real estate self promotion: It's so easy to be "off-putting" - 03/09/14 09:42 AM
Today's email had a message from someone wanting me to go answer a questionnaire.
It's someone I haven't purchased from, but who knows - someday I might. I read their messages now and then when the subject line is interesting.
Normally I wouldn't feel one way or another about a request to answer a questionnaire, but today it annoyed me.
Why? Because of one dumb word. Well, maybe because of the whole phrase.
It said, in part: "We're getting ready to get on the phone with the top 10 self-improvement celebs of all time on YOUR behalf, and..." (underline … (11 comments)

real estate self promotion: Real estate self-promotion: Pushing your testimonials... - 02/27/14 05:43 AM
How many website visitors browse your testimonials page?
All of them? A few? Not enough?
Everyone knows that third party endorsements are more valuable than anything you could say about yourself, so the more prospects who read your testimonials, the better.
A good idea for "pushing" your testimonials in front of potential clients landed in my in-box this morning, so I have to share:
Instead of waiting for prospects to find your testimonials, send a few with every e-mail. This entails creating e-mail stationery so you can have a side bar - and that's where you put the testimonials. Then of … (20 comments)

real estate self promotion: Using Direct Response Advertising Methods In Real Estate Marketing - 02/19/14 04:51 AM

Can you use direct response advertising methods to improve your real estate marketing materials? Sure you can - and you should.
Successful direct response marketers use writing formulas to lead readers through their copy and get them to pick up the phone, click the link, or otherwise say "Yes" to the offer.
In the past we've talked about AIDA (attention, interest, desire, action) and the 4 P's – (picture, promise, proof, and push).
But how do they decide what is going to attract the attention and create interest - or what picture and promise to use?
By digging … (33 comments)

real estate self promotion: Real Estate Self-Promotion. Has it changed in 6 years? - 01/18/14 06:38 AM
Today, in honor of my 6th anniversary on Active Rain, I went back to read my very first blog post. It was entitled: Why Do Realtors Use Wimpy Copy? and it got a whopping 4 comments. (Later on it was featured as an oldie on Russel's blog, so now has a few more.)
In that post I wrote about how agents generally placed ads and built websites that said nothing more than "I'm here. I'm wonderful. Hire me." They made no promises, gave no specifics, and offered no proof. Here in our small town, almost every one of them still says … (38 comments)

real estate self promotion: When You Hire a Real Estate Copywriter...Use email, then TALK - 01/07/14 03:06 AM
Email is a wonderful convenience.
It prevents you from getting into conversations that wander off the subject and eat up too much of your time. It lets you ask or answer in your own time frame - even if that happens to be 2 a.m. It gives you a written record of what was said. But... using it exclusively gets in the way of true communication.
Last week I was struggling to write a bio for one client, while another bio seemed to almost write itself.
What was the difference?
No conversation at all with one client and a good conversation … (2 comments)

real estate self promotion: Get Extra Mileage From Your Just Listed Cards - 11/21/13 12:19 PM
Real Estate Marketing: Get Extra Mileage From Your Just Listed Cards
Back when I was an agent I always sent Just Listed cards, and while I don't think it necessarily sold any of those homes, it did keep me "top of mind" with people around our community. And since I was the only one doing it, it also showed that I worked a little harder than my competitors.
The cards did lead to a couple of funny encounters – although I didn't think they were so funny at the time.
One lady called to tell me her house was NOT for … (4 comments)

real estate self promotion: Are You Afraid to Choose a Niche? - 11/09/13 05:27 AM
Are you afraid to settle on a niche? Do you worry that you won't have enough business if you focus your marketing efforts in just one direction? 
By now you've heard plenty of arguments in favor of creating a niche for your real estate business. The strongest argument being that you can become the "go-to" expert in that niche. After a while when people think of your niche, they'll think of you. Your referrals will multiply and your business will expand.
BUT… when you first begin to create that niche you might not have enough business to sustain your income. So … (26 comments)

real estate self promotion: Will your past clients use you again? - 11/07/13 03:03 PM
Will your clients use you again? According to NAR 83% of buyers said they’d use their Agent again. How many actually did? Only 9%!
So why the big discrepancy?
I can think of a few reasons, mostly stemming from the fact that some time will usually pass between the purchase of a home and the purchase of the next home. That's assuming you're selling to homeowners rather than investors, of course.
Here's my short list:
The agent is no longer in the business. They've retired or gone on to do something else. The agent is a buyers' agent only and … (10 comments)

real estate self promotion: What Sets You Apart From Other Agents? Do You Know? - 09/21/13 06:50 AM
You probably know that I write a lot of real estate agent bios. It's one of my favorite projects, and sometimes one of the most challenging.
It's challenging for two reasons: One is that it's like working a puzzle, putting all the unrelated pieces into order and making them work together to paint a word picture of an absolutely top agent. The other is that I sometimes have to "pull teeth" to find out what makes that agent stand out. 
They can tell me about past employment that gave them experience that counts. They can tell me why they chose real … (15 comments)

real estate self promotion: Real Estate Self-Promotion – Why You Struggle - 05/23/13 05:44 AM
Real Estate Self-Promotion – Why writing about yourself is a struggle.
You write beautiful blog posts, you write captivating descriptions of your listings for sale, and then… you try to write your bio or a home page that promotes you, and you get stuck.
Almost every agent who contacts me to write for them says the same thing. They have no trouble at all writing about their listings, their community, and their real estate adventures, but when it's time to write about themselves, their writing skills go out the window.
Why does this happen?
Because the folks … (4 comments)

