real estate self promotion: Stay in touch with past clients/your sphere on Valentine's Day - 02/05/16 08:05 AM
According to, more than 62% of Americans celebrate Valentine's Day.
With approximately one billion cards sent each year, it is second only to Christmas in its impact on the greeting card industry.
I have no idea who keeps track of this, or how they do it, but they report that 85% of those cards are purchased by women.
Although considered by some to be a purely romantic holiday, many do also send affectionate greetings to parents, children, grand-children, siblings, and friends.
That means it's a great time to send a short greeting to your past clients, your sphere of influence, and the folks in … (24 comments)

real estate self promotion: How to market yourself when you have competition... - 02/04/16 08:37 AM
You've got a territory – or you've been working on developing a territory – but now there's another agent or two moving in on you. They're marketing to "your" homeowners.
What should you do?
The first impulse might be to "go political" and tear down the competition – but that might not be wise.
Years ago, market researchers learned that naming your competition in an ad brought an unwanted result. It made people remember the competition instead of the advertiser!
Instead, focus on what you do well. Toot your own horn.
Talk about your personal service or your extensive marketing techniques. If you've got good statistics to … (19 comments)

real estate self promotion: When you leave a message... - 01/25/16 02:50 AM
This seems like a no-brainer: When you leave a message, speak slowly, clearly, and with enough volume to be heard. 
And yet... we get messages that we will never return because we can't figure out who called or what their number is. 
Yesterday was a good example. 
A woman - with a little-girl "sharp" voice, rattled off her name and the name of her business so fast that even playing it back three times I couldn't get it. She started off OK with the phone number, getting the first three numbers out, but then the rest was a mystery. 
The only thing that gave me a clue … (24 comments)

real estate self promotion: Revitalize your marketing - a challenge - 01/14/16 05:24 AM
Have you noticed that the people who do the most - for customers, clients, and even friends - are often the last to notice their own efforts?
I find this to be common with my Realtor clients.
When they hire me to write letters, web copy, or an agent bio I ask them to fill out a questionnaire. Two of my questions are:  
        What special or added services do you offer to buyers and sellers?         What do you do better than your competition? Quite often, they can't tell me.
In fact, some even tell me there's nothing different about their service. They swear that they do … (50 comments)

real estate self promotion: This year - earn more by choosing a niche - 01/08/16 03:30 AM
Are you earning as much as you'd like to earn? 
If not, it could be because you're trying to serve EVERY possible real estate client within your marketing area.
Even if you think you need every customer / client you can get, trying to appeal to everyone could mean that you’re wasting time and energy, and actually serving fewer clients. 
Why? Because your marketing efforts are scattered and you don't have time to actually become an expert at anything. You've no doubt heard the phrase "Jack of all trades and master of none." When you try to serve every possible buyer and seller in your … (13 comments)

real estate self promotion: How do you build your real estate prospect list? - 12/11/15 07:00 AM
Yesterday a new agent who had just received my weekly newsletter called me to ask a few questions. (I
love that, by the way, so if you've thought of calling – please do!)
She wanted to know how I mailed the newsletter. I told her that I used YMLP (Your Mailing List Provider), and that I was happy with them. Service is good, and I'm able to sort into as many different lists as I please. I can also add "capture boxes" to my site and they'll put the names into the correct lists.
I've thought of checking out Mail Chimp, but haven't … (50 comments)

real estate self promotion: When is the best time to start prospecting? - 12/07/15 02:44 AM
When is the best time to start prospecting?
The answer to this question is similar to the answer to "When is the best time to plant a tree?" The old Chinese Proverb says "The best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago. The second best time is now."
The best time to start prospecting is "The day on which you first became a licensed agent." The second best time is today.
Prospecting can take many forms.
You can network with people you knew in a former career, people in organizations whose meetings you attend, and people who simply attend networking events. You … (16 comments)

real estate self promotion: 9 Reasons Why Salespeople Need 2 Use Caution This wk & Through Dec. - 11/24/15 02:11 AM
Dan Dee McGinnis, DTM, NADOTA is absolutely right. 
If you let up on marketing from now through the end of the holiday season, you're destined to have a bleak January and February. When I was a broker I saw it happen to agents every year, but they didn't seem to learn. They'd just say "Nothing is happening in December" and they wouldn't even begin to make an effort. 
Of course nothing happened in December - because they didn't contact a single lead to make something happen! Then they'd spend January and February crying because they had no income. 
Somehow you have to find the balance. Take … (5 comments)

real estate self promotion: 6 Important Reasons Why Blogging is Crucial for Your Business - 11/05/15 01:56 PM
Of course I had to re-blog a post that reinforces what I tell new agents all the time! 
"Start blogging and don't stop!"
Too many tell me "I can't write," but that's a poor excuse. If you can talk, you can write. Sure, you might need a friend to proofread for you and perhaps edit a little as you hone your skills, but you CAN do it! 
6 Important Reasons Why Blogging is Crucial for Your Business  
It’s really disappointing when I hear a Realtor® say they don’t think there’s any value in having a blog.  Au contraire.  Your blog is one … (20 comments)

real estate self promotion: Does your website have this strange hole? - 11/04/15 07:55 AM
Does Your Website Have This Strange Hole?
You probably know what your website needs, at a minimum.
The home page, with search capabilities. A buyer page A seller page An "about me" page – and please not a blank page or a page that contains the exact same words as sixteen other agents in your company. (Yes, I have seen that.) In my opinion, the site also needs community pages and a number of informational pages flowing from the buyer and seller pages. The more informational pages you have, the better. I also think it's wise to link to outside pages about … (69 comments)

real estate self promotion: Points to ponder from master marketer Bob Bly - 10/03/15 07:59 AM
Master Marketer Bob Bly sends tidbits and advice to his subscribers every day, and once a month passes along bits and pieces he's gleaned from his email, and from other publications and newsletters he reads. This month two of his pieces of advice seemed applicable to the real estate industry.
So here they are, "Appearing courtesy of Bob Bly's Direct Response Letter." If you'd like to receive his advice in your own in-box, visit him at and add your name to his mailing list.  (I promise, it's one email you'll read every day.)

