real estate agent bios: Should an agent bio/profile be all business? - 12/03/22 02:07 PM
What do you think? I think not. I think that should be left for a resume'.
My belief is that people today want to know more than your sales statistics, your designations, your years in business, etc.
And while it is important to reveal your niche, and whether you specialize in a specific area or in exclusively helping either buyers or sellers, I think they want to know even more than that.
Before they decide to do business with you, they want to know who you are as a person. They might also want to know if they have anything in common with you.
A … (13 comments)

real estate agent bios: Why bother with a real estate agent bio? - 07/12/19 01:34 PM
Have you wondered why you should go to the effort or expense of having a real estate agent bio?
Many do doubt the value of a bio – and so they don’t bother. If you check the “about” tab on their websites, all you’ll find is a name, perhaps their real estate license number, and a phone number.
On other sites you’ll find clones of dozens of say-nothing bios. They talk about how real estate buyers and sellers need someone who knows the territory and will be their guide. Some talk about honesty and ethics. (In my opinion, that’s the worst thing to … (30 comments)

real estate agent bios: Advice from a Master Copywriter: Bob Bly - 04/11/17 04:39 PM
The following letter from Master Copywriter Bob Bly came to my in-box this week, and I immediately wrote to ask him if I could share it with my friends at Active Rain.
The reason I wanted to share, of course, is because Bob’s advice goes hand in hand with what I keep saying about agent bios: You need to share a little personal information.
If you let readers know a few things about your life, you’ll create a hook that allows at least some of them to identify with you. They’ll think you’re somehow “like” them, and therefore you must be a pretty … (4 comments)

real estate agent bios: Why you should get personal in your agent bio... - 09/29/16 09:15 AM
Today’s message was inspired by an email from a client. I finished her bio last week and she was happy with it. But then… she showed it to a friend.
The friend first said that (at 455 words), it was too long – nobody reads that much any more. Long copy vs. short copy is, of course, the topic of hot debate among both experienced and inexperienced marketers.
“Everybody” says they don’t read long copy, but … tests show that long copy sells more products than short copy. My opinion is that it depends on the quality of the copy and … (43 comments)

real estate agent bios: Is Your Real Estate Agent Bio Just a Little Bit Confused? - 05/27/16 06:59 AM
Is Your Real Estate Agent Bio Just a Little Bit Confused? Quite often when reviewing agent bios I come across a few lines that tell me the writer got “just a little bit confused.”
The bio might start out in 3rd person – talking about the agent. Or it might begin in first person – with the agent talking directly to his or her web visitor.
But somewhere along the way, the writer forgets who they are, and they switch voices. It goes something like this: “Sally Sue has been living in Seattle her entire life, and I’ll be glad to … (31 comments)

real estate agent bios: Why Brokers Should Review Agent Bios - 06/03/15 09:10 AM
This week an agent sent me a link to one of the bios on her broker's site in order to give me an example of how much space she'd be allowed for her own bio. 
Reading it made me realize why I have a couple of broker clients who hire me to write their agents' bios rather than telling them to provide one. 
Not only did that bio say nothing about why anyone should choose the agent, it was filled with garbled sentences and grammatical errors. 
For instance (In making reference to the fact that she had been a business owner): "It was through … (34 comments)

real estate agent bios: Wow, Copy by Marte is in REALTORMag - 05/15/15 05:38 AM
And if you can't guess... I'm pretty tickled to have that kind of exposure!
Back in February I got a call from Melissa Dittmann Tracey, a writer for REALTORMag. She asked if I would talk with her about agent bios, and if she could use quotes from me for an article she was writing.
Of course I said yes!
We talked and she said the article would be published in April. She was about to go on maternity leave, so was in a hurry to get it finished and turned in.
April came and I tried to find the article… with no success, because I didn't … (25 comments)

real estate agent bios: If Your Real Estate Agent Bio is Generic, Why Bother? - 05/12/15 04:17 AM
A few days ago a client sent me a copy of a bio that she thought sounded nice. It did sound nice, but after reading it twice I realized that it could have applied to almost any agent in the universe. It really didn't say a thing.
The points were that the agent was:
Professional Determined to provide client satisfaction Enthusiastic Knowledgeable Dedicated to her buyers and sellers And that she would:
Accomplish all of your real estate expectations (???) Look out for your best interests Strive to make the process a wonderful experience Aside from that, there was an invitation … (16 comments)

real estate agent bios: Real Estate Agent Bios – Should price be the prime consideration? - 06/02/14 05:33 AM
               Your real estate agent bio is an important document.
It presents the face you want the world to see. It showcases your expertise and abilities while letting your personality shine through. It gives potential clients reasons to like you, trust you, and even identify with you.                So should you hire the cheapest writer you can find?
Naturally, you don't want to over-pay, but you don't want to hire the writer with the lowest rates unless you've seen samples of the work and believe that he or she is going to present you in the best possible light.

real estate agent bios: Better Real Estate Agent Bios – How to write an Introductory Paragraph - 01/26/14 07:08 AM

