grammar: Grammar silliness... - 08/04/18 09:38 AM
This showed up in my email yesterday, so thought I'd share:

grammar: A Grammar Pet Peeve: "Shop Local" - 06/03/16 01:51 AM
Do you have a grammar pet peeve? I have several, but one that keeps jumping out at me is "Shop Local." That's because it's plastered all over town and in the local newspaper. No one can escape it, and for me, reading it is like hearing fingernails on a blackboard. 
Yesterday I decided to do some research and see if there was some way to convince myself that it was correct. 
The word "local" is an adjective and the verb "shop" calls for an adverb, so it's definitely incorrect, but... was there some way to turn "local" into something besides an adjective in this case?
What I … (13 comments)

grammar: We expect students to learn grammar when... - 02/26/14 06:37 AM
Today I decided to read our weekly newspaper while I ate lunch. It takes only about 5 minutes to get through the few articles, so for want of something else, I read the school lunch menu.
First I noticed that they offer chicken sandwiches 3 days a week, but then something else caught my eye. The people who write the menu don't know the difference between a plural and a possessive.
In several instances they offered Fish Taco's or Roasted Potato's, or Idaho Nacho's. They did get chicken nuggets and "cheese rippers" right. (What the heck is a cheese ripper?) The … (19 comments)

grammar: Confused by Apostrophes? - 08/17/13 09:17 AM
Judging from the number of errors we see - even in headlines on the front page of our local newspaper - it seems that a whole lot of people are confused by apostrophes.
The first rule to remember is that they're almost NEVER used to form a plural.
The exception: When they're used to form the plural of letters and expressions that are not commonly used in plural form. For instance, When you say "There are no if's, and's and but's" or "Mind your p's and q's."
So, if you're talking about two or more REALTORS, houses, school districts, comparable … (81 comments)

grammar: When Modifiers Confuse - A Real Estate Marketing Grammar Goof - 04/16/13 05:31 PM
Marketing your real estate services requires a lot of writing - especially now that we've discovered the value of regular blogging.
That means you might sometimes be in a hurry when you write. And when you're in a hurry, small errors - such as a confusing modifier - can creep in.
What do I mean by a confusing modifier? I mean an adjective or adverb that could either relate to the word before or the word after. When this happens, the reader is forced to stop and think about what you meant, and you lose the flow of your … (8 comments)

grammar: Another "Leave them out" Grammar Tip - 04/10/13 04:49 PM
If you've read my previous posts, you know that "leaving someone out" can help you decide whether you should be using "I" or "me" in a sentence.
Here's one to help you decide whether to use a singular or plural verb when you're talking about two people (or items.) If you join them with the word "and" then you have a plural subject and need a plural verb. 
When you use the conjuction "as well as" to join two items, should the verb be singular or plural? It depends upon the first one mentioned.
If you write something like "The politicians, … (2 comments)

grammar: Beware! Don't Put Your Trust in Grammar Checker - 03/13/13 02:32 AM
Grammar checker can lead you far astray...
Yesterday I was finishing up a new letter set for prospecting to tenants. In one letter I mentioned that house payments can now sometimes be less than rent payments for comparable housing.
In the call to action, I wrote an invitation to call, and then said "I'll tell you what the market has been doing and show you what you can buy for less than you're paying today."
Word's Grammar checker immediately chimed in to tell me I had made a mistake.
Instead of saying "you're paying today" Word wanted me to write "you … (8 comments)

grammar: Beware of Word! - 01/18/12 08:40 AM
Today I was working on an article for one of my clients and I wrote:
I'll be happy to give you a list of mortgage lenders here in (city) who have served my clients well in the past.
And Word objected. 
Now, we copywriters always try to avoid that pasive/past tense, but sometimes it's necessary. It's what fits. At the same time, we often break the rules of grammar that we learned back in elementary school - because breaking those rules makes the copy sound conversational. 
However, a passive voice or conversational tone was not the problem … (9 comments)

grammar: Do You Make these Word Usage Errors? - 03/13/11 10:28 AM
Every now and then, I have to go off on a rant about words and the usage errors I see here on Active Rain, on agent websites, and in newsletters. 
Why? Because I think these simple usage errors ruin your credibility with your target audience.
Before your prospects meet you, the only way they can evaluate you is by your written words, and these errors give the wrong impression. I know that you don't need to be good at grammar or spelling to be a fantastic agent. But not all of your prospects think the way I do.
Worse, misuse … (15 comments)

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