***Satisfy customers by giving them a say***

Subscriber … (64 comments)

real estate self promotion: The Empty Pipeline Syndrome - 09/25/15 09:22 AM
If you read my posts very often, you know this is one of my favorite topics to nag about. 
The ONLY way to keep a steady flow of dollars coming into your bank account is to keep marketing, even when you "don't have time." It really is worth giving up an evening's relaxation or getting up an hour earlier a couple of times each week. 

The Empty Pipeline Syndrome
We got a call a few weeks from a client who had gone from being on top of the world to having a disaster on her hands in a matter of … (12 comments)

real estate self promotion: Does it matter where you are? - 09/24/15 06:30 AM
Does your location matter when you send an email?
Again today I had a real estate copywriting inquiry from an agent and Googled her area code to see where she was.  I like to put that in my notes so that I won't inadvertently call too late in the day if they happen to be in the Eastern time zone.
I Googled it because while her email had a phone number, it didn't offer a location.
I got curious... 
Just out of curiosity I went back to 3 months of inquiries and checked to see if the agents had revealed their location. 71% did NOT. … (57 comments)

real estate self promotion: Are You "By Referral" or "Word of Mouth"? - 09/08/15 04:03 PM
Thomas Nelson's explanation of the difference between "by referral" and "word of mouth" outlines a marketing plan that fits equally well for past clients, people in your sphere of influence, and your geographic or niche farm area. 
When it comes to past clients, you may have planted the seeds with spectacular service, but unless you nurture them, your crop of referrals from those folks will wither and die. The others don't already know what to expect from you, so the materials you send need to show them your expertise and reveal what great service you offer.
A second point is that sometimes you do … (9 comments)

real estate self promotion: If you need a new real estate agent bio, consider this... - 08/24/15 05:38 AM
When you're having a new bio written, you naturally want it to be a good one. 
You can help assure that happening by giving some thought to the information that will go into it. 
First, take a look at what other agents are doing:
Some agents use dry facts that include schooling, designations, and the territory where they work. Some forget to talk about themselves and instead talk about the importance of having a good agent to handle "the largest financial transaction of your life." Some talk in generalities – saying that they're top agents but without ever mentioning anything that makes them … (21 comments)

real estate self promotion: Avoid the competition / get listings / help people who need you - 08/09/15 08:32 AM
Two little-pursued niches where your work can really HELP people
Real estate has two niche areas that many agents avoid because of the added emotional baggage the sellers are carrying. Those niche areas are probate and divorce.
It's true that sellers in these situations are often more emotional than those who simply choose to sell because they want a different house or want to move to a different area. (They may not be any more emotional than those who were forced to either sell or face foreclosure, however.)
Just like those short sale clients, probate and divorce clients really need the help of a … (14 comments)

real estate self promotion: Your Sphere of Influence – is it missing some people? - 07/17/15 06:48 AM
Is your sphere of influence missing some people?
You do have a database for your sphere of influence, right? And you do use it to get in touch with those people at least every 4 to 6 weeks, right?
The next question is – is that database complete?
An article I read on Realty Times this morning included a list of 30 different categories of people who should be in your database. It caused me to stop and think about how many people were missing from my list back when I was an agent.
For instance, it never occurred to me to add the mechanic who … (30 comments)

real estate self promotion: Criticism: Handle With Care - 07/14/15 07:35 AM
Several months ago Master Marketer Bob Bly wrote about being contacted by a newbie copywriter who told him all about what was wrong with his website.
It’s a bit silly for a newbie to criticize someone who has been successful in the business for at least 30 years. Instead, he should have been trying to learn from him.
But he forged ahead, leading Bob to write an entertaining article about him, and about why it’s so foolish to criticize when you don’t know the facts.
First off, that young writer didn’t know the purpose of the website he criticized. Second, he didn’t know the … (48 comments)

real estate self promotion: Get More Mileage From Your Testimonials - 05/23/15 01:51 AM
What do you do with your client testimonials?
Sprinkle them around on your website? Add one to your email signature? Include one or more on your personal brochure, your postcards, and/or your prospecting letters? Those are all good ideas and will help draw attention to the fact that past clients do endorse you.
Hopefully, you also have a page on your website devoted to testimonials. The question is, are you making best use of that page?
An article I read this morning woke me up to the fact that I have NOT been making the best use of my testimonials page.
Perhaps you have, … (28 comments)

real estate self promotion: Are Business Cards Going the Way of Buggy Whips? - 04/29/15 09:28 AM
Are business cards going the way of buggy whips? 
Some believe they are. They see business cards as mere clutter. They think it's easier to exchange contact information by entering names and information into smart phones, rendering business cards unnecessary. 
For some, that may be true, but I don't believe technology can or will replace a stack of business cards - at least not in the next 20 or 30 years. 
Here are a few reasons why:
Not everyone owns a smart phone Not everyone even owns a mobile phone Not everyone is comfortable with technology Not everyone WANTS to use technology Not everyone … (197 comments)

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