real estate writing: 147 WORDS TO USE INSTEAD OF "VERY". - 07/23/19 08:38 PM
Want to sharpen your writing skills and make your emails, letters, and blog posts more compelling?
Then check this out...
I use "VERY" all the time... and maybe only half of column #2...Do you?
Here is a short list.... But I found out - at list 147 words can be used instead.

Three Telling Quotes About ‘Very’ “Substitute ‘damn’ every time you’re inclined to write ‘very;’ your editor will delete it and the writing will be just as it should be. ~Mark Twain “‘Very’ is the most useless word in the English language and … (8 comments)

real estate writing: If you want prospects to read your marketing materials… - 06/19/19 04:49 PM
… make them easy to read.
Whether you’re writing a real estate prospecting letter, an email, a newsletter, a postcard, or a web page, the second rule is “Make it easy to read.”
(Remember, the first rule is to never, ever, ever begin your message with “I.”)
It won’t matter if your words are brilliant – if you make them difficult to read, people will never get your message because they simply won’t read what you wrote.
How can you make it easy to read your messages?
First, except for small accents, always use black type on a white or light background. Marketers who spend millions studying such … (45 comments)

real estate writing: When written words are your prospect’s first impression of you… - 01/14/19 11:01 AM
The words you use in a blog post, on a web page, or in an email are often the first impression your prospect has of you. As such, they’re important.
Among other things, they tell that prospect whether you’re a professional; whether you’re a likeable person; whether you might be someone they can trust; and whether or not you pay attention to details.
If that first impression is poor, it often becomes the last impression.
So let’s look at some ways that a real estate agent (or anyone else) can ruin their chances for success by making a poor impression.
Making assumptions: Either … (27 comments)

real estate writing: Make your real estate marketing copy the best it can be - 10/01/18 12:36 PM
How can you make your real estate marketing copy the best that it can be?Different methods work for different people, but here’s one that has worked for me – and may work for you as well.
The first thing to remember is that in most cases, good real estate copy demands an investment of time, as well as thought.
Once in a while you’ll get inspiration so clear that you can write it in minutes, but for most of us, it doesn’t happen often.
So – onward.
When you sit down to write, whether it is a web page, a blog post, a real estate … (15 comments)

real estate writing: My niche was almost preordained - 04/03/17 08:36 PM
It will be hard for some to understand, but about fifteen years or so ago, I got sick of real estate. I had been in the business for 19 years. I'd been an owner-broker for 9 of those years.
If you work in a city you won't be able to relate - but I'd gotten weary of hunting for missing septic tanks, finding wells that turned out to be on the wrong parcel, and searching for survey stakes that someone had moved. Because I was an owner/broker, I'd also become worried about liability. I was fairly certain that at least one of … (18 comments)

real estate writing: If they won’t read it, why write it? - 01/29/17 11:57 AM
When you take the time to write – whether it’s a blog post, a prospecting letter, or even a property description – you want people to read it. After that you want them to understand it and be motivated to act.
But the first task is getting them started on the first sentence.
You already know about Rule #1 – Never begin with “I” or “We.” So let’s go on to what I’ll call Rule #2 – Make it look inviting.
That means using a reasonable font size and breaking your paragraphs into small bites. Small print and long paragraphs look like encyclopedia … (46 comments)

real estate writing: Are You Embarrassed to Admit that you Need a Copywriter? - 01/15/17 03:18 PM
If so, you aren’t alone.
My own best friend is a prime example. Every time she calls me for help with a letter she's writing, she apologizes for needing help. She, like many others, seems to think that since she’s an intelligent person, she should be able to write great copy.
Why? She’s brilliant at accounting, and I’m not at all embarrassed to admit I need her help figuring out debits and credits. I’m also not embarrassed to hire a mechanic to repair my car or a professional to solve my computer glitches. I didn’t study those things and have no talent for … (18 comments)

real estate writing: If you have only one page for your message… - 10/28/16 09:42 AM
Sometimes your space is limited.
It may be because you’ve signed on with a web company that gives you a set number of words or spaces in each section of your website. It may be because you’re writing a cover letter to send with a holiday gift or as an introduction to your listing presentation. It may be because you’re doing a print ad and increasing the space would be cost-prohibitive. Whatever the reason, the temptation is always there to try to “stuff in” as much information as possible.
Don’t do it!
Stuffing leads to congested copy – and that’s the kind … (14 comments)

real estate writing: Use the “Rule of Threes” to Make Your Marketing Messages Flow - 10/21/16 02:23 PM
Small details often mark the difference between promotional materials that motivate your prospects and those that are quickly tossed aside.
One of those details is flow… how the words roll through your reader’s minds, carrying
 them onward through your message.
You know what I mean. Sometimes you try to read something and an awkward sentence acts like someone pulled the emergency brake. You come to a screeching halt, re-read the sentence a couple of times, and then haltingly go forward. The momentum is gone, along with most of the enthusiasm you had for learning what the writer had to say.
When it’s something you’re required … (8 comments)

real estate writing: First drafts - a thought to ponder - 10/04/16 09:31 AM
This quote showed up in my in-box the other day...
"The first draft is just you telling yourself the story." --Terry Pratchett
It got me thinking about the function of the first draft, and how valuable it is to just write without censoring yourself. When you try to edit as you go, something gets lost - and it could be something you should have included in the final draft. 
So think about that. Next time you begin to write, just tell yourself the story. You can edit and polish next time around. 

