real estate self promotion: Seen while reading real estate ads - 05/30/20 04:53 PM
The local freebie ad paper came out a few days ago with the usual pages of real estate ads.
Some of the agent promo ads with photos caught my eye.
The first was a glamour shot of a young woman dressed for perhaps a night out on the town. From the low-cut nature of the top, I wondered what she was selling. The first line added to that thought: “Relationships are important.”
The ad went on to tell of “Sam’s” many accomplishments, volume sold, etc. Then at the end, was the call to action: "If you want first rate service, call me."
Wait – we‘ve … (15 comments)

real estate self promotion: If your marketing isn’t working, is this the reason why? - 02/08/20 04:10 PM
This morning I started looking back through quotes I’ve collected, and I found this bit of wisdom:
"90% of marketing doesn’t work because it doesn’t get done."
Neil Bradman
It reminded me of someone I worked with once upon a time. He came into the office and found me typing prospecting letters. (Yes, this was years ago, and I typed them one by one.) He asked if that’s what I was doing and when I said yes, he said “I’ve tried it. It doesn’t work.”
I went on with my typing, and later learned why it hadn’t worked for him. He wrote … (35 comments)

real estate self promotion: Remind your 2019 home buyers... - 01/09/20 03:31 PM
A conversation last night with a neighbor reminded me that agents need to send their home buyers a reminder at the first of the year.
We were discussing property taxes - how insanely much people pay in some communities compared to what we pay here.
She said "Our property taxes sure went down when I found out about the homestead exemption."
I was startled - they'd been paying as if they were out of state owners for the past several years. For some reason she was talking with someone in the assessor's office who said "I notice you haven't filed a … (21 comments)

real estate self promotion: I can't quite picture this... - 07/24/19 07:52 AM
Every morning there’s an email from Realty Times in my in-box. Most days I read the titles, then delete it.
Once in a while, however, a title catches my attention, and today was one of those days. The title seemed so goofy that I had to check it out. It was: Understanding Customized Shirts as an Effective Marketing Tool in Real Estate.
Understanding shirts? What is there to understand about shirts?
I still don’t know the answer to that, but I sure can’t picture any of my friends at Active Rain taking the advice in the article.
The writer was promoting “cheap … (29 comments)

real estate self promotion: Marketing your real estate services - first choose your audience - 04/12/19 02:35 PM
You need to market your services – have you chosen your audience?
Today, informed buyers and sellers are choosy. They don’t want just any agent – they want one who knows how to help them in their specific quest to buy or sell.
And not every buyer and seller is the same. A first time buyer has different needs than an affluent buyer looking to move up. A divorcing couple has different needs than an estate executor wanting to sell a house in probate or a member of the military who is being reassigned.
And then there’s you. You also have different wants and … (19 comments)

real estate self promotion: Do you sell time or savings? - 04/09/19 02:39 PM
An email I had tucked away in my files cited “7 Scientifically Based Copywriting Tips.” The writer said to be wary of selling “savings” and to instead sell “time.”
Are either of those what you sell when you’re marketing your services?
I think so, and I think they’re both important to your potential clients.
You sell both time and savings to a listing client when you demonstrate how you will guide them to do all the right things about pricing and presentation. By following your expert advice and availing themselves of your extensive marketing and negotiating skills, their homes will be sold quickly, … (52 comments)

real estate self promotion: Must You Write Your Own Real Estate Marketing Copy? - 01/17/19 03:46 PM
Does marketing have to be a do-it-yourself project?
Some say yes.
Their reasoning is that unless you write it yourself, it’s not authentic. It’s also not your voice, so if someone chooses you based on that copy, then meets you in person, they’ll be disappointed.
Others believe you must write your own copy – for real estate or any other business – because you know more about it than anyone else, and thus can do the best job.
Of course, as a real estate copywriter, I say no.
Can you imagine the owner or CEO of any large company writing all of the … (7 comments)

real estate self promotion: Can you afford the high cost of what you don't do? - 01/11/19 12:42 PM
You know the cost of things you do, but the cost of what you don’t do is harder to define.
You know what your marketing costs in terms of dollars and cents for things you purchase. When you contemplate adding a new marketing method or purchasing new equipment, it’s there in black and white. You can look at your income and your budget and know whether you can pay those prices.
What you don’t know is the cost of NOT doing the things that would attract new clients, put commission dollars in your pockets, and build your business.
The cost of missed opportunities is … (13 comments)

real estate self promotion: It doesn't get any better than this . . . - 12/30/18 12:00 PM
Mike Cooper brings us a winning idea for the kind of advertising you just can't buy - an endorsement from your local newspaper, recognizing you as "the" expert.
When I owned a brokerage I found many ways to get in the newspaper - from market reports, to articles about the local market, to promotions we did - like the free pumpkin give-away at Halloween.
It's hard to believe, but after I sold the agency no one else picked up where I left off - either with getting into the newspaper (for free) or with sending monthly newsletters. Their loss - we … (5 comments)

real estate self promotion: One Reason Why So Many Real Estate Agents Fail - 11/08/18 02:07 PM
 If you stop and think about how many people become licensed and then wash out after short time, the numbers are pretty amazing.
Tom Ferry says he’s quoting NAR when he says 87% fail in the first 5 years. Here in our small town, I’ve lost count of the number who started and stopped within just a year or two.
Plenty of reasons, beginning with the expectation that real estate is “easy” and will give people plenty of free time to play while making an above average income. (That sounds just about like the hype about becoming a copywriter!)
Maybe it’s that false … (55 comments)

