real estate marketing: Want to increase your market share? - 06/08/21 09:15 AM
Perhaps you already have all the market share you need or want. You may be so well established that people think of you first when they think of real estate. But if not, you probably want a greater real estate market share. With the number of sales dwindling due to lack of inventory, increasing your share is more important than ever.
How can you increase your real estate market share?
By increasing your mind-share. In other words, by becoming so visible in your marketplace that potential clients think of you first when they think of buying or selling.
You’ll increase your visibility using … (24 comments)

real estate marketing: Consistent real estate follow-up – a must for success - 05/27/21 04:33 PM
Consistent real estate follow-up is one of the keys to success. Without it, there is not much point in bothering with lead generation. And – without it you’ll have little chance of repeat business and referrals from past clients.
What does consistent real estate follow-up mean?
How often is often enough? What is the best means to follow up? What should you say when you follow up? “Consistent” means different things in different situations.Past clients and your sphere of influence:When following up with past clients and those in your sphere of influence, monthly is probably often enough. Even quarterly should prevent … (15 comments)

real estate marketing: Real estate marketing – always make it easy for your prospects - 03/25/21 12:13 PM
Everything we write about grammar in real estate marketing, spelling, and even page design is for the purpose of communicating easily and clearly.
When you make it easy to read your words, they'll read them. When you make it easy to understand your words, they'll absorb your message. When you make it difficult – they'll delete your email, toss your postal mail, and leave your web page. I've written numerous articles about grammar, word choice, etc. - all focused on making communications flow smoothly and easily.
But there's one more point that's every bit as important:
Since your purpose in marketing … (23 comments)

real estate marketing: If your marketing isn’t working, is this the reason why? - 02/08/20 04:10 PM
This morning I started looking back through quotes I’ve collected, and I found this bit of wisdom:
"90% of marketing doesn’t work because it doesn’t get done."
Neil Bradman
It reminded me of someone I worked with once upon a time. He came into the office and found me typing prospecting letters. (Yes, this was years ago, and I typed them one by one.) He asked if that’s what I was doing and when I said yes, he said “I’ve tried it. It doesn’t work.”
I went on with my typing, and later learned why it hadn’t worked for him. He wrote … (35 comments)

real estate marketing: Do you suffer from sunk cost fallacy? - 08/10/19 01:00 PM
Chances are, you either suffer from sunk cost fallacy right now, or you have at some time.
What the heck is it?
Sunk cost fallacy is a debilitating condition that causes you to throw good money after bad.
You know you have it when you…
Keep advertising a listing owned by people who:
• Refuse to clean the house
• Refuse to list anywhere near fair market value
• Refuse to negotiate AT ALL when you bring an offer
• Refuse to leave and let the house be shown without interference
• Refuse to allow showings except at specified times
Keep driving all over the county … (28 comments)

real estate marketing: If you want prospects to read your marketing materials… - 06/19/19 04:49 PM
… make them easy to read.
Whether you’re writing a real estate prospecting letter, an email, a newsletter, a postcard, or a web page, the second rule is “Make it easy to read.”
(Remember, the first rule is to never, ever, ever begin your message with “I.”)
It won’t matter if your words are brilliant – if you make them difficult to read, people will never get your message because they simply won’t read what you wrote.
How can you make it easy to read your messages?
First, except for small accents, always use black type on a white or light background. Marketers who spend millions studying such … (45 comments)

real estate marketing: Marketing your real estate services - first choose your audience - 04/12/19 02:35 PM
You need to market your services – have you chosen your audience?
Today, informed buyers and sellers are choosy. They don’t want just any agent – they want one who knows how to help them in their specific quest to buy or sell.
And not every buyer and seller is the same. A first time buyer has different needs than an affluent buyer looking to move up. A divorcing couple has different needs than an estate executor wanting to sell a house in probate or a member of the military who is being reassigned.
And then there’s you. You also have different wants and … (19 comments)

real estate marketing: Do you sell time or savings? - 04/09/19 02:39 PM
An email I had tucked away in my files cited “7 Scientifically Based Copywriting Tips.” The writer said to be wary of selling “savings” and to instead sell “time.”
Are either of those what you sell when you’re marketing your services?
I think so, and I think they’re both important to your potential clients.
You sell both time and savings to a listing client when you demonstrate how you will guide them to do all the right things about pricing and presentation. By following your expert advice and availing themselves of your extensive marketing and negotiating skills, their homes will be sold quickly, … (52 comments)

real estate marketing: Continuity marketing - if it fails, it's your fault - 02/01/19 09:19 AM
Continuity marketing, also known as drip marketing, is simply the practice of keeping a steady flow of marketing messages going to the same people over and over.
You use it with postal mail when farming a geographic territory or when prospecting to a specific set of buyers or sellers.
You use it with email when you want to hang on to an Internet lead – whether it’s a buyer who inquired about a specific house or filled out a “how much can I afford” form, a seller who responded to an offer to learn the value of his/her home, or someone who opted … (4 comments)

real estate marketing: Must You Write Your Own Real Estate Marketing Copy? - 01/17/19 03:46 PM
Does marketing have to be a do-it-yourself project?
Some say yes.
Their reasoning is that unless you write it yourself, it’s not authentic. It’s also not your voice, so if someone chooses you based on that copy, then meets you in person, they’ll be disappointed.
Others believe you must write your own copy – for real estate or any other business – because you know more about it than anyone else, and thus can do the best job.
Of course, as a real estate copywriter, I say no.
Can you imagine the owner or CEO of any large company writing all of the … (7 comments)

