proofreading: Words that make me say "Ouch!" - 01/10/19 02:42 PM
Sometimes a word in a sentence just jumps out, hits you, and makes you think "Ouch!"
Such was a word in an email I received not long ago. It was a forward from a friend, and it had a fine message. The trouble was in the introduction.
It said "This bares repeating." Ouch!! 
The "ouch" problem is getting worse day by day - probably due to the number of people who are now using voice recognition software to do their typing.
Granted, some of these errors are due to wrong word choices, but others are either the right sound but wrong spelling or a … (19 comments)

proofreading: When Real Estate Marketing Copy Just Seems "Off..." - 10/08/18 10:59 PM
There's nothing glaringly wrong; you think you understand what the writer was saying; but somehow what you just read - or wrote - seems "off."
There's something wrong with it, but what?
Sometimes the problem is “parallel construction,” or rather lack of it.
What does parallel construction mean? It means that when you use 3 or more items in a series they need to match.They need to be all the same part of speech and the same tense.
If you saw a sentence such as "You need to stop, look, listening,” the error would jump right out at you. You'd instantly see … (52 comments)

proofreading: Using a form letter or pre-written post? Pay attention! - 04/10/17 10:24 AM
This morning’s email brought me an inquiry from someone who wished to write guest posts for me.
I’m not really in the market for a guest blogger, and especially not for my Active Rain blog. However, I might consider one for my website blog if the topic happened to fit.
This writer, however, won’t be the one.
Here’s what he wrote:
“Are you looking for guest bloggers and contributors? If yes, I’ve got a great idea for a post that would do well on ActiveRain.”
“I’ve previously written for ­­­­_____, _____, _____ and a few other sites as well. Here are some links to the … (12 comments)

proofreading: One more reason to use a proofreader: Clarity - 09/25/16 08:50 AM
It’s a given that we all make mistakes in our writing. It might be a typo or a misspelling. It might be a word doubled or left out when we were editing.
Often we can catch those kinds of mistakes ourselves, but there’s another mistake that we’re less likely to catch when we do our own proofreading. That one is lack of clarity.
When we write something, we know what we mean. That doesn’t guarantee that someone else reading it will also know what we meant.
This week an agent sent me the link to a long web page that he wanted re-written. It wasn’t … (5 comments)

proofreading: Proofread - one more time - 04/08/16 03:55 AM
Proofread – one more time Do you write your blog posts and/or web copy in Word, then cut and paste it after you’ve revised, tweaked, and proofread it for the 4th time?
Then proofread it again after you’ve uploaded.
If you don’t, you’re apt to be telling your would-be clients and customers that you just don’t pay much attention to details.
Why? Because you’re more than likely going to end up with sentences that look like this property description I found on a real estate website this morning: “chef’s kitchen with double ovens.”
That’s right – the apostrophes, dashes, question marks, and other … (19 comments)

proofreading: The final step in proofreading... - 03/06/16 02:01 AM
You might read your copy a dozen times on screen and think it's all "just right," and you might be wrong. 
That's probably OK for a blog post, since you can go back and correct errors if you catch them later, but when you're sending something to print, there's a final important step.
Print it out, then leave it alone overnight. The next day, come back and read with fresh eyes. 
You might be amazed at the small things you didn't see the day before.
It might be a sentence that would benefit from having one word changed to a better word. It might … (20 comments)

proofreading: Proofreading: Does Your Real Estate Marketing Send the right Message? - 01/21/16 01:50 PM
Proofreading: Making sure your real estate marketing messages represent you as a professional.
How many times do you read and re-read a marketing message before you hit send?
How often do you go back to your web pages to make SURE that they're correct?
Proofreading is by far not the most entertaining or pleasurable part of writing, but it IS one of the most necessary parts, because silly mistakes can give your readers the wrong impression about you.
At the very least, they'll convey a message that you don't pay attention to details. At worst, they'll make people think you don't know any better, so … (69 comments)

proofreading: After you upload, proofread one more time - 03/10/14 05:12 AM
Do you write your real estate marketing copy in Word before you add it to your blog, your website, or your MLS program?
I usually do my writing in Word first, because there's less chance of it suddenly disappearing.(I think re-writing from scratch is a whole lot harder than writing anything the first time.)
If you write it in Word first, do you revise, tweak, and proofread multiple times before you upload?
If you do... be sure to proofread one more time after you've uploaded.
Otherwise, you're apt to be telling your would-be clients and customers that you just don't pay … (17 comments)

proofreading: Do you ever read your own website? - 01/26/12 07:29 PM
Do you read the copy on your own website?
Unless YOU posted it and reviewed it carefully after it was live, you really should take time to read it.
This week I've been doing "rehab" work on a real estate website. It's obvious from the tone that several different writers have contributed to it - and that some of them didn't go back to read what they wrote.
Along with rambling paragraphs and FAQ answers that don't relate to the questions, I'm finding the same kind of goofy things that happen when we're in a hurry to write … (36 comments)

proofreading: Thanks, Mimi. I know better than that! - 07/12/11 09:57 AM
Thanks to Mimi Foster for alerting me to my error!
Yesterday when I posted my message offering a free buyer letter, I failed to go back after it was posted and check all the links. So... one of them was broken.
That's the way it happens - if you check, all is well. It's when you don't check that an error occurs.
This isn't the first time this has happened. Every once in a while a broken link sneaks into one of my web pages. Even though I try hard to make it a habit to check each one, sometimes I … (10 comments)

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