real estate prospecting: A Prospecting Letter That Fails - big time! - 10/11/19 08:59 PM
If you read many of my posts and/or comments, you know I believe in prospecting – by both email and direct mail.
You may also know that to receive any kind of prospecting letter in our community is a rare occurrence. That said, I always read the ones that do arrive.
This week I got a doozie.
I will give this agent credit for trying, by oh my – the letter she sent!
For starters, it broke the first rule in writing prospecting letters. It was all about her. After that, it went downhill.
She began by making some silly, unbelievable claims – while using language … (74 comments)

real estate prospecting: Do you bother with trying to list FSBO’s? - 03/29/19 11:06 AM
Many agents don’t bother with trying to list FSBO’s.
They’re convinced that it’s a waste of time because those people have already decided they can sell without an agent. In addition, “they probably want too much for the house.”
I’ll agree that there are some FSBO’s you won’t budge, and some who would be a waste of time. It would be silly to bother with trying to list FSBO’s whose owners simply hate real estate agents. It would also be silly to bother with them if the house is a filthy wreck and they want a price that’s far beyond market value … (8 comments)

real estate prospecting: Help! Another agent is farming in "your" territory! - 03/02/19 04:00 PM
You’ve got a territory – or you’ve been working on developing a territory – but now there’s another agent or two moving in on you. They’re marketing to “your” homeowners.
What should you do?
The first impulse might be to “go political” and tear down the competition – but that would not be wise.
Years ago, market researchers learned that naming your competition in an ad brought an unwanted result. It made people remember the competition instead of the advertiser!
In addition – when you tear down someone else, it makes you look bad. So eliminate that idea.
Instead, keep marketing, keep being visible, keep sending those … (7 comments)

real estate prospecting: Will Your January Sizzle or Fizzle? - 12/16/18 04:10 PM
Will January be a productive month for you, or will you spend your time trying to re-start your real estate business?
Unless you already have your pipeline filled with referral clients or from ongoing prospecting efforts, it will all depend upon what you do over the next couple of weeks.
Right now, some homeowners are thinking “As soon as the holidays are over, we’ll get this house on the market.”
Those listings will go to the first agent who approaches them with the right message, then follows up with another good message every few days.
What is the right message? One that is focused on … (41 comments)

real estate prospecting: Can a part-time real estate agent succeed? - 12/08/18 10:59 AM
Can a part-time real estate agent succeed?
As you know, there’s controversy over part-time real estate agents, and I’m sure you have an opinion. You may be one yourself, you may know one you enjoy working with, you may partner with one, or you may be one who thinks they should be banned.
Whatever your thoughts, the question remains: Can a part-time agent succeed?
First, we need to define which part-time agents we’re talking about.
I’ve known quite a few licensed individuals who had no other employment, but were definitely part-timers.
Even when they sat in the office on their floor … (67 comments)

real estate prospecting: It’s a casual world these days, but… - 11/15/18 04:31 PM
Since the advent of the Internet, email, and texting, communication has become more and more informal. Many people no longer address each other by Mr., Mrs., Miss, Ms, or even Doctor.
That’s probably fine – but it depends upon the person you’re addressing.
I think of my Mom – and how steaming mad she used to get if a doctor or nurse presumed to call her by her first name. They weren’t friends of hers, she hadn’t given them permission, and in her view, it was an insult – a put-down.
That’s pretty much the way I feel if some stranger calls me honey, … (44 comments)

real estate prospecting: If you send prospecting letters... - 11/11/18 08:15 PM
If you send prospecting letters…
Do you use postal mail or email?
This week a real estate agent who had purchased some of my real estate prospecting letters called to ask whether she should send them by postal mail or email.
I told her that I hadn’t heard from any agents who had done a split test on that, so I couldn’t give her any statistics.
However, I did have some thoughts on it.
If the list is cold, then postal mail is the way to go. If you get a list of email addresses and just begin mailing to them, you can be labeled … (33 comments)

real estate prospecting: Summertime, and the livin’ is BUSY - 06/04/18 02:35 PM
How the heck can you keep up?
Between serving clients who want to find a home or get moved while the kids are out of school, to monitoring your own children’s summer activities, to entertaining out of town guests, to trying to maintain your own home and find a smidgen of “you” time, it can be hectic. If you happen to grow a garden, your time is even more stretched.
Something has to give, right?
Unfortunately, for many, what gives is prospecting.
After all, prospecting isn’t in your face, demanding attention. It’s easy to let it slide when you’re trying to … (8 comments)

real estate prospecting: What’s the difference between prospecting and farming? - 05/10/18 01:05 PM
While the two terms are usually used interchangeably, and my Prospecting Letters page really contains more farming than prospecting letters, there really is a difference.
Think about it.
A prospector goes out into the hills, the desert, or the river beds in search of gems, gold, or other precious metals. He (or she, of course) sifts through tons of rock, sand, or dirt in search of the prize. If the prospector is lucky and has chosen the right place to prospect, he hits pay dirt.
It’s a whole lot like fishing, where you cast the line out into the water and hope a fish … (41 comments)

real estate prospecting: Real estate prospecting: letters or postcards? - 03/12/18 12:56 PM
When you prospect for new real estate clients, should you use letters or postcards?
Real estate prospecting letters allow you to say a bit more than you can say on a postcard. They let you enter into the mental conversations that your prospects may be having as they read your message. They let you offer up a bit of free information and allow you to demonstrate your expertise.
The drawback – those who aren’t interested in a message from a real estate professional will toss the letters without opening them. Does that matter? People who aren’t interested in real estate are not your potential prospects.
Real … (19 comments)

