real estate success: Executing Consistently Results in Accomplished Goals | Takes Patience - 07/19/19 01:10 PM
If only real estate schools would tell people BEFORE enrollment: Real estate is NOT an instant gratification career. It takes time and patience to build a business. It also requires a bit of expenditure on marketing. 
No one should start who needs a paycheck within 30 days.

Most real estate agents set goals. They usually cover a variety of topics beyond income. If I were to take a jab at guessing the percentage of real estate agents who actually achieve their goals, I think that figure might be disappointing.
Goals require a plan of attack, and many know … (0 comments)

real estate success: Will Your January Sizzle or Fizzle? - 12/16/18 04:10 PM
Will January be a productive month for you, or will you spend your time trying to re-start your real estate business?
Unless you already have your pipeline filled with referral clients or from ongoing prospecting efforts, it will all depend upon what you do over the next couple of weeks.
Right now, some homeowners are thinking “As soon as the holidays are over, we’ll get this house on the market.”
Those listings will go to the first agent who approaches them with the right message, then follows up with another good message every few days.
What is the right message? One that is focused on … (41 comments)

real estate success: Can a part-time real estate agent succeed? - 12/08/18 10:59 AM
Can a part-time real estate agent succeed?
As you know, there’s controversy over part-time real estate agents, and I’m sure you have an opinion. You may be one yourself, you may know one you enjoy working with, you may partner with one, or you may be one who thinks they should be banned.
Whatever your thoughts, the question remains: Can a part-time agent succeed?
First, we need to define which part-time agents we’re talking about.
I’ve known quite a few licensed individuals who had no other employment, but were definitely part-timers.
Even when they sat in the office on their floor … (67 comments)

real estate success: My Grandfather Used to Say.... - 01/12/18 11:42 AM
How to succeed: Don't just say you're the expert, choose a niche and BECOME the expert. Keep adding to your store of knowledge every day, because if you're not growing, you're going backwards.
   "There is going to come a time,  when there is a right eye doctor and a left eye doctor....things have become soooooo specialized."   I have to agree says she who has 3 "regular gal", the exodontist...gotta love those root canals....and the implant specialist.
      Each specialist recognized in their field and their communities for their particular area of expertise....and it got me to thinking … (5 comments)

real estate success: One Rung at a Time on the Stairway to Heaven in Real Estate - 12/06/17 03:14 PM
If you're feeling stuck and can't decide what to do to advance your career, take Barbara's advice - go one step at a time.
Remember, a journey of a thousand miles begins with that first step.
We all start at the beginning in the real estate business.  No newly licensed agent begins week #1 at the top of the charts! How does a new agent climb that ladder?
One rung at a time is the answer to that question. The first rung on the ladder is the easiest and most important one. It’s the rung that will determine if you ever … (7 comments)

real estate success: Success in real estate begins with self-discipline - 07/13/17 12:50 PM
From the outside looking in, a career in real estate looks like a walk in the park. You get to spend your days looking at houses, making new friends, and taking time off whenever you want to meet friends for lunch or goof off with your kids.
Once you’re in the trenches, you realize that while some agents do treat it that way, success requires a considerable amount of self-discipline to stay on track.
With no employer to set your working hours, direct your activities, withhold your taxes, possibly provide your insurance, bring in the customers and clients, it’s all up to you.
Your … (34 comments)

real estate success: Could this be the Secret Recipe for listing more homes? - 05/22/17 11:09 AM
As you know, there is no one magic pill that will make your real estate career successful. That takes a good mixture of skills, market knowledge, and dedication – together with effective and consistent marketing.
But there always are some things that can raise you a notch above your competition, and perhaps become that “secret recipe” or tipping point that makes you the “chosen one.”

Enthusiasm is one of those things.
Your enthusiasm shows in everything you do – and lack of enthusiasm shows too.
I think back to a story a good friend told me…
She had decided it was time to sell … (54 comments)

real estate success: What are a listing agent's duties? - 04/06/17 04:59 PM
You know you have a duty to represent your client honestly, to keep his or her confidential information confidential, to market the home, and to cooperate with agents who are representing buyers.
When it comes to representing clients honestly, I think you have a duty to tell them things that might be uncomfortable for you – and for them.
Start with the price.
The pricing issue is tough, especially for inexperienced agents who want listings badly and are intimidated by sellers who “Know” what their house is worth. But as an agent, it's your duty to give them your opinion of … (7 comments)

real estate success: That won't work... - 10/26/16 06:58 AM
"That won't work in my market."
How many times have you heard someone say that?
Usually, it’s when they’ve been complaining about lack of business and someone is throwing out suggestions for improvement.  In most cases, the person doing the suggesting is someone who has gotten results with whatever marketing tactic they’re suggesting.
I realize there ARE some ideas that really won’t work in some markets. For instance, when I was in real estate, open houses didn’t work. People here just aren’t in the habit of attending open houses, so they don’t. Agents who try it had better take along a good book or … (63 comments)

real estate success: Stop beating up on yourself! Just let it go. - 09/20/16 05:57 AM
Do you beat yourself up for hours or days when you lose a listing? 
Since we humans are our own worst critics, the first thing you probably do when you realize you didn’t get the listing is replay the whole presentation. Then you start beating yourself up, thinking “Why did I say that”? “Why didn’t I show them this chart or that statistic?” “Why didn’t I tell them…”
From there you go on to thinking maybe you should have/shouldn’t have taken your shoes off at the door. Maybe you should have/shouldn’t have said yes to a cup of coffee. Maybe you should have … (21 comments)

