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It's still summer in South Florida. I am reading how in different parts of the country, leafs are changing, weather is getting cooler. I know many enjoy the change but I am reading how many more are sorry to see summer go. They aren't ready for sweater weather yet. If you want to take a break fro...
Facebook has made me realize just how lucky I am. I used to gripe when my husband would say we were relocating again because of a job transfer. I think uprooting is not alot of folks favorite. I was glad for my husband, that his employment was doing so well, but I got comfortable, rooting my feet...
I love this thing! My Family can't get enough of this. We are having fun with it. It's so simple to do, as well. Incase, you didn't catch this the first time around, I'm recycling it. I always thought when I saw this effect on somebodys' blog, the author was pretty snazzy as far as graphics go. B...
I love family photos like the next person. And I love putting them in plain sight. Especially on the refrigerator door. A place I find myself frequently. But when taking pics for a listing, I usually tell my seller to clean the kitchen up, clear and shine the counters, so we can put our best foot...
When I first started doing this, I had to hold the manual in my hand. Now, eyes closed! Simple! Anyone can do it. And Goole loves maps. It's worth the extra steps. Google Maps is my most often “go-to” mapping site. Including a map image on your web page or blog post is a great visual element to s...
Initially when introducing a Short Sale option to a troubled, struggling homeowner that is sinking faster than the Titanic, they might become mad or sad that I am suggesting selling their home they worked so hard to get. But, the reality is, if it's become a hardship, a very heavy burden that cau...
I was enjoying my pizza slice watching the waves of the ocean yesterday in Deerfield Beach when a nice feathered patron came along. His name is Josh and he knew how to say it crisp and clear. He was precious. Minded his table manners and never spoke with his mouth full. He tolerated all the passe...
One of my Lake Worth Beauties. This was a sucessful Short Sale. I took some work but now we have two happy families. One, that nearly escaped foreclosure and the other that got an unbelievable deal. Congrats to both! This Property in Lake Worth Florida is in a gated community where the associatio...
This needs to be told to all the newbies graduating from real estate school. No, wait, it needs to be told to everyone thinking about getting their real estate license. It's a mentality check, at best.“Don’t Sell Me…Help Me!   I don’t care what business you are in, this message holds true. I know...
Here I am, sitting at The Walk in Coral Springs, in front of the Fountain, sipping on a nice Cabernet. There is a band setting up their equipment not too far from me, in the cool breezeway and there is a guy putting out seats for the audience/fans. It won't be anything loud or crass, just soft ja...

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