Why do we let them leave without finding out why they wanted to leave? If we let them know that they're welcome back any time, we might make a friend. Or, as the article … (27 comments)

email marketing: When do you write to your lists? - 10/16/12 03:00 PM
Lately there's been some discussion here on Active Rain about the best time to post to get both views and comments.
My own opinion is that late at night is better for me. When I post mid-day I get very few comments. I've thought that was probably because each post travels through the blog roll quickly, so doesn't get noticed. That's especially true when one agent decides to upload 8 or 10 posts all in a row.
(I've never figured out why anyone would WANT to do that, but...)
Anyway, Get Response sent a link to an infographic today … (13 comments)

email marketing: A 404 error on an opt-out page? - 09/03/12 07:55 AM
How un-cool is that?
"House cleaning" on the computer yesterday included opting out of a dozen or so mailing lists. Some of them were duplicates for my 2 email addresses. Some of them are there because someone purchaed or "scraped" my address from the web.
Most of them appeared to let me opt out - although some said it could take a few days before the messages stopped arriving.
The only annoying one brought me to a 404 error page. Hmmm... can't opt out if you can't get to the page. Was that an "honest error" or was that a way … (39 comments)

email marketing: In Marketing, Timing is All-Important - 08/13/12 08:37 AM
In marketing, timing can mean the difference between success and failure.
Every time you send a marketing message you hope that it will arrive at its destination at a time when the recipient is open to hearing it.
That could mean a time when their inbox isn't so full that they delete everything possible without a second glance. (Such as Monday morning, when the entire week-end's email awaits.)
That could mean a time when they actually have time to read what you sent. You can't predict that either, but it's one reason that email marketers tend to avoid … (12 comments)

email marketing: How to Alienate Prospects Using Email Marketing - 08/03/12 02:29 PM
This annoying email marketing tactic must work for some - because marketers keep using it.
But I think it's a bad idea - and a good way to destroy your credibility and alienate the people you wish to serve.
What's that tactic? Misleading (or downright false) subject lines.
Just this morning I saw one that said "7 Things You MUST Obsess About." OK - that sounds interesting, I'll look.
And guess what I found? I found that it was a dishonest subject line, because they didn't tell me the 7 things. Instead they gave me a promotion … (14 comments)

email marketing: OK, that does it. I'm finished with you! - 09/27/11 05:29 PM
Well, to tell the truth, I never was "with" this guy in the first place. But today's message caused me to quit deleting his messages and take the time to unsubscribe.
Some person called Rick has been sending me a whole flood of emails lately. I have no idea why - I don't even know what it is he's trying to sell me. I suppose it's some kind of "you can get rich on the Internet" thing, but I haven't taken the time to look.
Today he went just a bit over the line, by giving me hell. Here's … (15 comments)

email marketing: Is This a Goofy Marketing Idea - or Not? - 02/07/11 11:50 AM
This occurred to me this morning, and I don't know why it wouldn't work. You be the judge.
You know your email signature has value. And you know that if you attach it to a cute joke or an interesting market update it’s apt to get passed around to someone who doesn’t know you yet – and they’ll call you as a result.
So why not teach your listing clients to use their own email signatures to help sell their home?
Choose an attractive photo of their home and supply them with a thumbnail image – along with a link back … (13 comments)

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