How should you begin your real estate agent bio?
With something that gives the reader a reason to keep reading, of course.
And what would that be? Some sort of benefit. Some aspect of your service or your philosophy that sets you apart from the crowd.
Sometimes I just like to see what other people are doing, so today I spent an hour or so browsing real estate websites and reading bios. I found a few that were excellent, and more that were… not.
One site I visited was for an agency with many, many agents. Aside … (23 comments)

real estate agent bios: Real Estate Marketing - No, Your Agent Bio Need Not Begin With "I" - 12/03/13 07:05 AM
Contrary to what many believe and practice, real estate marketing should always be about the prospective clients - not about the agent. 
It may be tough to swallow, but those prospects don't care about you. They care about how they'll benefit from their association with you. 
But they read your bio because they want to know more about you, right? 
Yes, in a sense. And no, in another sense. 
They read your bio because they want to see who you are in terms of what that means to them. They're looking for information about your expertise, your personality, and how you're … (12 comments)

real estate agent bios: You're a Team – Should You Have Individual Agent Bios or a Team Bio? - 10/09/13 03:10 PM
I believe each real estate agent needs his or her own bio.
Whether your team consists of two people or ten, you're each individuals who bring something unique to your clients.
Part of your bio deals with your experience and why you're good at what you do. 
One of you may be a seasoned agent with 20 years in the business while another is an eager "newbie."
One of you may have a background in interior decorating while another knows about housing construction. Another may have begun their working life as a computer technician.
Even if your previous occupation was totally … (6 comments)

real estate agent bios: The one that got away - response time matters - 10/08/12 04:36 PM
As you know, when you get an Internet inquiry - or a phone call - you need to respond promptly. Otherwise, that prospect will have moved on to another agent.
Today I found that the same is true for real estate copywriters, but I don't know what I could have done differently.
To back up a minute...
I get a lot of inquiries, especially about agent bios, because they're one of my specialties. Agents write to ask about the price ($300) and often when I respond, I don't hear from them again. Other times I hear from them a … (7 comments)

real estate agent bios: Yes, even a brand new REALTOR(R) can have a "Client-attracting bio" - 08/24/12 07:18 AM
New real estate agents who have had good advice know that they need a website - and they know that the website needs an agent bio. They also know that since they're just starting in the business they can't talk about experience and expertise.
So they worry that there's nothing to say that will help them build their business.
They need not worry.
Everyone has done something before turning to real estate as a career. Some have had rich and varied experiences in a number of jobs while others have spent years in a real-estate related occupation, been … (5 comments)

real estate agent bios: Real Estate Copywriting FAQ's - Why good bios include personal details - 06/02/12 02:34 PM
Why Your Real Estate Agent Bio Should Include a Few Personal Details
Have you read real estate agent bios that contain nothing but:
A statement saying the agent offers "quality service" A record of achievements - such as sales awards A list of designations A list of degrees anjd/or schools attended Did any of them make you want to hurry out and meet that agent?
Maybe you just said yes. But I'll bet not, because just like resume' fact sheets, agent bios like that are completely lacking in excitement.
There's nothing to demonstrate why that service is "quality." … (5 comments)

real estate agent bios: Real Estate Copywriting FAQ's - Why Bios are written in the 3rd person - 06/02/12 08:34 AM
Why are most real estate agent bios written in the 3rd person?
A good question, and one that agents often ask when I begin their bios.
Agent bios are probably written in the 3rd person because it seems less self-centered. A narrative written about you sounds somehow "softer" than a page filled with "I," "I," and more "I." 
The truth is, even on an "about me" page which is supposed to be about the agent, saying "I do this" and "I believe that" comes across as self absored. It doesn't matter that every time you say "I" you're … (53 comments)

real estate agent bios: It must be "Get a Better Real Estate Bio Season" - 04/14/12 09:50 AM
Judging from the number of inquiries I've had asking about real estate agent bios in the past few days, I'm wondering if someone did a seminar advising agents that their bios need to be better. Or maybe it's just that spring is in the air and everyone wants to spruce up their image.  
I don't know the reason, but there have been an unusual number of inquiries.  
If everyone who has inquired decided to go forward right now, I wouldn't have time to eat or sleep. But of course, they won't. Some will (or already have) and some will … (4 comments)

real estate agent bios: More Proof That Revealing Your True Self Really Works - 03/03/12 02:48 AM
You might do it with your real estate agent bio. (And if I wrote it for you, you probably do!)
You might do it with your blog.
But however you do it, do it - because it matters.
Here's one more proof:
My son called last night and in the course of the conversation mentioned a new listing / buyer client that his wife, Jacquie, was working with. Knowing how I feel about dogs and horses, he wanted to share the news about this new client, who was looking for land on which to build a horse rescue facility.

real estate agent bios: For a Friendlier, More Appealing Agent Bio, Remove Some "I's" - 01/03/12 05:12 PM
For a Friendlier, More Appealing Agent Bio, Remove Some I's
Your "about me" page – also known as your profile, or agent bio, is supposed to be about you. It's the only page on your entire website that should be about you.
This is where you can brag a little about your education and expertise, tell what you have to offer, and share some insight into who you are when you're not working.
But still… Even though the page is about you, it really isn't. And all those "I's" can just be too much.
I hold … (10 comments)

real estate agent bios: A Heck of a Way to Lose a Client - 12/19/11 06:58 PM
Last week I had a copywriting inquiry from a gentleman who said he was a good writer and enjoyed writing, but he needed a new agent bio and just wasn't getting it done.
Part of the reason was that he was busy with real estate clients and hadn't been able to carve out a good chunk of time for writing. But in addition, he couldn't seem to get focused on what to say and where to start.
We talked for quite a while and I explained that before I begin to write for a real estate client, I ask … (9 comments)

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