real estate success: What’s the most impressive thing you can put in a mailbox? - 08/26/16 04:35 AM
Do you know the one thing you can put in the mail that will absolutely make you stand out from your competitors?
It’s not your market reports. It’s not a well-written prospecting letter. It’s not even the request for feedback that you’re hopefully sending after a transaction closes.
It’s something much simpler: A Hand-written Thank You Note.
You can send them for any reason – any time someone does something nice or gives you exceptional service.
You can even thank your local grocery store manager for hiring such pleasant box-boys or check-out personnel. Notes like that can expand your sphere of influence by bringing … (55 comments)

real estate success: Where are you? - 06/30/16 05:18 AM
You know where you are, but do people reading your blog know where you are? 
Do people visiting your website know instantly where you are? 
Do people reading your emails know where you are? 
I know - I harp about this every once in a  while, but that's because I think it's important. 
When you write something interesting - in a blog post or an email - your readers just might share it with friends. And those friends just might be looking for an agent in your city.
But... if your location isn't evident, it won't occur to them that YOU might be the agent (or stager, … (6 comments)

real estate success: Does Your Real Estate Website Have Enough Content? - 03/12/16 04:48 AM
So often, I visit real estate agent websites that offer nothing more than a search function and perhaps a short "canned" bio. Often the bio isn't even about the agent, but about the brokerage.
Visitors to those sites get no idea of whether the agent is knowledgeable about the community, or about real estate practices. If they're searching from out of town, they get no sense of the communities where the homes are located. When reading the bios they get no sense of what kind of person the agent might be.
In other words, the agents with those bare-bones sites might as well … (9 comments)

real estate success: This year - earn more by choosing a niche - 01/08/16 03:30 AM
Are you earning as much as you'd like to earn? 
If not, it could be because you're trying to serve EVERY possible real estate client within your marketing area.
Even if you think you need every customer / client you can get, trying to appeal to everyone could mean that you’re wasting time and energy, and actually serving fewer clients. 
Why? Because your marketing efforts are scattered and you don't have time to actually become an expert at anything. You've no doubt heard the phrase "Jack of all trades and master of none." When you try to serve every possible buyer and seller in your … (13 comments)

real estate success: Eight Things I have Learned Over 35 Years in Sales That Helped me - 10/28/15 12:48 PM
Dan Dee McGinnis brings us pearls of wisdom. Follow his lead and you're sure to have a successful career. 
If I would add one thing, it would be to keep watch on your own mind-set. Always feel gratitude and always expect success. When you think back over your days, learn from your mistakes, but spend most of your energy thinking of the things that went well. 
1. Stay away from negative people. This may be the best piece of advice you will ever get. I still recall my first six months, I never saw, heard or smelled a negative person, actually I … (16 comments)

real estate success: The Composite Profile of a Successful Real Estate Agent... - 07/10/15 09:12 AM

real estate success: Your Power and Your Posture - 06/30/15 09:27 AM
This post seems to be a follow-up of Friday's post about courage, although that isn't what I was thinking about when I wrote it. 
I was, in fact, writing because of an email I read about copywriting... 
Your Power (Courage) and Your Posture
When a dog is threatened or wishes to be threatening, the hair stands up on his back and he bars his teeth. When a cat is threatened, his hair is apt to stand out over his whole body while he hisses. When a bird is threatened, it fluffs it's feathers. When a horse is threatened, he might rear on his hind … (20 comments)

real estate success: Courage: A Vital Ingredient in Your Successful Real Estate Career - 06/26/15 04:57 AM
You may think that the only careers that require courage are those in which you risk your life. You know, things like fire-fighting, painting the Golden Gate Bridge, facing down armed criminals, or becoming a member of our armed forces.
But the truth is, a successful career in real estate also requires a hefty measure of courage. 
It begins with the courage to leave a weekly paycheck behind. Those dangerous jobs at least do come with a paycheck. But when you turn to real estate as a career, you have no such safety net. It's pretty scary to know that even if things … (104 comments)

real estate success: Agents Are Branching Out to a New Listing Source - 06/13/15 04:24 AM
As you may know, in addition to custom letters, I offer more than 40 different sets of pre-written prospecting and staying in touch letters.
While I don't create charts or keep exact track of how many of each letter set is sold, I do notice when a trend seems to be emerging. At one time, nearly half of the sets sold were for short sale prospecting.
The new trend: Prospecting to List Homes in Probate
In the past month or two, the trend has been leaning toward sales of the probate prospecting letters. Agents are reaching out to the owners of homes that are now … (16 comments)

real estate success: What to do if your real estate career is faltering... - 11/21/14 01:40 AM
Sometimes even experienced real estate agents go through periods of decline in their business. For years things went well and they had all the home buyers and sellers they needed without making an effort to market their services.
And now...they're wondering why other agents seem to have plenty of clients and they don't. 
What’s the cure?
If this is happening to you, the first step is to rejuvenate your enthusiasm. It's not always easy, but you can do it.
Stop and think about why you love selling real estate. Think about how good it feels when you help make someone's dreams … (16 comments)

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