real estate prospecting: Help! Another agent is prospecting in my territory! - 03/11/18 01:04 PM
You’ve got a territory – or you’ve been working on developing a territory – but now there’s another agent or two moving in on you. They’re marketing to “your” homeowners.
What should you do?
The first impulse might be to “go political” and tear down the competition – but that would not be wise.
Years ago, market researchers learned that naming your competition in an ad brought an unwanted result. It made people remember the competition instead of the advertiser!
In addition – when you tear down someone else, it makes you look bad. So eliminate that idea.
Instead, focus on what you do well. Toot your … (11 comments)

real estate prospecting: I think “Giving Tuesday” is misplaced - 11/28/17 12:51 PM
For the past week we’ve been getting ads for Black Friday and Cyber Monday – and today my mail is full of extensions of those sales.
Now, after we’ve been urged to spend every last dime and then some, along comes Giving Tuesday.
It seems to me that it might have been wiser to put the giving day ahead of the multiple spending days.
Hopefully, we all have a little something left to give to our favorite charities. And hopefully, we’ll all give wisely. I’ve eliminated a few “causes” after visiting sites like Charity Navigator and learning that the bulk of the money they … (10 comments)

real estate prospecting: What two disasters result from failing to market yourself? - 11/11/17 02:27 PM
Yes, if you fail to market your services consistently and give up prospecting during busy times, you’re opening the door for two disasters.
You probably already know the first disaster I’ll mention: A roller-coaster income.
What’s the second one? Bad decisions.
I know all the excuses. I was a real estate agent myself for 19 years, remember, so I’ve used them myself. But excuses don’t lead to commission checks, so they do us little good.
Consistent marketing, even during busy times, leads to a consistently full pipeline of new business. It gets you off that roller coaster and into a steady … (6 comments)

real estate prospecting: How Do You Start Real Estate Farming if You Do NOT Have Any Listings? - 07/06/17 11:25 AM
Thanks to Beth Atalay for laying out simple and creative ways to make yourself the most popular agent in the geographic area of your choice. Although I provide farming and prospecting letters for agents, I believe they're only one part of a comprehensive overall marketing plan. Beth's "Back to School" idea is pure genius - and will hopefully spark even more creative ideas.
How Do You Start Real Estate Farming if You Do NOT Have Any Listings?Real Estate farming is probably one of the oldest methods to attract new buyers and sellers and make your phone ring. What is Real … (3 comments)

real estate prospecting: Prospecting for Expired Listings - 05/18/17 12:00 PM
It’s an old adage in real estate that it’s beneficial to be the second or even third listing agent. Sellers have experienced disappointment and are looking for a solution.
That means they just might be more open to taking your advice when it comes to:
Price Presentation Showing availability Getting out of the house during showings Responding to low offers Re-negotiating after an inspection Sellers who failed to cooperate with their original listing agents might be very willing to cooperate after finding out that their demands led to a “no sale.”
Have you been prospecting for expired listings?
Have you been successful?
If yes, … (8 comments)

real estate prospecting: Sharing a master marketers advice... - 05/03/17 10:16 AM
As usual, Bob Bly’s monthly letter offered up some useful tidbits – some of which can apply to your own marketing efforts.
Do you use photographs of people on your brochures?
Then consider this advice from Bob:
“Show a photograph of your target market on the cover of your brochure. The first question anyone will ask when he or she picks up your sales literature is, "Who is this for -- for people like me?"”

“But remember the 20 percent rule. Show photos of people who are 20 percent younger than your target market, 20 percent more attractive, 20 percent better dressed, … (7 comments)

real estate prospecting: Are You Embarrassed to Admit that you Need a Copywriter? - 01/15/17 03:18 PM
If so, you aren’t alone.
My own best friend is a prime example. Every time she calls me for help with a letter she's writing, she apologizes for needing help. She, like many others, seems to think that since she’s an intelligent person, she should be able to write great copy.
Why? She’s brilliant at accounting, and I’m not at all embarrassed to admit I need her help figuring out debits and credits. I’m also not embarrassed to hire a mechanic to repair my car or a professional to solve my computer glitches. I didn’t study those things and have no talent for … (18 comments)

real estate prospecting: You wouldn’t do this when door knocking, so why do it by mail? - 08/23/16 06:10 AM
Have you thought about the similarities between door knocking and prospecting by mail?
Aside from the fact that you must necessarily introduce yourself by name when someone answers their door, the two are much alike. And yet – agents treat them very differently.
Your first goal is to catch that homeowner’s interest – so he or she doesn’t either slam the door in your face or drop your letter in the round file.
If you’re knocking on the door you'll probably state a reason for your visit.
You may be there to tell them about a new listing in the neighborhood. You might be … (21 comments)

real estate prospecting: What you assume about millennials may not be true... - 06/17/16 04:02 AM
 In spite of research showing that tthe majority of them aren't buying just yet, many agents today are worrying about how to become even more "digital" in order to reach millennials. 
The common assumption is that they don't read print materials, but depend almost exclusively on their computers - or their phones - for information. 
It turns out... that isn't true. 
Just look at what master marketer Bob Bly had to report this morning: 
According to a recent article in Target Marketing, the notion
that millennials ignore print is utter B.S.

So when any digital marketing guru tells you direct mail is dead
-- don't you believe … (7 comments)

real estate prospecting: When using pre-written marketing materials, be careful of the voice - 06/12/16 06:37 AM
When you use pre-written marketing materials, you might assume that since the writer was a professional, it’s safe to use their words.That’s not necessarily so. Their voice might be damaging to you.
For instance: A few years ago, when I first started writing for one of my long-time clients, he had been using a service that sent him two "short sale" blog posts per week. He’s a busy broker, so he had not only purchased the pre-written blog posts, his assistant was posting them. That meant that very often he didn’t read them before they went out.
When he realized that he was posting the … (8 comments)

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