real estate marketing grammar: Real Estate Marketing Grammar and Word Choices: Effect vs Affect - 10/07/13 08:10 AM
Affect vs. Effect
When one of my Active Rain friends asked me to write about the difference between affect and effect I had no idea that it is one of the most asked questions on the "Grammar Girl" website. But … she says it is. 
Part of the problem may be that there are exceptions to the rules, but in most instances, here is the rule:
Affect is a verb.
Effect is a noun.
How will rising interest rates affect the real estate market? (Interest rates affect… a verb.)
They could have a profound effect, if they rise dramatically. (Interest rates have … (35 comments)

real estate marketing grammar: Real Estate Marketing Grammar and Word Choices: Our and Are - 09/27/13 06:14 AM
In real estate marketing your grammar and word choices really do make a difference - because in many instances the words you choose are the first impression your prospects have of you and your professionalism.
Your primary goal should be to make your words "disappear." In other words, your reader shouldn't have to think about the words at all - he or she should just absorb the message. 
To accomplish that, you have to eliminate anything that creates a stop sign - where the reader has to stop, look twice, and figure out what you meant to say. 

There are … (9 comments)

real estate marketing grammar: In real estate marketing, use Good Manners and Good Grammar - 05/12/13 05:27 AM
OK, I know I'm being picky again... Sorry, but I do think these details matter to at least some real estate clients, and that they might cross an agent off their list for breaking simple rules of etiquette and grammar.
Every now and then, in a real estate blog post, I see a "manners and grammar" mistake that sets my teeth on edge.
It goes like this: "Me and my family," or "Me and my clients" used as the subject of a sentence. It reminds me of high school when I used to hear "Me and John went to the … (43 comments)

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