real estate marketing: When written words are your prospect’s first impression of you… - 01/14/19 11:01 AM
The words you use in a blog post, on a web page, or in an email are often the first impression your prospect has of you. As such, they’re important.
Among other things, they tell that prospect whether you’re a professional; whether you’re a likeable person; whether you might be someone they can trust; and whether or not you pay attention to details.
If that first impression is poor, it often becomes the last impression.
So let’s look at some ways that a real estate agent (or anyone else) can ruin their chances for success by making a poor impression.
Making assumptions: Either … (27 comments)

real estate marketing: If you send prospecting letters... - 11/11/18 08:15 PM
If you send prospecting letters…
Do you use postal mail or email?
This week a real estate agent who had purchased some of my real estate prospecting letters called to ask whether she should send them by postal mail or email.
I told her that I hadn’t heard from any agents who had done a split test on that, so I couldn’t give her any statistics.
However, I did have some thoughts on it.
If the list is cold, then postal mail is the way to go. If you get a list of email addresses and just begin mailing to them, you can be labeled … (33 comments)

real estate marketing: One Reason Why So Many Real Estate Agents Fail - 11/08/18 02:07 PM
 If you stop and think about how many people become licensed and then wash out after short time, the numbers are pretty amazing.
Tom Ferry says he’s quoting NAR when he says 87% fail in the first 5 years. Here in our small town, I’ve lost count of the number who started and stopped within just a year or two.
Plenty of reasons, beginning with the expectation that real estate is “easy” and will give people plenty of free time to play while making an above average income. (That sounds just about like the hype about becoming a copywriter!)
Maybe it’s that false … (55 comments)

real estate marketing: Make your real estate marketing copy the best it can be - 10/01/18 12:36 PM
How can you make your real estate marketing copy the best that it can be?Different methods work for different people, but here’s one that has worked for me – and may work for you as well.
The first thing to remember is that in most cases, good real estate copy demands an investment of time, as well as thought.
Once in a while you’ll get inspiration so clear that you can write it in minutes, but for most of us, it doesn’t happen often.
So – onward.
When you sit down to write, whether it is a web page, a blog post, a real estate … (15 comments)

real estate marketing: Content Marketing for Real Estate – Focus on your core idea - 09/20/18 01:29 PM
Do you dream about your work?
I do, and one morning I woke up dreaming that I was writing a blog post about potatoes.
Since potatoes have nothing to do with real estate (unless you're selling farmland that produces potatoes), I suppose it was due to a conversation I’d had the previous evening regarding home-grown vs. grocery store potatoes. I had said it was worth it to grow your own in order to avoid the chemicals, and to get potatoes that weren’t half rotten. I was tired of getting 5# of potatoes from a 10# bag.
In the dream, I was thinking about … (33 comments)

real estate marketing: The #1 rule in writing real estate marketing copy - 09/15/18 09:16 AM
Do you remember Rule #1 in writing real estate marketing copy?
I seem to harp about it every now and then. But – since it still appears to be the #1 most frequently broken rule, it seems like a good time for a reminder.
Maybe there's another rule that tops the list – like keeping the copy tight or using better verbs instead of relying on adverbs, but I really believe that this rule is the most important one in real estate self-promotional marketing.
What is it?
Never, ever, ever begin a marketing message with:
I We My Our Why not?
Because … (57 comments)

real estate marketing: Throwback Thursday: The Devil Always Has An Offer - 08/21/18 03:04 PM
My thanks to Carol Williams for writing this post and reinforcing what I harp about all the time: Successful marketing requires consistency!
"I'll make you an offer you can't refuse."
-The Godfather
On June 5, 2017 I published the following content in a blog post.  Although it did garner the coveted Feature Gold Star, I thought it might be worth bringing back as a reminder for all.  It will be new content for any readers who missed it the first time around. 
* * * * *
Q: Dear Carol:
Why isn't my marketing working?
A: Dear Stumped: 
Have you ever heard that it takes listening … (5 comments)

real estate marketing: The name “drip marketing” doesn’t sound very glamorous - 08/03/18 03:27 PM
In fact it sounds kind of, well, drippy. But its value in building relationships with your clients and prospects is far from drippy.
Used in a postal mail campaign or a permission-based e-mail campaign, drip marketing does far more than remind your prospects that you exist.
It offers you a way to show your expertise and knowledge without being overbearing. If you offer one new tip or bit of advice each time you write, your prospects will gradually come to view you as the expert they need.
And, by offering that advice without promise of reward, you make another important statement about yourself. You … (11 comments)

real estate marketing: Burning Bridges Behind Me... - 08/03/18 02:25 PM
You may be too young to remember that old song… It had a beautiful melody and a sad, romantic, message about lost love.
But burning bridges in business is not romantic, and certainly doesn’t have a beautiful melody.
Perry Marshall once sent a message about a woman who “lurked” around his site for 3 years before finally jumping in to invest in his courses and materials. When she finally did, it was to the tune of about $8,000.
Had he brushed her off somewhere along the way, he would have burned the bridge between them, and she would have spent her money somewhere else.
But … (17 comments)

real estate marketing: The Guaranteed Sale. Good Old Fashioned Bait and Switch - 05/01/18 03:39 PM
Tim Maitski brings us the answer to a question I've wondered about for years: How can agents guarantee to sell a house and promise to buy it if it doesn't sell?
It turns out to be easy, if you're a bit on the shady side and willing to use bait and switch.
The Guarantee That Lures Them In

Key Points
I learned the details of the "Guaranteed Sale Program" You attract business with the guarantee but never give out the guarantee You make enough restrictions so no one qualifies You sell them instead on your regular program  
Have you … (8 comments)

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