use of apostrophes: Confused by Apostrophes? - 08/17/13 09:17 AM
Judging from the number of errors we see - even in headlines on the front page of our local newspaper - it seems that a whole lot of people are confused by apostrophes.
The first rule to remember is that they're almost NEVER used to form a plural.
The exception: When they're used to form the plural of letters and expressions that are not commonly used in plural form. For instance, When you say "There are no if's, and's and but's" or "Mind your p's and q's."
So, if you're talking about two or more REALTORS, houses, school districts, comparable … (81 comments)

use of apostrophes: Don't let misplaced apostrophes wreck your marketing messages - 11/16/12 02:51 PM
Real estate marketing messages need to be free of distractions, right?
In past blog posts I've harped about misused words, the use of abbreviations and initials that confuse readers, and the need to proofread multiple times to catch those typos. It's important because errors are like stop signs and can cause readers to focus on your words instead of absorbing your message. Once they start trying to figure out what the heck you meant, you've lost them.
Today it's time to talk about another stop sign: misplaced apostrophes. I see a lot of them in Active Rain posts, and … (38 comments)

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