real estate self promotion: Why Should Real Estate Buyers or Sellers Choose You? - 10/21/18 01:05 PM
Do you know what makes you stand out from all the other agents in your market? Do you know what makes you the best choice for prospects in your niche or geographic territory?
Quite often, when I speak with agents who need me to write an agent bio for them, they can’t answer those questions. In fact, some tell me that there’s nothing different – they do the same job that everyone else does.
Having known a good number of agents over the 19 years that I was an agent and then a broker, I know that isn’t true.
The mere act of coming … (55 comments)

real estate self promotion: Try Real Estate Networking - in Reverse - 10/04/18 08:47 PM
Are you networking – talking to as many people as possible when you attend social events, handing out your cards, and taking names? Then are you following up with an email or a call?
  Those are positive activities, but only if you’re “Networking in Reverse.” What is Networking in Reverse? It’s listening more than you talk. It’s being more interested in your prospects and their concerns than you are in telling them about yourself. It’s asking questions and actually paying attention to the answers. It’s giving your full attention to the person you’re talking with. And by the time … (37 comments)

real estate self promotion: New Agents - Yes, you DO have a sphere of influence - 10/04/18 02:03 PM
Last week a new agent contacted me to have her agent bio written. Naturally, we also talked about building a business in real estate and what she can do to jump-start her new career.
When I mentioned contacting her sphere of influence, she laughed and told me she didn’t have one.
I had to laugh too, because tThat was also my reaction the first time someone gave me that advice. “What sphere of influence? I don’t have influence over anyone!”
First, you probably do have more influence than you realize. Aren’t there people who would listen to your recommendation for a movie, … (8 comments)

real estate self promotion: The #1 rule in writing real estate marketing copy - 09/15/18 09:16 AM
Do you remember Rule #1 in writing real estate marketing copy?
I seem to harp about it every now and then. But – since it still appears to be the #1 most frequently broken rule, it seems like a good time for a reminder.
Maybe there's another rule that tops the list – like keeping the copy tight or using better verbs instead of relying on adverbs, but I really believe that this rule is the most important one in real estate self-promotional marketing.
What is it?
Never, ever, ever begin a marketing message with:
I We My Our Why not?
Because … (57 comments)

real estate self promotion: Traveling to a reunion or going on vacation? - 08/05/18 04:23 PM
Take your business cards along.
You already know that you need to have your business cards in your pocket if your class reunion is being held in your home town. But what if you no longer live there? What if you've moved clear across the country? 
And what if you’re going somewhere else entirely – somewhere that you don’t expect to meet anyone you’ve known in the past?
You might think you don’t need your cards. But take them anyway.
This is a very small world, and you never know when you’ll meet someone who is either a resident of your community, plans … (28 comments)

real estate self promotion: Are You A Jack of All Trades, & Master of None? - 06/09/18 03:28 PM
I've said this over and over again, and now Ron and Alexandra are saying it with a short video everyone should be able to understand: Choose a niche and become THE go-to expert.

The NUMBER ONE mistake that luxury real estate marketing professionals make is trying to be all things to all people.  We understand that it is challenging to narrow your focus and concentrate on just one niche.   The trick is discovering the right niche for you, the one that has the potential to provide the financial return you want if you were to give it your 100% … (4 comments)

real estate self promotion: How to make a good first impression - 3 times - 06/08/18 03:17 PM
The first "first impression..."
Today in real estate, and in many other professions, your initial “first impression” is either via a prospecting letter or card in the mail, a blog post, or a page on your website.
That means your words need to be “right.” They have to sound friendly and conversational, and be free from glaring grammar, word usage, and spelling errors. They don’t have to be the kind of “proper” that would please your High School English teacher – and in fact shouldn’t. That kind of writing is not friendly or conversational.  It’s generally stiff and boring.
(If you feel shaky … (33 comments)

real estate self promotion: Summertime, and the livin’ is BUSY - 06/04/18 02:35 PM
How the heck can you keep up?
Between serving clients who want to find a home or get moved while the kids are out of school, to monitoring your own children’s summer activities, to entertaining out of town guests, to trying to maintain your own home and find a smidgen of “you” time, it can be hectic. If you happen to grow a garden, your time is even more stretched.
Something has to give, right?
Unfortunately, for many, what gives is prospecting.
After all, prospecting isn’t in your face, demanding attention. It’s easy to let it slide when you’re trying to … (8 comments)

real estate self promotion: What’s the difference between prospecting and farming? - 05/10/18 01:05 PM
While the two terms are usually used interchangeably, and my Prospecting Letters page really contains more farming than prospecting letters, there really is a difference.
Think about it.
A prospector goes out into the hills, the desert, or the river beds in search of gems, gold, or other precious metals. He (or she, of course) sifts through tons of rock, sand, or dirt in search of the prize. If the prospector is lucky and has chosen the right place to prospect, he hits pay dirt.
It’s a whole lot like fishing, where you cast the line out into the water and hope a fish … (43 comments)

real estate self promotion: Is Your Agent Bio Ready for Summer? - 05/08/18 11:12 AM
Summer is nearly here and buyers and sellers are looking for the right agent to help them accomplish their real estate dreams and goals.
Will your bio show them that YOU are that agent?
Right now would be a good time to take a look and ask yourself if it sets you apart from the dozens of other agents who will be competing for those same buyers and sellers.
Does your bio reflect your business philosophy? Does it emphasize your strengths – like your fantastic listening skills, your patience, your negotiating abilities, or your expertise in determining that “just right” price for a home? … (20 comments)

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