real estate self promotion: When you write, don't hide who you are! - 04/15/15 01:36 PM
When you're writing to attract prospects - let your personality show! 
Whether you’re writing a blog post, a web page, or an email to a prospect, one of the first things you need to do is get rid of the notion that your high school or college composition teacher is going to critique your work.
They might, but since they probably aren’t your prospects, their opinion doesn’t count.
What does count is that you come across as a person who is friendly, approachable, and knowledgeable. What counts is that your readers see your personality, so come out of hiding!
To do that, you have to write … (67 comments)

real estate self promotion: Why Include Personal Information in a Real Estate Agent Bio? - 11/24/14 04:15 AM
If you've read samples of my agent bios, you know that they all include some kind of personal information.
It may be where the agent was raised, where they went to school, their hobbies, their charitable work, or something about their pets.
Why? What does that have to do with their expertise as a real estate professional?
Except in special cases, such as a life-long hobby of visiting open houses, it has little to do with it. What it does instead is turn that agent from a "business robot" into a real person who may have something in common with his … (39 comments)

real estate self promotion: What to do if your real estate career is faltering... - 11/21/14 01:40 AM
Sometimes even experienced real estate agents go through periods of decline in their business. For years things went well and they had all the home buyers and sellers they needed without making an effort to market their services.
And now...they're wondering why other agents seem to have plenty of clients and they don't. 
What’s the cure?
If this is happening to you, the first step is to rejuvenate your enthusiasm. It's not always easy, but you can do it.
Stop and think about why you love selling real estate. Think about how good it feels when you help make someone's dreams … (16 comments)

real estate self promotion: Ever Hear of the Website PHD Disease? - 10/16/14 05:27 AM
You may never have heard of PHD, but your website may be suffering from it just the same...
Here's how you can effect a cure. 


real estate self promotion: Do you have an effective elevator speech? - 10/02/14 03:38 AM


real estate self promotion: Save money and expand your client base - All at the same time - 08/01/14 08:20 AM
You work with a variety of people on a daily basis - most of whom serve the same people you serve.    So why not choose the ones you trust the most and link up to begin cross-promoting your businesses?   You can go the cost-free route by promoting each other in newsletters and emails, or you can take it a step further and co-host an event now and then.   How about a home buying or home selling seminar - presented in cooperation with a lender, a stager, a home inspector, an insurance provider, and/or your favorite title company?    How … (14 comments)

real estate self promotion: A Strategy to Reach Neighborhood and Market Dominance on the Internet - 07/08/14 07:35 AM

John Mosier has presented us with a marketing plan and asked for our opinions. I think it would be a good learning / sharing experience if everyone chimed in. 
What did YOU do to dominate YOUR neighborhood? 
Share the success - and even the ideas that fizzled. We'll all learn something! 
A Strategy to Reach Neighborhood and Market Dominance on the Internet
I am developing a strategy to dominate a neighborhood. I would like to gather feedback on my ideas on how to do that.
Here are my key components to this strategy:
A Wordpress website based on the DMS System … (6 comments)

real estate self promotion: It Doesn't Take Much More Than A Pulse To Survive In Our Business!! - 07/03/14 02:56 AM

Every now and then I speak with an agent who knows they need a bio, knows they need a website, and knows they need to begin prospecting, BUT...
The big BUT is "I can't afford it yet." They're waiting for another closing or two before they feel comfortable spending money on marketing. 
And the other "but" is... since they aren't marketing, those next closings will happen by chance, and they could be a long time in coming. I'm sure some of the agents who told me that a few years ago are either no longer in the business or are still … (8 comments)

real estate self promotion: Prospect in this Often Ignored Gold Mine - 06/25/14 09:26 AM
Do you have a past client database? If you do, are you prospecting it regularly?
All too often agents tell me that they've been "bad about keeping in touch" with past clients. And that's a big mistake, because they can be your richest source of new business.
If they liked you, and if you cause them to keep you "top of mind" they'll come back again and again when they need to buy or sell. They'll also send you their children, their parents, their brothers and sisters, and their friends.
If you keep in touch in a manner that makes them … (33 comments)

real estate self promotion: I Worked All Weekend and It's ActiveRain's Fault - 05/31/14 02:40 AM

Every time I speak with a new agent I encourage them to join Active Rain and start blogging. I tell them to come here, get acquainted, learn how it's done, and then become a Rainmaker so their posts will go out to the world.
If you're a new agent and wonder if that advice is good, read on. Debbie will tell you...
I Worked All Weekend and It's ActiveRain's Fault.
Blogging has made me busier than I ever imagined. I worked over the Memorial Day Weekend and it is all ActiveRain's fault. My neighborhood posts have caught the attention of buyers … (4 comments)

real estate self promotion: Make Friends - and Expand Your Real Estate Sphere of Influence - 05/11/14 08:50 AM
We can all use more friends - especially friends who will think of us and either come to us themselves or recommend our services when one of their friends expresses a need.
Those friends - or friendly acquaintances - are our sphere of influence, and we need to do two things with them:
Stay in touch with the ones we have so we don't lose them Grow their numbers Staying in touch with past clients and your sphere of influence one of the most important things you can do to grow your real estate career. I harp on the subject all … (24 comments)

real estate self promotion: Real estate self-promotion – When you invite prospects to connect - 05/07/14 05:34 AM

