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Thoughts, ideas, insights, and tips on writing for real estate - from a former real estate broker turned real estate copywriter.
Some say you should never turn down real estate clients, but I disagree. The wrong clients can do you harm.The wrong clients can eat up your time, preventing you from working with clients who are right for you. They can also cause you mental and emotional stress, which further impedes your produc...
Professionalism between real estate agents.You probably hear a lot about the importance of conducting yourself professionally with clients, but professional behavior with other agents is equally important.It can mean the difference between your listings being shown first or not until all other po...
 This evening at about 5:30 a few of our neighbors were out at our shop, visiting and enjoying a brew. All of a sudden we heard a horn honking so I went to see who it was and why they were honking. It was another neighbor - one who lives a couple of miles up the mountain. He was waving his arms a...
Do you sell real estate in or around a small town? If so, would you be willing to talk with me about it? I'm thinking of developing a new website with resources/advice for agents who work in small towns, and I'd like to update my knowledge on the subject.My agency was in a small town (approximate...
Chances are, you either suffer from sunk cost fallacy right now, or you have at some time. What the heck is it? Sunk cost fallacy is a debilitating condition that causes you to throw good money after bad.You know you have it when you…Keep advertising a listing owned by people who: • Refuse to cle...
Going through old emails, I found a poem a friend sent me last year.   It seemed worth sharing...   Just this morning, as I was about to leave the rest room at our local grocery store, a woman started to come in the door. She just stood there, looking confused. Finally she pulled her sunglasses ...
This is good information to know about Manhattan - and could/should provide inspiration for dog loving agents looking for a buyer niche. How about learning all the places where dogs can live in YOUR town, along with the locations of dog parks, doggie day-care, groomers, veterinarians, etc. - then...
Every morning there’s an email from Realty Times in my in-box. Most days I read the titles, then delete it. Once in a while, however, a title catches my attention, and today was one of those days. The title seemed so goofy that I had to check it out. It was: Understanding Customized Shirts as an ...
Want to sharpen your writing skills and make your emails, letters, and blog posts more compelling? Then check this out... WORDS TO USE INSTEAD OF "VERY" I use "VERY" all the time... and maybe only half of column #2...Do you? Here is a short list.... But I found out - at list 147 words can be used...
You may have seen me mention that I appreciate our local grocery store. From the manager down to the box boys, the employees are friendly, cheerful, and helpful.The other day my husband was in a line where a checker was training a new employee. She was showing him what to do when someone had 3 of...

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