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I have been honored by being nominated as one of the top 100 Most Influential Real Estate Leaders in America. I would appreciate it if you would click on the link and vote for me! Thanks ahead of time for your vote of confidence!
We are well into the 4th quarter and want to remind you to make sure that you are PROACTIVE and review P&L statements for appropriate cuts to your budgets.  Also, it is imperative to keep your motivation level high and to make sure that they are working on your business DAILY!
Here’s one way to increase your business activity: stay in better touch with your past clients and prospects. How do I know this will make your business better? There are many reasons, but here are three that come to mind immediately: It keeps the door open for referrals. Remember, it’s much easi...
For those ambitious souls this one is for you. Plan on taking about a week to accomplish this feat, but you will get referrals as a result of your efforts! Take some time and bake... and bake...and bake little loaves of pumpkin bread or any other baked food that you are proud of. The kind of loaf...
What a terrific opportunity to do several things at once. Number one, you can help people in need, second that you have a great reason to go and visit with your sphere of influence. How? To give you an example lets say that you spearhead the Habitat for Humanity program ( You cou...
An annual equity update is a great way to stay in contact with your sphere of influence although this should be part of a larger sphere program. Not everyone in your sphere of influence will have purchased a home from you. The way the system works is very simple. When you sell a home you may want...
Within your sphere of influence there will always be three categories. The categories are: A: People who give you multiple referrals B: People who purchase multiple properties C: Everyone else Group A is a special group of people who will send you many referrals. The question then becomes should ...
This is a terrific idea, especially in smaller towns. As a group you may want to consider having an office open house once a year. Call it a “Thank You” to the community. Each of your agents can then invite his/her own sphere of influence. You can have a barbeque, have the event catered or just h...
Many agents will invite a local speaker or celebrity to present a seminar to their sphere of influence a couple of times a year. This is a great opportunity to actually build value for your brand. You can help each of your sphere of influence members by providing valuable information. You may pro...
This is a terrific technique to meet with a high number of your sphere of influence in one evening. You will need to send out personal invitations (another reason for contact) and call your top tier group. Invite them to a special event just for them. This event could be a summer barbeque, a year...

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