real estate self promotion: Old School vs Digital Marketing - Don't make that choice! - 03/24/18 12:20 PM
Have you shunned old-school methods of self-promotion in favor of social media and email?
Do you think that staying in touch with past clients and your sphere of influence can be accomplished by posting regularly on Facebook or Pinterest?
Do you think that having a web site with a search function and a “What is my home worth” application is enough to bring new clients to you?
Are you happy to think so because those methods take little time and are virtually free?
And if so – do you have as much business as you want and need to sustain a good living?
OR … (3 comments)

real estate self promotion: Your First Real Estate Prospecting Letter - 03/16/18 11:48 AM
If you’re a new real estate agent, your broker or manager has probably told you to contact your sphere of influence and let them know that you’re now an agent.
Your first thought might be “My sphere of influence? I don’t have any influence!” I know that’s what I thought the first time I heard it.
All it means is the people who know and like you. That includes family, friends, business acquaintances, people you know from meetings you attend, fellow volunteers, your spouse’s friends, your parents’ friends, your hairdresser, your mechanic, your dog groomer, and of course past clients from some other … (11 comments)

real estate self promotion: Help! Another agent is prospecting in my territory! - 03/11/18 01:04 PM
You’ve got a territory – or you’ve been working on developing a territory – but now there’s another agent or two moving in on you. They’re marketing to “your” homeowners.
What should you do?
The first impulse might be to “go political” and tear down the competition – but that would not be wise.
Years ago, market researchers learned that naming your competition in an ad brought an unwanted result. It made people remember the competition instead of the advertiser!
In addition – when you tear down someone else, it makes you look bad. So eliminate that idea.
Instead, focus on what you do well. Toot your … (11 comments)

real estate self promotion: Give yourself this gift before December 31 - 12/11/17 03:21 PM
You can ask Santa for all sorts of things, but the gift you’ll really appreciate in a few months is one you must give yourself: An investment in your marketing.
Even though now is the time to be thinking of gifts for other people, it is also a good time to  stop and think about what you’ll need to make 2018 your best year yet, so you can make that investment before the tax year ends. Then give yourself a gift or three.
Why now? It will be just as deductible next year, won’t it?
Sure (well, probably) – but if all … (9 comments)

real estate self promotion: Are you using your business cards to full advantage? - 12/08/17 01:03 PM
I know, there are a whole lot of agents who are so caught up in today’s technology that they believe business cards are about as relevant as buggy whips. They say that they don’t use them – choosing instead to trade contact information with their smart phones.
If that pleases them, fine. I won’t argue, but I do think they’re missing opportunities.
Will the waitress who served your dinner, and for whom you left a generous tip, pull out her phone and take down your contact information? How about that favorite grocery store checker? Would the store manager appreciate it if she (or … (36 comments)

real estate self promotion: More on marketing for a super 2018 - 12/01/17 10:24 AM
Nadine Larder wrote a wonderful post full of suggestions for winter marketing, but for some reason the system won't allow me to reblog it!
I got a message saying "You're not allowed." (How rude)
So, to heck with the system; here's the link:
I especially like her suggestion for holding a winter event. Not right now, perhaps, but late in January, when the excitement of the holidays is over and the winter blahs begin to set in for those of us who live in snow country.

real estate self promotion: 31 days to the New Year - will you use them well? - 11/30/17 11:08 AM
Wow – only 31 days to a new year. Only 25 to Christmas. I think that means I should start thinking about doing some shopping!
It also means we all should be thinking about how we’ll ring out the old and ring in the new from a business standpoint.
What can we do now to assure a strong first quarter in 2018?
What can you do now to set yourself up for closings in January? How about new listings?
Is it still possible to start and finish another home purchase in 2017? (Sure, if you have a cash buyer or a really speedy … (16 comments)

real estate self promotion: Real Estate Self-Marketing is a Hybrid - 10/27/17 08:47 PM
 Real estate self-marketing isn’t like Madison Avenue marketing – written to promote the brand, with no call to action. It also isn’t like Direct Response Marketing – written to cause an immediate purchase.
That’s why, when reading about marketing, you can sometimes come across poor advice. No – not poor advice, just advice for the wrong audience.
I’ve read: “You don’t need to start a conversation. My sales manager wouldn’t be at all impressed if I turned in a report saying I hadn’t sold a thing, but I’d had plenty of good conversations.” And of course, if you were selling cars, roofing, or … (12 comments)

real estate self promotion: One Copywriter's Pet Peeve: Lazy Copy - 05/25/17 12:32 PM
Every writer has pet peeves that make him or her cringe. I actually have two.
The first one is “I want to thank…” It must just be me, because I see it and hear it all the time. Every time I do, my instant reaction is “Well, then why don’t you do it if you want to?”
The other pet peeve, however, I believe is simply the sign of a lazy writer. It marks someone who can’t be bothered to tell the whole story. It’s also generally an untruth.
What is the word? “Needs.”
Everywhere you look you can find ads that say “Call on … (35 comments)

real estate self promotion: Ask An Ambassador: How To Beat The 800 Pound Gorilla - 05/23/17 10:01 PM
As Liz and Bill Spear so ably point out - if you're in it for the long haul and you're willing to do the work, you CAN beat the 800 pound gorilla!
The big portals make a lot of agents anxious. Z/T/ & the big brokers all have WAY more money then we'll ever hope to have.  They can out advertise us pretty easily. They make an announcement and the whole industry quivers.
They're 800 pound gorillas and we're chipmunks.
 Seriously, how can we as single agents or small teams take on that kind of ferocious opponent?
The answers are right … (5 comments)

real estate self promotion: Sharing a master marketers advice... - 05/03/17 10:16 AM
As usual, Bob Bly’s monthly letter offered up some useful tidbits – some of which can apply to your own marketing efforts.
Do you use photographs of people on your brochures?
Then consider this advice from Bob:
“Show a photograph of your target market on the cover of your brochure. The first question anyone will ask when he or she picks up your sales literature is, "Who is this for -- for people like me?"”

