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On the evening news the other night, an item from Pittburg, KS caught my eye.  What looked like a psychedelic 1,000 legger approached people on the street, which caused some to run and some to gawk.  It was performance artist Jimmy Kuehnle wearing an inflatable suit to challenge people's percepti...
I guess I wrote yesterday's blog about needing help navigating through a myriad of new housing provisions a bit too soon.  Today, FHA announced new rules that flesh out HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan's announcement in December that buyers would soon have to put more skin in the game. Some of the rul...
The past holiday season, at least five people I know got GPS units as gifts.  Either roads are more confusing these days or people are more confused when they get behind the wheel.  In any case, every recipient was delighted. This winter, real estate agents and potentials buyers as well could use...
So much has happened in the last few weeks that it's hard to remember that just a short time ago, it was the holidays.  Since then, we have had terrorist threats, devastation in Haiti , and late night talk show woes. In spite of it all, 2010 is in motion and our task is to focus on business and ...
"The brain is a wonderful organ; it starts working the moment you get up in the morning and does not stop until you get into the office." Robert Frost The secret to success in real estate - and in life - is much closer than many of us realize: it is right inside our head. During my years of helpi...
Did You Know That January is a "Warm" Month? If you have  been digging out from recent snowfalls or are still recovering from cold spells throughout the country, this may be hard to believe. The warm and fuzzy feelings of the holidays are still lingering, and that makes January a fine time to cal...
A couple weeks into the year, you may not have even implemented the New Year's Resolutions you made.  Or you may have already given up on a couple of them.   Why?  Maybe the goals weren't realistic, or maybe you just weren't ready to put them into practice yet.  If you know you need to lose 50 po...
I knew something was up. A couple weeks ago, I commented on the  abrupt change in Target ads this Christmas.  The store has always presented itself as the place to go for trendy clothes and housewares at a reasonable price, but recently their ads downplayed style for savings. The "frugalistas" of...
At last! The nightmare of the first decade of the 21st century  is over! Aside from 9/11, the housing boom and bust, foreclosures, lean times for real estate agents marked the decade.  In addition to everything else, the decade didn't really even have a handy way to refer to the block of 10 years...
The next time someone tells you social media is a waste of time, here's yet more proof of how powerful it is...  Recently musician Dave Carroll checked his guitar on United Airlines.  They damaged the $3,500 instrument  and wanted to take no responsibility for the $1,200 damage - even though he a...

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