title: Tempted By A Good Deal... Sad Story... - 03/19/21 01:53 PM
I have a very sad story to tell you.  I am not making this up, it actually happened.  My friend Gary told me that this happened to his niece, Bethany.  All the way thru this you are going to say, “well that’s not fair, that can’t happen.” But it did.  This did happen in a different state, not Alaska, So let’s go….
         Bethany is 40 years old and recently lost her mother.  Her father had died about 4 years earlier and so now there was just her and her brother.  Bethany’s mom had invested well and had a nice nest egg … (3 comments)

title: Easement? What Exactly Does That Mean? - 02/26/21 03:07 PM
         Okay, there are some extremely complex things about easements. There are also some really simple things about easements.  Most of the time, you will not be dealing with the difficult things.  Realtors know quite a bit about easements, but there are also a lot of legal things and complexities that lead us to go to other sources for their expertise. The title company is our “go to” for complicated easement issues.  They have title officers there that know this stuff forward and backward.  Now if you have an easement issue, they can explain what it is, and why it is, … (3 comments)

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