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"I began wearing hats as a young lawyer because it helped me to establish my professional identity. Before that, whenever I was at a meeting, someone would ask me to get coffee." Bella AbzugWith all due respect to Abraham Lincoln, all real estate agents are not created equal. Now before you get m...
"Reading Is Fundamental" and always will be, but many younger people (including young homebuyers), want the short story, not the long one. They want information more MTV than Encyclopedia Britannica. When working with the Sound Bite Generation, print ads don't work.  That's even true with real es...
And you thought that setting up a website and getting your license and perhaps some alphabet certifications was enough to make you stand out in the real estate world!  That was "then" - this is now! These days, it's all about SEO (Search Engine Optimization.) Your website can be the best, interac...
Perhaps you saw the most recent edition of Realtor Magazine, that presented the 30 Under 30 winners.  All of them, and the many who were nominated and not chosen to be among the top group, share the same vision of how real estate works today.  Times may be tough but all are innovatively making a ...
If you're thinking you just read something here about first time buyers, you are not losing your mind.  With the $8,000 tax credit ticking away, this is a hot topic.  We tend to think that anyone who can read knows about the credit, but for some people, the information was filed away in a mental ...
Just in case the first five ways to use a virtual assistant didn't send you running to your phone to order up some service, here are a few more ways to incorporate this service into your work flow.  6. Website maintenance a. Listing enhancements online b. Upload virtual tours  7. Marketing mail o...
David Letterman has made the Top Ten list a nightly feature on his TV talk show.  He didn't invent the concept, but he's made it popular. Some real estate agents who need some help are often puzzled about what to outsource.  In an office, some tasks require a body in the next room, but many thing...
We've talked a bit this week about my client Clar MacCallum. I remember Char MacCallum telling me that she often found herself reacting to the day instead of planning for the day.  "I'd get stuck in reactive mode, dealing with paper jams and phone calls instead of working a plan that would increa...
There was a time, maybe back in the ‘60s, when being spontaneous seemed to be a good contrast to the more uptight life of our parents.  In our personal lives, taking-a-spur-of-the moment trip or occasionally changing our schedule at the last minute is still liberating.  If you are too spontaneous...
As you can gather from what Char MacCallum (see Assign Yourself Top Dollar-Producing Activities) did, a team is fundamental. If nothing else, just hiring one assistant -  an in-house or virtual assistant - is one of the best moves an agent can make. Unfortunately, and much to their detriment, man...

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