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I read this on Realtor Magazine today, I have this for the last several months.  Buyers just want to wait until these become foreclosures - it's easier that way:  read below.  Short Sales Lose Appeal Among First-time Buyers Short Sales Lose Appeal Among First-time Buyers Daily Real Estate News | ...
Oh, I am with you on that!  You hesitate to answer, because you have heard it all before!  But, what if it's that military couple moving up or that out of state REALTOR who wants to send you a client!  Telemarketers - Scheeeesh!You Do Know You Are the Last Person I Want To Hear From...Right?! I a...
Yesterday, I went to a four hour class on VA loans.  I know, that sounds really REALLY dull, but it actually was quite interesting and it when much faster that I anticipated, (although I did take my knitting!)   The Denver office of VA came to our little Valley to give us just a hint of what goes...
  I have many clients who are listing their homes with me that have old home inspections from two years ago when they purchased the home.  They always ask, “should we include this in the listing?” I bet you cannot possibly guess what my answer is……….YES!  Here’s my moto: Disclose, disclose, discl...
Just to test your real estate savvy, let’s take a little test. It’s not as much fun as those in Cosmo or GQ, but might be interesting.  AND I will give you the answers right away, no waiting for the “next issue”.   True or False:  I can sell my own home on Craig’s List! TRUE – However, can you pr...
In my career as REALTOR, I never realized there were companies who would clean up after Fido!  I remember when I was a kid, my mom would pay my sister and I to clean up after Botika, the family Cockapoo.  We would be paid "a penny a pooh".  Sometimes that seemed a little skimpy when dealing with ...

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