Real estate self-promotion:
If you want your prospects to connect with you - make it easy.
When you write to a specific prospect, or even send a newsletter to many prospects, you might invite them to visit you here on Active Rain or to connect with you on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.
You're hoping to make a good connection, get better acquainted, and let those folks grow to like and trust you through the things you post.
That's a fine idea. So – make it easy for them!
I can't tell you how many times I've read "Connect … (16 comments)

real estate self promotion: Real estate self-promotion – Adjust your attitude! - 05/06/14 09:48 AM

Real estate self-promotion – Do you need to adjust your attitude?
If you aren't getting all the business you need to make a comfortable living, you may need an attitude adjustment.
You may need to switch from "I need" to "I want."
If you've ever listened to Joe Vitale's success tapes, you know that one of the affirmations he says is "I have all I need, I just want more." It's a good attitude to adopt, because it changes your behavior and the face you present to your would-be clients.
Most of us can "feel" when another person is … (35 comments)

real estate self promotion: An Anemic Marketing Budget Becomes Healthy With Consistent Marketing!! - 04/12/14 01:18 PM

Barbara and I both keep harping on this subject: If you want to be successful, you have to market both yourself and your listings.
And while direct mail isn't the "latest and greatest" marketing gimmick, it IS the tried and true method that gets prospects' attention and causes them to pick up the phone.

One of the greatest challenges for a newly licensed agent is designing a marketing program that will and can be satisfied by an “anemic budget.”  We were all there at one time.  We all started from step one and learned how to progress upward.  … (8 comments)

real estate self promotion: New Real Estate Agents Need to Market Themselves – But how and where? - 04/12/14 05:09 AM
New Agents Need to Market Themselves – But how and where?
In my work as a real estate copywriter I talk to a good number of agents who are just starting out. Some of them are eager to get their websites up and running and know that they need individualized content and an agent bio that makes them stand out from the crowd.
They also know that they need to reach out and pull those prospects in, or they won't be noticed. Just being on line is no help if no one visits your website.
Some of them have … (43 comments)

real estate self promotion: Are You Leaving Money on the Table? - 03/21/14 04:49 AM

This is a subject I harp about with regularity - and it's the reason why I offer more than 40 different sets of real estate prospecting letters for drip marketing.
The more people see your face and read your name, and the more you provide them with useful and/or interesting information, the more likely they are to call you when they need an agent. If you limit yourself to just one follow-up you'll quickly be forgotten.
But... some people aren't to be convinced. I have one client who believes that if he contacts his list more than once a year he'll … (5 comments)

real estate self promotion: Wondering Why... - 03/19/14 05:20 AM
As a real estate copywriter I have clients and newsletter subscribers from across the U.S. and in several other countries.
This January I got curious about where the majority of those agents live and work, so I made two copies of a U.S. map and colored an outline around all the states where the agents I worked for in 2013 live. Then I started with another color to track my 2014 clients.
On the other map I began making marks on the states each time I got notice of a new newsletter subscriber.
And I found something curious.The majority of my … (41 comments)

real estate self promotion: Does Your Real Estate Website Answer These Questions? - 03/16/14 09:33 AM

Does your real estate website answer the questions that buyers and sellers are asking in their minds?
They wonder things like...
Who are you?
Some websites don't offer the agent's name - or their photo. Where are you?
When prospects land on your page, do they know they're in the right place? Or do they have to try to do a home search to find out if you serve the neighborhoods that interest them?
Are you a listing agent or are you a buyers' agent – or both?
If your services are limited to buyers or sellers, does your website … (74 comments)

real estate self promotion: Do You Love Your Listing Presentation? - 03/16/14 03:00 AM

This post and the comments that follow are a goldmine of information for agents as they fine-tune their listing presentations.
And now, with a shortage of inventory in so many cities, the listing presentation is more important than ever.

Here in Seattle we have shifted from Buyers’ Market to Sellers’ Market, and the buyers are Crazy!  People are contacting home owners and asking to buy their homes.  Pictures of families and reasons why this home will make the buyers lives better litter the sheet.  Homes are flying off the shelf due to the recovering economy and the fear that interest … (7 comments)

real estate self promotion: What are the steps to get from newly licensed to first closing? - 03/14/14 04:06 AM
"What are the steps a new agent needs to take to get from having a brand new license to attending that first closing?"
This is a question I found in my in-box earlier this week. The writer wanted to know if I had a book that outlined those steps, or if I knew anyone who did.
I don't - on both counts.
But it sure got me thinking about the question.
My first thought was that it depends upon whether the agent is list or sell on that first closing. But no, back up a minute.
The first step for any … (41 comments)

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