real estate self promotion: Real Estate Self-Promotion - How's your message machine voice? - 04/23/13 04:20 AM
Real estate self-promotion - How's your message machine voice?
Real estate clients today can get acquainted with you before you have any personal contact. They read your agent bio, they look at your website to see how you present your listings, they read your blog and get a sense of your personality.
And then... they either call or email asking you to call them. So the phone becomes your first personal contact, and your voice may be the deciding factor in whether or not they choose you as their agent.
In this busy world, sometimes it takes a … (27 comments)

real estate self promotion: What I Wish My First Real Estate Broker Had Told Me - 04/16/13 04:42 PM
What I Wish My First Real Estate Broker Had Told Me
When I think back to my first months in real estate, I realize I didn't know even 10% of what I needed to know. In fact, all I knew was what I learned in class. My broker took me on a tour of the listings – and gave me some hair-raising rides over narrow mountain roads where we couldn't even find the properties she had listed. Aside from showing me where to find office supplies and coffee, that was about it for "training."
So, I stumbled around, learning what I … (12 comments)

real estate self promotion: Do You Let Your Prospects Know Who You Really Are? - 03/08/13 12:45 PM
Do you let your prospects and clients know who you really are, or do you hide behind a professional mask?
In the past I've written for clients who were so intent on hiding that neither their photo nor their name appeared on their website. (No, those weren't real estate agents.) It seemed my duty to tell them that was a mistake, but they didn't listen. Perhaps they had a good reason for hiding.
Now, in reading real estate websites and "about me" pages I see that plenty of agents are hiding. Their names and photos are there, but … (51 comments)

real estate self promotion: Real Estate Marketing - Make Your Message Stand Out - 03/05/13 02:00 AM
If you read many real estate websites, you'll see that most agents have a similar message. They're the neighborhood specialist, the expert guide, the professional, etc. On top of that, they're educated, honest and dedicated to their client's success.
My thought – prospective clients expect their agent to be all those things. Unless they've had a bad experience, they don't realize that some agents don't have those qualities. And if they have had a bad experience, they'll look at those words as "just talk."
If you want to stand out, your marketing needs to show what makes you special. … (6 comments)

real estate self promotion: Real Estate Marketing – Another Scientifically Backed Copywriting Tip - 03/02/13 06:31 AM
Real Estate Marketing – Another of the 7 Scientifically Backed Copywriting Tips
This tip is related to a real estate sales tactic from way back – one I tried in person, but never in writing.
That tactic was to shine a light on objections about a house or parcel of land even before showing the property. 
For instance: In our area we have an abundance of gravel roads – and some most of them aren't very well maintained. So we might prepare the potential buyer ahead of time by going overboard about the terrible condition of the road … (16 comments)

real estate self promotion: Hey There Real Estate Agent, Why Are You Hiding? - 02/04/13 02:15 PM
Well, not exactly hiding, but not revealing your location.
Over the past few days I've had occasion to visit quite a few agent websites, and a strange commonality has me scratching my head in wonder.
From what I saw, it's obvious that agents no longer expect clients to walk into their offices. (Maybe they don't have offices?)
The vast majority of the sites I visited not only failed to list a street address; they didn't even reveal the City and State.  (Some also failed to reveal the agent's name, but that's another story.)
The only way to find out where … (26 comments)

real estate self promotion: Drip Marketing Campaigns that Backfire - 01/24/13 04:46 AM
Drip marketing is an effective way to maintain top of mind awareness with your future clients, but if you do it wrong, the awareness they'll have is not what you want.
On a real estate website people generally get on your list via one of four methods:
They say yes to a special report They do a search for a home They use the automated “what’s my home worth” form They send an e-mail through your "contact me" form By the method they use to contact you, they give you important information about themselves, and unless you use this information … (26 comments)

real estate self promotion: Yes, you should put your photo on your real estate business card! - 01/20/13 06:18 AM
For starters, I know some people disagree - and they will never put a photo on their real estate business card.
The reason given is that it's not "professional." Doctors and lawyers don't put their photos on their cards, so why should a real estate professional?
I believe you need a photo on your business cards because you don't get clients the same way doctors and lawyers do.
You get clients partly because of your expertise. You get clients through referrals. You get clients because prospects read your website and your blog posts. AND you get clients because … (6 comments)

real estate self promotion: Marketing on Autopilot is a big help when you're super-busy - 11/23/12 07:57 AM
The content of this post was originally published in November of 2012 - and I had forgotten all about it until today.
Today, I got an email telling me there was a new comment from MaryBeth Mills Muldowney, so I re-read the post and the comments. At that time, Brian Rugg told me to re-post it monthly, to remind everyone to keep marketing. 
It sounded like a fine idea, but of course I didn't remember to do it. 
So here I am, and I don't know if editing this will put it in the stream today, or if it will just be an edit. That means … (32 comments)

real estate self promotion: Best Business Practices - A Print Newsletter - 09/12/11 12:41 PM
Do people still read print messages?
Sure they do, and since "real" messages in print are becoming more and more infrequent, they'll probably work even better than when I used to write and mail a monthly newsletter for my real estate company.
Thus, my my "best practices" recommendation is to write, print, and mail a monthly newsletter. Send it to your past clients, present clients, and your sphere of influence - and perhaps to a select group of current prospects or to residents in your farm area.
I'll admit that it's expensive. We had a bulk mail permit, … (10 comments)

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