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Thoughts, ideas, insights, and tips on writing for real estate - from a former real estate broker turned real estate copywriter.
Want to get your foot firmly in the door with new home builders? Barbara Todaro is the expert in that field, so read this, then follow her for even more money-making ideas.    Open house events at new construction are a traditional way of marketing homes in new communities. When I was actively li...
You may have a list of things you won’t do to market your services, even though you know they work for other people.That might include cold calling, door knocking, or holding open houses. You might also be unwilling to spend hours a day on Facebook and the other social media sites.If I was still ...
Have you ever been reading along, thinking you understand those written words, and all of a sudden come to a screeching halt because it doesn’t make sense?That’s what happens when a writer uses an apostrophe to create a plural. It’s akin to putting a huge red stop sign right in the middle of the ...
Last week marked the final publication of our local newspaper, The Priest River Times. Founded in 1914, its function was to present local news to the community on a weekly basis.It really met its demise a couple of years ago, after it had been purchased by a larger newspaper company and the offic...
The past few weeks have brought a series of “Technical difficulties” that threatened to derail me.First was the problem with GoDaddy – after they admitted it was their fault my site was down, they still didn’t jump quickly to fix it, so I had it moved. (This was not the first time. It was the fin...
Today I took a trip down memory lane - and decided to share it...In September 1985 I became a licensed real estate agent. After being accepted into a local brokerage I had spent several days there looking at listings and chatting while waiting for my new license to arrive in the mail, so I did kn...
Has a poor review got you in a tizzy?It turns out, that poor review may not be a bad thing!Bob Bly's monthly newsletter this morning brought the following news from G2 Crowd, 2018 Benchmark Report: Impact of Reviews on B2B Buyers.Obviously, you're not selling B2B (Business to business) but I expe...
Our spoken language and our written language are not exactly the same thing. When we talk, most of us say things that would make our English teachers cringe. We are not “proper.” We even speak in incomplete sentences now and then.But unless we’re prone to delivering long monologues, we’re usually...
How long has it been since you looked at your agent bio? If it’s been more than a few months, it’s time to look again, because things change. Have you added a new niche? Have you earned a new designation? Have you won an award? Just as important – have your looks changed since the last time you u...
In the last few weeks I've noticed a couple of agents mentioning this problem, but hadn't experienced it.Now I have.I just wrote a post, uploaded a photo and hit the publish button - and the whole darn thing vanished!Well - no more time to do over right now. Maybe tonight. Thank goodness I always...

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