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Thoughts, ideas, insights, and tips on writing for real estate - from a former real estate broker turned real estate copywriter.
You know how blog post comments make you think…This morning Faye Schubert left a comment on one of my posts that made me curious. She said she’d been noticing read time given in conjunction with article titles. I’ve noticed that too. Her comment got me started wondering how many words per minute ...
If only real estate schools would tell people BEFORE enrollment: Real estate is NOT an instant gratification career. It takes time and patience to build a business. It also requires a bit of expenditure on marketing. No one should start who needs a paycheck within 30 days.   Most real estate agen...
When you take the time to write a blog post, a web page, a prospecting letter, or even an email, you want someone to read it. Correct?In that case, there’s something you must do.I’m not talking about creating a catchy headline or title, addressing people by the correct name, spelling correctly, o...
Today I made a quick trip into town to "have my bones re-arranged." (I love our chiropractor!) As long as I was out, I decided to stop at O'Riley's - the auto parts store that usually carries the nitrile gloves I use for gardening. I walked in and saw one employee talking with a customer and the ...
Have you wondered why you should go to the effort or expense of having a real estate agent bio?Many do doubt the value of a bio – and so they don’t bother. If you check the “about” tab on their websites, all you’ll find is a name, perhaps their real estate license number, and a phone number.On ot...
This message from my morning email makes the case for thinking before you write – and for proofreading after you do.This is an invitation to a grand opening. I’m not exactly sure what visitors would find if they attended, because the picture was too small to read most of the print.“We would like ...
I think this one is a good choice for sharing on Facebook, etc. Consumers need to know that this kind of advertising is fake. In addition, it reveals something about the honesty and integrity of the agents who pay for fake recognition. Consumer beware! . We thought the days were over with agents....
Are you as tired as I am of seeing everything and everybody described as “Amazing?”To me, the word is so overused that it doesn’t mean anything any more. It’s become kind of like beautiful, large, and nice, when used in property descriptions.According to my thesaurus, there are plenty of other wo...
Nadine Larder offers us some creative new uses for business cards. These are wonderful, but don't forget the old fashioned uses. Hand your card to anyone who is interested in real estate.Use your card to let others know how to reach you. For instance: fellow volunteers at your favorite non-profit...
The following is from Bob Bly's monthly newsletter, in which he offers tidbits from a variety of sources. It's always a good read and often brings valuable marketing tips. If you'd like your own copy, go to and sign up.  ***Everyone makes mistakes***Next time you kick yourself for mak...

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