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Thoughts, ideas, insights, and tips on writing for real estate - from a former real estate broker turned real estate copywriter.
What do you need for your business in 2019? Is it new tools – such as a camera, a new cell phone, or a new laptop? Is it new marketing materials – such as prospecting letters, postcards, yard signs, or business cards? Is it a new bio, new buyer and seller pages, or community pages for your websit...
Several months ago a friend started forwarding me emails from Merriam Webster when there was a particularly interesting “Word of the Day.” After a while, I opted in to get those daily messages myself, and I learned something interesting: There are some words that I recognize and “know” what they ...
Can a part-time real estate agent succeed? As you know, there’s controversy over part-time real estate agents, and I’m sure you have an opinion. You may be one yourself, you may know one you enjoy working with, you may partner with one, or you may be one who thinks they should be banned. Whatever...
Considering all the security breaches happening these days, it seems like a very wise idea, and it recently became an even better idea. Once upon a time, freezing (and unfreezing) your credit report was a tedious process. It took days - or more- and in most states you had to pay $10 per credit re...
How long does it take to hit reply and type “Got it?”I’m feeling slightly annoyed by what feels to me like rudeness – and I’m wondering why it is so common.Here’s the story: Sometimes people purchase my letter sets and have trouble opening the zip file. Sometimes they open the file on their phone...
Kat Palmiotti shared this post on Thanksgiving - and it carries a message that can help us create a better world each and every day. Thank you Kat. This post is being written as part of Debbie Reynolds' "Thanksgiving Challenge - Post What You Are Thankful For". This is my tenth post, and in this...
If you go to work for a broker who has a marketing department, or if you buy into a software program that supplies you with prospecting letters, you may be all set. It could be that all you’ll need to do is choose the letters you want and get going.But – before you assume that those letters will ...
Today we went to Coeur d’Alene to do a little Christmas shopping before the roads get slick and we just want to stay home.Riding along looking at all the new stores and thinking about how that city has grown over the past several years, I noticed two signs that made me wonder.One was Grabba Green...
Since the advent of the Internet, email, and texting, communication has become more and more informal. Many people no longer address each other by Mr., Mrs., Miss, Ms, or even Doctor.That’s probably fine – but it depends upon the person you’re addressing.I think of my Mom – and how steaming mad s...
If you send prospecting letters…Do you use postal mail or email?This week a real estate agent who had purchased some of my real estate prospecting letters called to ask whether she should send them by postal mail or email.I told her that I hadn’t heard from any agents who had done a split test on...

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