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Coral Springs invites residents to Sept. 11 Day of Remembrance Memorial Ceremony It's been 10 Years. A Day no one will ever forget. A day that changed us. The City is hosting its annual Day of Remembrance to honor those who lost their lives 10 years ago during the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attack...
I'm putting this back out there. It's a good read. Plus, I like the doggie picture with the glasses on. This is some really good advice. When we were all writing contracts with both hands, we wished we had time off. I love that I can take a class or two and keep up with the changing times.If you ...
I'm having too much fun with this one. I have my kids useing it and now they are looking for photos to put this effect on. My customers say my emails stick out and are memorable because of this! Try it!Give Your Photos a Mirror Effect - Here's the Link. Another fun photo editing website to play w...
I really did this! I posted "What A Dump" for my cousins condo and this worked! I got 21 offers on it today! It'll be sold by tonight. Michele, thank you for this tip. My sellers are all going to want me to do this to THEIR listing as well! Lol!!  10 Free Tips When Posting on Craigslist   Success...
This is so right on the money. I depend on my gut feeling for most of my decision making. On either side of the equation. When in doubt, get out. I coined that from the Ghosthunters.Much of the real estate business is instinctive.  How many times have you been on the fence with a situation and ha...
I come home to three cats and a rabbit. I used to have birds and fish and a dog. If I could, I'd have a horse. I can't imagine not having pets. Or maybe they have us!I just read on that new research published by the American Psychological Association (APA) shows that pets are also impo...
You gotta love this. I have done quite a few of these. NEVER,never leave the cell phone home to get milk. And bringing the yard sign when shopping for a new vehicle is a MUST. And that negative guy, I am bringing him to work one day. I'll show him!Inspired by the Facebook group.  You know you are...
It's only Monday and the bottled water aisle at the grocery store is already wiped out. The 'D' batteries are sold out as well. The lines at the stores are already getting longer. I can tell people are in a slight rush, walking with a definite mission. I guess it'll be the gas stations next. I'm ...
The Community Windsor Bay in Coral Springs is surrounded in Lakes inside and out.Even though it's Beautifully Landscaped and Gated, the HOA Fees are quite reasonable.There is a Beautiful Property for Sale in Windsor that is over 3200 square feet, 4 bedroom/3.5 Bath with Marble Floors. This is the...
I had to laugh, initially, at this post. I can remember going out with my sister to different dance clubs and if she was approached by a guy she really didn't want to hook up with, she would give him MY phone number! It's Funny Now! : / I Hope You Don't Mind... I Gave Him Your Number! There was a...

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