real estate success practices: What happens if you choose the wrong word? - 10/27/23 03:40 PM
If you choose the wrong word, you'll hurt yourself!Using the wrong word in real estate marketing materials will hurt you in two ways. First, it will detract from your message. Your readers might be going merrily along, absorbing your marketing message and even agreeing with you.
Then all of a sudden, there’s a word that doesn’t belong.
It doesn’t fit. It doesn’t make sense with the rest of the sentence. It’s like a big stop sign in the middle of the message.
All the momentum you’d gained is lost. Now they’re not absorbing your message, they’re stopping to figure out what … (29 comments)

real estate success practices: How to make a positive first impression - 08/07/21 03:26 PM
You probably tell your listing clients that it is important for their homes to make a positive first impression.
Thus, in addition to advising sellers about how to present the interior,  you urge them to take care of all the exterior work that lends curb appeal.
Whether you are an agent, a lender, a stager, or any other type of service provider, it’s equally important for you personally to make a positive first impression.
Except in your case, you may have to make that positive first impression several times. Here’s why…
You have three ways to make a positive first impression…
They are:
In writing … (15 comments)

real estate success practices: How to convert your real estate listing leads - 07/19/21 08:51 PM
Unless you’re exclusively a buyer’s agent, you want listings. That means you need to convert your real estate listing leads into actual listings.
Whether you’re buying leads, getting them from your website, or receiving referrals, you know that it’s possible for those prospects to wander off and list with someone else.
If you want to convert your real estate listing leads to actual listings, take these 3 steps:
Respond immediately Stay in touch regularly Show your value Responding immediately:
We all know about people who call or send an email and then go with the first agent to respond.  It’s a terrible way … (8 comments)

real estate success practices: Leverage your real estate strengths - 07/08/21 09:47 PM
You have real estate strengths and weaknesses, just as all agents do. Every person has inborn talents that tie directly to subjects and activities we love. We also have things we don’t do well and probably dislike. And that’s fine, as long as we develop our strengths.
Just as appraisers consider the highest and best use of a parcel of land or a commercial building, we should consider the highest and best use of our self-improvement / educational efforts.
For too much of our lives we’ve been told that we should seek to improve on our weaknesses. But why? Why not spend that … (6 comments)

real estate success practices: One Reason Why So Many Real Estate Agents Fail - 11/08/18 02:07 PM
 If you stop and think about how many people become licensed and then wash out after short time, the numbers are pretty amazing.
Tom Ferry says he’s quoting NAR when he says 87% fail in the first 5 years. Here in our small town, I’ve lost count of the number who started and stopped within just a year or two.
Plenty of reasons, beginning with the expectation that real estate is “easy” and will give people plenty of free time to play while making an above average income. (That sounds just about like the hype about becoming a copywriter!)
Maybe it’s that false … (55 comments)

real estate success practices: A Real Estate Agent's Education Never Stops - 10/28/18 03:08 PM
Agents who want to succeed must start working on their education the minute they walk away from that last real estate class - and never, never stop.

Becoming a real estate agent in Ohio is relatively easy.  Take four courses, pass a state test, get hired by a broker and you're legally authorized to help home buyers and sellers.
But the real learning to be an effective real estate agent?  That's a never ending process.  We can do things to shorten the time it takes to learn vital lessons, but there is ALWAYS something more to learn in this profession.

real estate success practices: Action you can take right now to build your business - 06/12/18 11:03 AM
Want to do something today – right now – that will help build your business?
If you have a pen, a piece of paper, an envelope, and a stamp, you can do just that. You can write a thank you note.
In fact, you’ll do even better if you write a dozen thank you notes. And if you make it a daily habit, you might just be amazed at the results.
Even if your business is already doing well, thank you notes will give it a boost.
Taking the time to send a hand-written note of thanks will set you apart from your competitors, and … (18 comments)

real estate success practices: Real Estate Marketing Advice From My Wastebasket - 03/13/18 12:26 PM
It all started when I tried to find a particular book on copywriting… I have 5 different book cases and I’m ashamed to say, they haven’t been sorted into any reasonable order. So, I decided I would attempt to do so.
In addition to making a good start on putting copywriting books with copywriting books, gardening books with gardening books, etc., I’ve found all sorts of things that I could toss to free up space and make room for – more books?
Do I really need copies of Consumer’s Digest from ten years ago? Probably not. Do I need a copy of Idaho real … (1 comments)