“But remember the 20 percent rule. Show photos of people who are 20 percent younger than your target market, 20 percent more attractive, 20 percent better dressed, … (7 comments)

real estate self promotion: Advice from a Master Copywriter: Bob Bly - 04/11/17 04:39 PM
The following letter from Master Copywriter Bob Bly came to my in-box this week, and I immediately wrote to ask him if I could share it with my friends at Active Rain.
The reason I wanted to share, of course, is because Bob’s advice goes hand in hand with what I keep saying about agent bios: You need to share a little personal information.
If you let readers know a few things about your life, you’ll create a hook that allows at least some of them to identify with you. They’ll think you’re somehow “like” them, and therefore you must be a pretty … (4 comments)

real estate self promotion: Write to a person, not to a crowd - 02/04/17 04:16 PM
How many times have you gotten a letter (or email) from a real estate agent (or any other marketer) that was addressed to “Dear Homeowner?”
If you get many letters, you’ve probably seen several like that.
Then, to make matters worse, the letter will go on to use phrases such as “people like you” or “all of you who…” or even “you guys who…”
All of those phrases clearly show that the person who wrote doesn’t know you – and wasn’t writing to you specifically. He or she was writing to a crowd.
But there’s no crowd opening your mail. There’s only you, even though you … (53 comments)

real estate self promotion: When you know you'll need some help, don't wait! - 01/27/17 04:01 PM
Avoid disappointment: Whether you need help from a copywriter like me, a graphic designer, a web guru, a stager, a photographer, or any other freelance service provider, don’t wait until the last minute to get in touch!
I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve had to say “Sorry, I can't do that” to someone who needed a real estate bio, a few pages of web copy, a property description for the MLS or a magazine ad, or a customized prospecting letter, simply because they waited too long to ask for help.
Last week I had an inquiry from an agent who said … (13 comments)

real estate self promotion: Could an “Expert” derail your marketing efforts? - 01/22/17 02:06 PM
Last week I decided to follow some advice I’d read here in the rain and check out my competition. Ever since then I’ve been thinking about writing this post and hesitating.
Why hesitating?
Because I have always hesitated to “bash” others in my line of work. I didn’t do it when I was a real estate agent, and I don’t want to do it now. So – I won’t mention any names.
As you may or may not know, I have more than 40 sets of pre-written prospecting and staying in touch letters available on my website. So I decided to check out other … (28 comments)

real estate self promotion: I don't believe this... - 11/15/16 05:47 AM
Tony Robbins, that famous motivational speaker, said: “If you want to be successful, find someone who has achieved the results you want and copy what they do and you'll achieve the same results.”
Perhaps, to some extent and in some careers, that can work. However, in real estate, only parts of it work for everyone.
After all, you're an individual. You bring a different attitude, different experiences, different feelings, and a different personality to your work. 
You're one of a kind - not someone else's clone. 
In my opinion, every agent needs to:   
Have an informative personal website that captures leads Prospect by postal … (10 comments)

real estate self promotion: Still asking... Where are you? - 11/10/16 07:58 AM
Here I am, back on my soapbox, harping about letting your prospective clients know where the heck you are. 
An ad in today's monthly Co-op news magazine brought on this latest rant. 
A month or so ago a real estate sign with an agency name I'd never seen before went up on a neighbor's property. I've noticed the sign every time I've gone by, but haven't ever stopped and gotten out to read what it said and learn their location. So when I saw an ad for that agency in the publication, I was interested. 
But guess what? I didn't find it. Since this publication … (7 comments)

real estate self promotion: It’s Wonderful that you have a real estate agent website – but ... - 10/16/16 08:42 AM
Having your own website is a good first step, but it's not enough...
A bio on the company site is helpful, but unless there are only 2 or 3 agents in the company, it’s not going to get you much business. Its best function would be to give you a link to your own site.
You need your own site in order to gather your own personal leads. On your company site, you’re one of many. But on your own site you can use your home page, your buyer and seller pages, and your agent bio to show your visitors why YOU are … (7 comments)

real estate self promotion: What’s the most impressive thing you can put in a mailbox? - 08/26/16 04:35 AM
Do you know the one thing you can put in the mail that will absolutely make you stand out from your competitors?
It’s not your market reports. It’s not a well-written prospecting letter. It’s not even the request for feedback that you’re hopefully sending after a transaction closes.
It’s something much simpler: A Hand-written Thank You Note.
You can send them for any reason – any time someone does something nice or gives you exceptional service.
You can even thank your local grocery store manager for hiring such pleasant box-boys or check-out personnel. Notes like that can expand your sphere of influence by bringing … (55 comments)

real estate self promotion: Seen on real estate websites... - 02/25/16 08:40 AM
This week a client consulted with me about her profile on Trulia and Zillow, so I went there to see what other agents were posting, how much space was allowed, etc.
I found a few good profiles, and I also found people I wouldn't do business with if you paid me. They sound like pompous windbags.
I found MANY profiles that began with statements such as:
 "I am the best agent in…" "I am the only one who delivers…" "I am the only one who knows…" Some of those super-smart, super-wonderful agents needed some instruction in how to put together an article, too. … (83 comments)

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