word choices in marketing: The psychological impact of words in marketing - 02/16/14 04:01 AM
Yesterday I wrote about how the cleaning woman's term "wipe down" gave me the impression that she hadn't actually cleaned anything. (And she didn't really do a very good job.)
In the past we've talked about the difference between anxious and eager – anxious can give the impression of being worried while eager says "happy anticipation."
So instead of saying "I'm anxious to begin marketing your home," tell them you're eager.
Those aren't the only words to be used with care because they could have a subconscious, psychological effect on the reader.
If vs when
This pair relates to … (64 comments)

word choices in marketing: Do You Reach Out to Find New Perspects? - 09/07/13 09:36 AM
No, I didn't think so...
This is a word usage trouble spot I've written about before, but it keeps rearing its ugly head. In fact, I recently read a blog post in which the writer couldn't seem to figure out whether she had prospective clients or perspective clients - so she used the words interchangably throughout the post. 
Ouch! Talk about a good way to take attention away from your message! 
Here's the difference: 
The word "Perspective" refers to a view - whether physical or intellectual.
On the intellectual side, it's an attitude, an outlook, a point of view, a … (31 comments)

word choices in marketing: What's So Important About Proper Word Choices? - 08/23/13 01:12 PM
Every now and then one of my posts about the words you use in real estate marketing will receive a comment from someone who thinks it really isn't a big deal.
I disagree. I think it's a very big deal.
Why? Because words are our means of communication. We can only communicate clearly when we choose the correct words.
When we're speaking we have some leeway. Our body language and tone of voice helps convey our meaning. And of course, spelling doesn't enter into verbal communication. 
If we want people to understand our written communications, we need to … (6 comments)

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