real estate writing: One more reason to use a proofreader: Clarity - 09/25/16 08:50 AM
It’s a given that we all make mistakes in our writing. It might be a typo or a misspelling. It might be a word doubled or left out when we were editing.
Often we can catch those kinds of mistakes ourselves, but there’s another mistake that we’re less likely to catch when we do our own proofreading. That one is lack of clarity.
When we write something, we know what we mean. That doesn’t guarantee that someone else reading it will also know what we meant.
This week an agent sent me the link to a long web page that he wanted re-written. It wasn’t … (5 comments)

real estate writing: Never a need for "high falutin" - 07/11/16 08:18 AM
Every now and then an agent tells me that my conversational prospecting letters just won't work for his or her clients. They're too rich, too highly educated, and too sophisticated to respond to words written the way ordinary people speak. 
That's fine. Everyone doesn't need to use my letters, and everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion. 
But just in case you might be influenced by what one of those agents has to say, today I'll share what Master Marketer Bob Bly said in his email this morning. My thanks to him for giving permission to share. 
Here's Bob: 
Years ago I interviewed 100 … (33 comments)

real estate writing: Two words that can damage your professional image - 04/10/16 04:43 AM
Are you inadvertently using words that play into that ugly picture of a real estate agent being akin to a used car salesman or (shudder) a member of congress?
We all know that real estate sales ranks low in the list of "most trusted" professions. According to a December 2015 Gallup poll, only 20% of the population rates real estate agents' honesty and ethical standards as "very high."
The very bottom of the rung now goes to lobbyists at 7%, then car salesmen, members of congress, and telemarketers at 8%.  Nurses, by the way, topped the list of most trusted at 85%.
The agents … (46 comments)

real estate writing: When you write, don't hide who you are! - 04/15/15 01:36 PM
When you're writing to attract prospects - let your personality show! 
Whether you’re writing a blog post, a web page, or an email to a prospect, one of the first things you need to do is get rid of the notion that your high school or college composition teacher is going to critique your work.
They might, but since they probably aren’t your prospects, their opinion doesn’t count.
What does count is that you come across as a person who is friendly, approachable, and knowledgeable. What counts is that your readers see your personality, so come out of hiding!
To do that, you have to write … (67 comments)

real estate writing: I couldn't make myself read that agent bio - 03/05/15 08:30 AM
Sometimes when I'm getting ready to write an agent bio for someone who will be uploading it to a brokerage website, I ask for links to the other bios. I want to see if there's some kind of format or pattern that the broker prefers.
Today I visited a site where more than 100 agents were listed. Some didn't have bios at all. Some had really terrible bios, such as "Hi, my name is ..... and I'm a real estate agent at ...." (Yep, that's all folks.)
Some were pretty good. 
But one thing they all had in common was: NO paragrapah … (34 comments)

real estate writing: Hype in real estate marketing can brand you as a liar - 03/05/15 03:00 AM
Agents in the know are using social media to build a following. You're writing and promoting your own posts, and you're inviting people to visit and interact with you when you promote other people's posts and articles. 
That's all good - but using hype to trick people into stopping by can backfire.
After you've done it once or twice, people will look at your headline and think "Probably not worth reading" or "Proabably not true" before they move on.  
What caused today's rant? My in-box, of course.
Email promoting a LinkedIn post declares: "Excellent news for all those working in … (13 comments)

real estate writing: Put the horse before the cart when writing real estate marketing - 03/02/15 05:16 AM
A post on LinkedIn this week challenged real estate professionals (and others) to state their USP – their Unique Selling Proposition. Some cited added expertise in some area, such as home construction, staging, etc. Others only mentioned honesty and integrity. One coach chimed in to say “Don’t talk about the things that are expected of every agent, talk about what makes you different and special.”
Naturally, that USP should be front and center in an agent bio, which is why I ask agents who hire me to write their bios to send me links to their testimonials. Although they fill out a questionnaire and tell … (15 comments)

real estate writing: Writing a real estate blog post - how many words are necessary? - 01/26/15 04:45 AM
Remember when the gurus said a web page or blog post needed to be 200 words in order for Google to pay attention? 
Then do you remember when that increased to 400?
And now, although he does mention some high ranking sites with few words and many photos, Neil Patel recommends writing 2,000 to 3,000 words. He says that not only gives the page a higher ranking, it results in more comments.
But... I wonder. 
Neil writes about a topic that is far different from real estate.
He's teaching his readers how to do some complicated things to create revenue from … (158 comments)

real estate writing: When should you do your "creative" work? - 01/23/15 04:03 AM
Neil Patel is at it again, with information that may surprise you. 
I've always thought that morning people should work in the morning and night people should work at night. But it turns out there's more than one way to look at it, and it might depend upon what kind of work you're doing. 
I "should" learn how to imbed an infographic here on Active Rain, but since I have not yet done so, I put it on my own site: Click here to see what Neil's research produced. 

real estate writing: Need to write marketing materials and can't get started? Try this. - 01/12/15 03:14 AM
This week, because so many are trying to re-vamp their marketing efforts for the new year,  I decided to send my Thursday newsletter subscribers an extra message on Monday.
If you're having trouble getting started, this system might help! 


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