real estate self promotion: Hey There Real Estate Agent, Why Are You Hiding? - 02/04/13 02:15 PM
Well, not exactly hiding, but not revealing your location.
Over the past few days I've had occasion to visit quite a few agent websites, and a strange commonality has me scratching my head in wonder.
From what I saw, it's obvious that agents no longer expect clients to walk into their offices. (Maybe they don't have offices?)
The vast majority of the sites I visited not only failed to list a street address; they didn't even reveal the City and State.  (Some also failed to reveal the agent's name, but that's another story.)
The only way to find out where … (26 comments)

real estate self promotion: Drip Marketing Campaigns that Backfire - 01/24/13 04:46 AM
Drip marketing is an effective way to maintain top of mind awareness with your future clients, but if you do it wrong, the awareness they'll have is not what you want.
On a real estate website people generally get on your list via one of four methods:
They say yes to a special report They do a search for a home They use the automated “what’s my home worth” form They send an e-mail through your "contact me" form By the method they use to contact you, they give you important information about themselves, and unless you use this information … (26 comments)

real estate self promotion: Yes, you should put your photo on your real estate business card! - 01/20/13 06:18 AM
For starters, I know some people disagree - and they will never put a photo on their real estate business card.
The reason given is that it's not "professional." Doctors and lawyers don't put their photos on their cards, so why should a real estate professional?
I believe you need a photo on your business cards because you don't get clients the same way doctors and lawyers do.
You get clients partly because of your expertise. You get clients through referrals. You get clients because prospects read your website and your blog posts. AND you get clients because … (6 comments)

real estate self promotion: Marketing on Autopilot is a big help when you're super-busy - 11/23/12 07:57 AM
The content of this post was originally published in November of 2012 - and I had forgotten all about it until today.
Today, I got an email telling me there was a new comment from MaryBeth Mills Muldowney, so I re-read the post and the comments. At that time, Brian Rugg told me to re-post it monthly, to remind everyone to keep marketing. 
It sounded like a fine idea, but of course I didn't remember to do it. 
So here I am, and I don't know if editing this will put it in the stream today, or if it will just be an edit. That means … (32 comments)

real estate self promotion: Best Business Practices - A Print Newsletter - 09/12/11 12:41 PM
Do people still read print messages?
Sure they do, and since "real" messages in print are becoming more and more infrequent, they'll probably work even better than when I used to write and mail a monthly newsletter for my real estate company.
Thus, my my "best practices" recommendation is to write, print, and mail a monthly newsletter. Send it to your past clients, present clients, and your sphere of influence - and perhaps to a select group of current prospects or to residents in your farm area.
I'll admit that it's expensive. We had a bulk mail permit, … (10 comments)

real estate self promotion: Do Case Studies Have a Place in Real Estate Marketing? - 07/20/11 08:48 AM
Do Case Studies Have a Place in Real Estate Marketing?
I think so. You don’t see case studies widely used in real estate marketing, but why not?
Wouldn’t they lend more credibility than short testimonials?
We know testimonials work in every service business. But we also know that they are not always believed. It’s illegal, but marketers in every profession have been known to write a testimonial and assign it a fake name – or simply something like “J.W. in Phoenix.” Who is to know, when no address is given?
A case study, on the other hand, tells … (10 comments)

real estate self promotion: A Good Reason to Shun Cold Calling - 07/06/11 06:51 PM
Over the years I’ve heard of plenty of sales trainers who insist that cold calling is vital to success in real estate. And here on Active Rain I’ve seen comments from agents who do cold calling and are successful with it.
I can see that it could work well in specific situations. For instance, when calling expired listings in your niche or geographic farm area. However, it definitely isn't for everyone.
Some agents, believing that they must make cold calls, will think up hundreds of excuses why cold calling is there on their plan for the day, but they just … (15 comments)

real estate self promotion: Who you ARE matters more than what you DO - 06/22/11 04:37 PM
Cindy's post below goes hand in hand with my post from earlier today: Why You Should "Get Personal" With Blog Posts and Agent Bios.
Strangers can form a basis for a connection with you from the words you write, but when you meet in person - or even via phone or email - you need to show that you care about their situation.
We're human - and we want connections with other humans who take the time to notice that we're individuals with hopes, dreams, and feelings.
My opinion: Cindy from Indy has some darned fortunate clients - … (0 comments)

real estate self promotion: What Do You Do Better Than Your Competition Does? - 05/14/11 05:06 AM
What do you do better than your competition does?
This is one of the questions on the form that I ask agents to complete before I write for them. It's also the one they get hung up on. Often, they'll send me the rest and "forget" to answer that one last question.
Why is answering that question so difficult for so many?
I have a couple of theories - one is that we've been taught since childhood that we shouldn't brag. For many of us, saying "I'm the best choice because..." is really difficult.
The other is … (8 comments)

real estate self promotion: April Fool's Day Sale on Real Estate Prospecting Letters - 04/01/11 07:45 AM
But I’m not fooling!
Every year I try to come up with some clever way to fool someone - anyone - even my dog! I never can. My mind just doesn't work that way.
So this year I decided to observe the day by Not Fooling about a discount on my prospecting letters...
For the next 24 hours – until Noon Pacific Time on Saturday - you can choose your discount on my pre-written real estate prospecting letter sets.
For 10% off choose one letter set and enter the coupon code: one
For 15% off choose two letter sets and … (2 comments)

real estate self promotion: So What? - 03/24/11 11:28 AM
So what? That's a pretty rude thing to say, so I'm not going to suggest that you say it to anyone but yourself.
It's the question to ask when you're writing a prospecting letter or any kind of promotional copy.
If you write a statement such as: "I have 16 designations, including GRI, ABR, ..." or "I've lived in the X area for 27 years," or "Last year I won the X award for X," then you MUST answer the question "So what?"
Unless you answer the question, the consumers you're trying to impress won't know why they're supposed to be … (8 comments)

real estate self promotion: Why Am I Unable to Write My Own Bio? - 02/10/11 11:09 AM
One of the tasks I love as a copywriter is writing agent bios. But some agents feel really uncomfortable about needing someone to do it for them.
Here's a letter I received last week - and it's typical of many agents who are actually very good writers.
Dear Marte,
I’m feeling frustrated and embarrassed because I need to ask you to write my bio.
I can write perfectly well. I write good descriptions of my listings, of my neighborhoods, and of businesses in my community. People enjoy my blog posts. But when it comes to writing my bio, I … (14 comments)

real estate self promotion: Prospects aren't Human Rescources Professionals, so... - 01/30/11 07:52 PM
Prospects aren't human resources professionals, so why should they be treated as if they were?
I spent a little time today looking at real estate websites, and agent bios. I know I'm just a little bit fanatic about them, because I think they play an important role in helping prospects choose between agents.
What I noticed today were quite a few bios that looked more like resume's - They listed education and experience, but didn't let the readers know the answer to that most important question: "So what?"
Human resources professionals are trained to know what education and experience means … (7 comments)

real estate self promotion: Does Your Agent Bio Help You Attract Clients? - 01/13/11 05:22 PM
Which school of thought do you belong to when it comes to bios? The one that says it should be purely professional / statistical - or the one that says it should give your website visitors a glimpse of who you are?
I know some other copywriters disagree with me, but I'm on the side that says it should be a bit more personal. 
I see the bio as your opportunity to let people find some way to see that you are "like" them - so they'll have a subconscious reason to like and trust you.
One of the first things … (7 comments)

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