real estate success practices: Success in real estate begins with self-discipline - 07/13/17 12:50 PM
From the outside looking in, a career in real estate looks like a walk in the park. You get to spend your days looking at houses, making new friends, and taking time off whenever you want to meet friends for lunch or goof off with your kids.
Once you’re in the trenches, you realize that while some agents do treat it that way, success requires a considerable amount of self-discipline to stay on track.
With no employer to set your working hours, direct your activities, withhold your taxes, possibly provide your insurance, bring in the customers and clients, it’s all up to you.
Your … (34 comments)

real estate success practices: Why creating and marketing to a niche makes good sense - 06/20/17 10:40 AM
If you’re still stuck on being a generalist, you may be tired of seeing so many of us pushing you to create a niche.
You’re worried that by focusing on one geographic area, one type of home or property, or one type of buyer or seller, you’re going to miss out sales.You're suffering from FOMO.
For one thing, that’s not true. You don’t have to exclude anyone. So if cousin George wants you to list his home and it’s not in your territory, you can go right ahead and do it. And of course, if your buyers decide that your geographic area isn’t … (25 comments)

real estate success practices: Two Success Words You Must Always Use - 02/06/17 04:36 PM
These two little words may not ensure your success, but if you never use them, you can just about guarantee failure.
What are the words? They're "Thank" and "You."
Once upon a time, before I switched to writing exclusively for real estate, I wrote fundraising letters for small non-profits - and their failure to use these words did more to hurt them than I could ever do to help them.
It wasn't that they weren't grateful for the donations. it was because it costs money to mail a card. So they didn't say a simple thanks, and they not only lost the chance … (24 comments)

real estate success practices: The Ant Philosophy - 10/01/16 03:08 AM
Thanks to Carol Williams for sharing this wonderful excerpt from Jim Rohn. I'm so sorry he's gone from this eartly plane, but his philosophy and wisdom will live on. 
When I hear his voice on a tape or CD I always start to smile... he had such a wonderful voice and way of presenting common sense advice. 
Another quote I remember... "How tall does a tree grow? As tall as it can."
So... let's all get busy and follow the ants - or the trees. 

"If Plan A didn't work, there are 25 more letters in the alphabet".

real estate success practices: The Most Important Advice I DIDN'T Get as a Newbie - 10/14/15 01:41 PM
While new real estate agents need a ton of advice, and the October challenge is offering up dozens of nuggets of wisdom, one tidbit I haven't seen (yet) is the advice I give every new agent I speak with.
It's the advice that my broker didn't give me, simply because she didn't know it/do it herself. That is to hang on to every client. 
When the transaction closes, don't put the file in the drawer and forget those folks. Starting from your very first closing, put them in a database and stay in touch with them until one of the following happens:
They … (92 comments)

real estate success practices: After Courage, a Successful Real Estate career requires… - 07/06/15 12:59 AM
Courage is the first ingredient in a successful real estate career. Without it, you can't even get out of the starting gate. 
But of course that's not all you need…
After courage, you need Passion
If your definition of success includes earning a nice living while feeling good about your life, you must have passion. In order to get up glad to face the work day, you need to be eager to do your job and to see the happy results you produce. 
Passion also adds to success because it causes you to go the extra distance for your clients, and that builds your reputation, your … (45 comments)

real estate success practices: Your Power and Your Posture - 06/30/15 09:27 AM
This post seems to be a follow-up of Friday's post about courage, although that isn't what I was thinking about when I wrote it. 
I was, in fact, writing because of an email I read about copywriting... 
Your Power (Courage) and Your Posture
When a dog is threatened or wishes to be threatening, the hair stands up on his back and he bars his teeth. When a cat is threatened, his hair is apt to stand out over his whole body while he hisses. When a bird is threatened, it fluffs it's feathers. When a horse is threatened, he might rear on his hind … (20 comments)

real estate success practices: Yes you DO have time – One dozen 5-minute marketing tasks - 11/22/14 04:27 AM
When you're building a real estate career the need to market your services never ends. You need to keep doing something every day to meet a new prospect, to nurture a current prospect, to connect with a past client, or to put your name in front of searchers. 
Yes, you're busy. Some days you think it will be impossible to do even what you must do to keep track of current transactions. But if you don't keep marketing, one of these days you'll find yourself with far too much time on your hands, because you have no clients. 
You DO have time … (26 comments)

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