grammar in real estate marketing: Yes, Grammar Matters, and I Don’t Care if the Professor Disagrees - 01/23/19 01:42 PM
Just when we thought we’d heard every possible “racist” accusation, a University of Washington-Tacoma professor came up with a new one.
The professor thinks good grammar is racist. In my opinion, his reasons for that thinking really are racist, but that’s a topic for some other place and time.
He says “a person’s ability or inability to communicate using proper grammar and spelling should not impact his or her future job opportunities.”
Perhaps so, but that inability to communicate will certainly limit their career choices.
His loyal followers won’t succeed as Realtors…
Those who adhere to his “I don’t need grammar and spelling” philosophy would, for instance, … (46 comments)

grammar in real estate marketing: Watch out for redundancies! - 07/09/17 09:46 PM
Tonight's message comes to you courtesy of an email I just received.
It was a message from the Sheriff's department notifying subscribers of a grass fire and saying that "Currently the fire is under control at this time."
I've heard the same thing on message machines: "Sally is currently out of the office at this time."
Oops! Once is enough!
That's not unlike someone making an appointment for "Thursday at 9 a.m. in the morning."
Is it likely that 9 a.m. might be at night?
Here are a few more that are not quite as glaring, but still clutter up your writing and sound a … (8 comments)

grammar in real estate marketing: Does your writing reflect your speech? - 11/02/15 08:41 AM
One of the most interesting things I learned when I first started studying copywriting was that individuals with degrees in English had the hardest time writing copy that worked. 
Their problem, the teachers said, was that they tried so hard to be proper that they lost the conversational tone necessary to sales copy. 
I was reminded of that today when I read this snippet from Bob Bly's monthly message:
***When you write, be yourself***
Kurt Vonnegut once said, "I find that I trust my own writing
most, and others seem to trust it most, too, when I sound most
like a person from Indianapolis, which is what I … (11 comments)

grammar in real estate marketing: "Apostrophes do not plurals make..." - 10/29/15 02:21 PM
OK, here I go again with a grammar/spelling/word usage rant. 
More and more lately I'm seeing apostrophes used to form the plural of nouns - which they cannot, and do not do! 
Plurals are formed by adding an "s" or sometimes an "es."
An apostrophe has two primary purposes in the English language.
One is to denote possession:
Sally's cat. That car's wheels. The agent's listing.  The teacher's book. The stove's burners. Some words, however just ARE possessive, and don't need or want an apostrophe.
For instance:
theirs hers his yours ours its The other use for apostrophes is to take the place of letters … (24 comments)

grammar in real estate marketing: Why do SO many agents misuse "advice" and "advise?" - 10/15/15 07:46 AM
Why do SO many agents misuse "advice" and "advise?"
I've been wondering about that this week more than ever because I've been reading the entries in the October challenge about the very best advice for new agents.
I was just given the answer. Now I know why misuse of these words is growing by leaps and bounds. It's because agents are relying on Word to correct their mistakes.
I'm working on an agent bio and wrote: "He feels it's his duty to advise and protect…"
Word popped up to tell me "No, no, no. Change advise to advice."
Word is notorious for giving wrong advice, and … (38 comments)

grammar in real estate marketing: No Magic Wand for Grammar - 10/08/15 04:56 AM
It's sad but true. There is no magic wand (or computer program) that will ensure that your written grammar is correct every time. Unless you have a basic understanding of the rules, you CAN be led astray by the tools developed to help you.
My Word program automatically tells me (or corrects automatically) when I write something like "teh," and it alerts me when it thinks I've made an error in grammar. Sometimes it's right – most times it's wrong. In fact, some of the "suggestions" are downright funny.
More help - perhaps
Last week I read about a program called "Grammarly" and installed … (19 comments)

grammar in real estate marketing: "Irregardless" is a word, but... - 08/03/15 03:25 AM
When discussing pet peeves in language, my fellow word lovers often mention the use of the word "irregardless."
Some have even expressed concern that its use is becoming so common that it may actually be included in dictionaries before long.
Bad news – it already is. BUT – those dictionaries note that it is NOT standard use. What does that mean? It means they recognize that it is common use, but it really isn't a proper word. It's lumped in with slang and jargon.
So WHY is irregardless not a proper word?
Because it's a double negative. Remember grade school – double negatives are a … (31 comments)

grammar in real estate marketing: Real Estate Grammar - Here I go being picky again - 05/27/14 06:54 AM
You probably agree with me that using good grammar in your real estate marketing messages is important. If you didn't, you wouldn't read my picky posts.
And I guess it is picky when I get focused on a mere 2-letter word.
Today the error that's bugging me is the use of "to" where "too"belongs.
It seems like I'm seeing this more and more often here on Active Rain.
So, what is there to do about it? How do we reach those folks who are mistakingly saying things like "The buyer decided the price was to high."
Now and then I see … (59 comments)

grammar in real estate marketing: Real Estate Marketing Grammar and Word Choices: Our and Are - 09/27/13 06:14 AM
In real estate marketing your grammar and word choices really do make a difference - because in many instances the words you choose are the first impression your prospects have of you and your professionalism.
Your primary goal should be to make your words "disappear." In other words, your reader shouldn't have to think about the words at all - he or she should just absorb the message. 
To accomplish that, you have to eliminate anything that creates a stop sign - where the reader has to stop, look twice, and figure out what you meant to say. 

There are … (9 comments)

grammar in real estate marketing: Grammar in Real Estate Marketing: Should you use "Advice" or "Advise?" - 09/23/13 03:53 AM
This morning's Grammar in Real Estate Marketing post comes to you thanks to a suggestion from Palm Beach Home Stager, Kathy Streib.
We shared some "words and grammar" pet peeves on the phone this morning, and she mentioned that the misuse of advice and advise is an error we see on Active Rain far too often. She said "Write about it," so here I am.

If you learned the difference between nouns and verbs when you were back in grammar school, this one is pretty simple.
All you have to do is remember:
Advice is a noun. It's something you … (20 comments)

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